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  1. More of a plot-thing: When in Act 1, if you join Skali's party and choose to use Leadership to deal with the priest-judge's party (4.11, then going to 4.14) everything after 4.14 acts as if you chose to fight anyway. So some descriptions (battered fellow dwarves who join with you, Skali not eager to forgive you for leaving him behind) seem a bit off. I know it would add a bit more to the final book's length, but I don't think it needs much more than a sentence here or there to tweak it. (I am presuming that Skali and his followers will still choose to fight, even if our dwarf scampers away.)
  2. I may have been luckier than I thought with my dice and my kit, then. I started with Skill 20 (great roll!) and Defense 28 (also very good!) and didn't think of how much it affected the flow.
  3. Played through Act I already before moseying over here to add feedback. Originally I was going to say "Act I, while fun, felt waaaay too easy as far as gamebooks went. I didn't even get a single Wound!"...then I realized that it was because each healing kit (if I am reading the feedback correctly) marked "healing kit (5)" meant the number of kits AVAILABLE if bought, not the number of USES per kit. D'OH! ...basically, I am seconding the feedback on making this distinction more clear in the item list. Also, while I realize cards and references will be available in the final product, I really have to second how essential these will be. Already it can be a pain playing through and flipping between various pdfs to make sure I read the correct info... while the story is good enough (and sends genuine chills up my spine, in some places!) to make this only a mild irritation, I can predict this becoming even more irritating down the line. Finally... I think a couple players have already touched upon this, but there needs to be a few places to make this less... meta-gamey. Example: The guardian challenge, where refusing to pick a number leads to the same option as failing to get a 1. Or when exploring the abandoned beerhall/tavern/whatever you finally decide to call it, and if I choose to skip past investigating the stairs and upper area... I still get a 'sneak peek' at reading ahead and realizing that the roofcrawlers would give me a fight without any sort of real reward. Again, I realize this is a work in progress, currently laid out to make it easy to read and critique, but it really ruins the first-time immersion. And a bit of new (I don't think anyone asked this before... either that, or I missed it! If so, I apologize) critique: when I pick up a 'ruined' item (ex: ruined armor when investigating the living quarters of the Hold, or Ruined Poisoned Gauntlets when the orc statue comes to life) I am not sure if that goes into inventory to be repaired at a later time (when it would then become usable), or if despite the 'ruined' description, I can use them right away. That would make a big difference, and it would be great if you could make that more explicit in the text! Finally... maybe this becomes more relevant in later Acts (as I haven't played them yet), but if you have a Kroach-kin dwarf, it seems very odd to me that there are no other speech options with Lashaya or the rest of the orcs encountered in the massive war party near the end of Act I. (I understand no one is going to stop battling just because a random dwarf yells 'Hey there, I speak your lingo!', but Lashaya OPENED UP with a speech!) So far, really enjoying it though! But I am DEFINITELY also looking forward to the Tin Man app, as I forgot how much set-up a gamebook can really take!
  4. Yeah; add-ons (Orc Campaign! Night Before!) better be available in app form too... I am enjoying the gamebook so far, and am kicking myself a little for not doing a higher tier donation to unlock some of the other super juicy awards!
  5. ...and it's just as good as I remember I know I gushed over it when it first came out, but it's nice to replay it and because of how involved the story is, and all the different capers I missed (or paths I didn't play) the first time around, I still have lots of novelty in addition to replaying the main storyline. It's really fantastic. That's all. I just wanted to let the team & developers know.
  6. Congrats on getting funded! Now let's see if we meet any stretch goals!
  7. Just noticed this and kicked my bit in. Hope it gets funded!
  8. Academagia looks interesting to me, but also scary-complex. I think that's my biggest barrier.
  9. True, but I find using the save spots to run around to be clunky and unsightly, particularly as there is no way to label or rename the saves so it is easy to write over/forget which one matches which ending.
  10. I loved Anna... she was definitely meant to bea counterpoint as well as comrade in arms for Sadie, I feel. While she would probably drive me a little nuts in real life, I liked chumming around with her in the game. (I was a little sad that there was no ending related to her and Sadie's friendship, other than the gifts and caper reminiscing.)
  11. I know the idea of a gallery has already been tossed up in the air, but I was thinking specifically a TEXT gallery (sort of like the save file for Cute Knight Kingdom from Hanako Games, or the various endings for Winter in Fairbrook from Winter Wolves) so I can compare the endings for Family Dreams 100 more directly against Family Dreams 90, for example. It would also let us collect the various endings for the romances too and compare them... I know I've only played the game a couple times (and others, like Zoo, have played it more and noticed more differences!) but it would help satisfy the 'completionist' in me as well as providing more clues for what's up next.
  12. Something I realized after playing the game twice (twice! Twice!)... a lot of the non-main story capers (by main story I mean the various romance paths or the major story) have stand-alone capers. Which is nice for playing them out of order, but a few more sequential ones (such as the Raeks adventure, then the encounter with the Raeks fanatics with Anna) would be nice; helps things flow together moree. Or perhaps more of a chance to interact/write to old friends that you had met on travels? It was nice to see Rashad pop up everywhere (part of the bigger mystery!) but would it have been so difficult to have Sadie exchange holiday cards with some of the Australian characters, for example?
  13. I'm not familiar enough with the genres to really pick.... Obviously I need to expand my Listen skill!
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