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  1. How much less? Sorry for asking so much, but I am actually in the process of getting my own VN financed, and I need numbers to do it. I hope you understand.
  2. Wow, your new game is a huge $290,000 project. Does this mean you made around the same for previous games? Clearly, you know how to handle that kind of money. So far, I've found that the VN Analogue: A Hate Story sold at least 30,000 copies in its first few months, while less popular VNs are like enough if they break the 1,000 mark. Is it the same with Academagia?
  3. Did Scheherazade sell anywhere near as good as Academagia? It seems the former doesn't have the same Harry Potter sim appeal as the latter.
  4. Oh, I'm sorry. I misread the mod's post about Kickstarter. What's Kickstarter got to do with Academagia sales then? Really curious about sales numbers because even sort of popular games such as Mana Khemia titles get less than 100k sometimes.
  5. So this project was initially funded on Kickstarter? Wow. Cool. Sorry, I'm new hear. Only found about your games through Ren'py.
  6. Dishonored went past my radar, but I'm really interested in it now!
  7. Clearly Academagia did well enough to warrant a sequel and a brand new game for BCS, but how well did it sell exactly? I'm curious because I know low key titles from renown publishers would sell around 100k, then other games move up from there. Academagia is in a pretty special niche. I don't even know if there are still a lot of people out there who are into such kind of games, so I wonder how many copies the game sold.
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