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  1. Hello there, everyone! I found myself drawn to this game after reading the absolutely fantastic Let's Play by Bobbin Threadbare. As I was reading, I knew this game was practically made for me. Having both a love for numbers and plausible consequence as well as the ability to come at stories from different angles and make up additional vignettes for each character and play-through it just seemed like the game I had wished for. Nay, dreamed of! It may sound like I'm being hyperbolic right now, but I've been busy writing and working and have been burnt out from both AAA-list and indie gaming for some months. This single-handedly reminded me of why I love video-games. I have only completed the game two times of my own, but am still in the warm and pleasant shock of just finding something I appreciate so much - and, come next payday, I look forward to scooping up Scheherazade and all of it's Visual-Novelish goodness! And should a second year at the best school around ever happen to be released, well, that would make me so happy I might forget to use so many commas &/ textwall. But in all seriousness - this game is fantastic. It's creative, fun, funny, it handles characters in a way that I wish most turn-based strategy would consider, and the sheer breadth of choice is just something else. I don't know too many people, as I'm a little reclusive - but I'll be sure to mention this to those I know. Thank you so much for creating something that has brought so many smiles to my face - I hope it was as fun to craft as it is for myself to play. With all those warm wishes out of the way, back to lurking fer me!
  2. ... used cooking! Failed adventure! Relationship between self and pride decreased by X!

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