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  1. Pretty...Yes, I will definitely be backing this one up. I hope you guys succeed beyond your wildest imaginations!
  2. @ktalkimist Legate mentioned Kickstarter as they're planning on starting one for a secret project. It sounds/reads like the original Academagia did well enough to warrant a sequel and move towards Scheherazade, plus said kickstarter and another game that's in development, but being kept secret. However the company is still running partially on 'this has to be a hobby' levels of sales. I'll admit I'd seen Academagia mentioned, but what got me was the endorsement from Hanako for Scheherazade. I'm more cautious about spending money (the $25 dollar price tag threw me for a while) on companies I don't know about due to a few purchases that... left me very dissatisfied in the past. However both games have amazing replay value and are a ton of fun so the company has earned 'take my money' status from me. Yay kickstarter tomorrow!
  3. Now I'm incredibly curious about the 'lost romance'. Is she still named in game somewhere or just purely hinted at? I've finished Ahmose (so far my favorite), Nigel, and Felix and am working on the last two. I got to Bernard's bit in India and had to clear my eyes a bit...too much grit I suspect. *blinks* So I switched to Sterling. I'm enjoying them both, but I suspect Ahmose will remain my favorite. I haven't quite figured out how to get 100 with anyone yet. I've managed 93-95 on the three paths I've finished, but I keep missing key little things. I see Felix as the traditional OTP option for Sadie, but I feel like Sterling is a pretty close second for default OTP. I feel like he really would move heaven and earth for Sadie if he could. Or at least steal something.
  4. I think it has to do with Diwali, an Indian (and elsewhere in that region) festival.
  5. I voted for it on Greenlight as well. I do wish more people would be open to these styles of games, especially with the robust life raising aspect. It's numbers! Everyone loves raising their numbers!
  6. I came over from Hanako's forums as soon as I saw 'romance a mummy' so Ahmose has my vote. So far I'm in the middle of September, happily on his path and loving this game. Great job. I can't decide between Roland or Sterling for the next playthrough though...
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