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  1. Hello there, everyone! I found myself drawn to this game after reading the absolutely fantastic Let's Play by Bobbin Threadbare. As I was reading, I knew this game was practically made for me. Having both a love for numbers and plausible consequence as well as the ability to come at stories from different angles and make up additional vignettes for each character and play-through it just seemed like the game I had wished for. Nay, dreamed of! :blush: It may sound like I'm being hyperbolic right now, but I've been busy writing and working and have been burnt out from both AAA-list and indie gaming for some months. This single-handedly reminded me of why I love video-games. :wub: I have only completed the game two times of my own, but am still in the warm and pleasant shock of just finding something I appreciate so much - and, come next payday, I look forward to scooping up Scheherazade and all of it's Visual-Novelish goodness! And should a second year at the best school around ever happen to be released, well, that would make me so happy I might forget to use so many commas &/ textwall. ;)


    But in all seriousness - this game is fantastic. It's creative, fun, funny, it handles characters in a way that I wish most turn-based strategy would consider, and the sheer breadth of choice is just something else. I don't know too many people, as I'm a little reclusive - but I'll be sure to mention this to those I know. Thank you so much for creating something that has brought so many smiles to my face - I hope it was as fun to craft as it is for myself to play. With all those warm wishes out of the way, back to lurking fer me! :blush:

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