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  1. Someone should start accepting bets on which comes out first: Winds of Winter or Academagia Y2. 😄
  2. Close, but not quite, according to the rules as written. For non-fatiguing (i.e. safe) spontaneous magic, you would have (Form + Technique + Stamina + Aura)/5, no die roll. So, with a Fo+Te of 20, they'd be able to cast level 4 spells, and if their STA + the aura is 5, they'd be able to case level 5 spells. Not powerful, but rather flexible. Fatiguing (i.e. potentially twlight-ing) spontaneous magic is more as you expect: (Form + Technique + Sta + Aura + stress_die)/2. So level 10 spells will work in anything but a negative aura, and depending on the Sta + aura + die roll, level 15 spells could be possible.
  3. So, based on what I've seen from the Kickstarters I've watched and backed this year, especially for videogames, being able to produce concept art, gameplay videos, and other multimedia assets for the duration of the Kickstarter is often integral for pulling in backers. Personally, while I've begun pimping the kickstarter on the fora I visit, I have already begun seeing the rumblings of "but they have nothing to show". Is there a timeline for updates on the kickstarter? I know, in the comments there, the expectation was that we'd see some concept art a week from today; can we expect anything before then?
  4. *embarassed grin* Well, since I just went in for the Primus pledge, I suppose "tinkering with story" will be somewhat necessary. ;-)
  5. I've been playing AM campaigns for five years now. I've been designing my AM-based game in fits and starts for about four. I've been playing Academagia since a few days after its release, and Black Chicken's style has always been close to what I've been doing in my work, and has certainly informed it. Now, I suppose I should find a new universe, because I can't imagine my work being anything but a dim shadow of what you're going to do with this IP. Now, instead, I have to decide how many zeroes are going to be on my kickstarter pledge... Kudos, and good luck! Looking forward to it!
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