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  1. One of these days I'll figure out what is going on...
  2. Helpax is indeed of Tytalus, and not the house formed by his weakling brother. More on topic, he has a high enough Magic Theory that he can (and will) set up a lab...assuming he can't 'borrow' his deceased paren's lab.
  3. It's not just the time, my work commitments have gone kind of wonky and there have been family issues in addition to the technical difficulties. I am sorry, but I can't garentee that I will be able to make the sessions on a weekly basis. I've failed to connect to the internet for two weeks in a row when game time rolled around. I would love to keep playing and contribute, but as things stand I can't justify making you all wait for me. Maybe Helpax could show up every once in a while when I can garentee that I can make it?
  4. sorry about being around. I'm sorry but I don't think I'll be able to play anymore. Sorry. It's been fun.
  5. Not sure If I can make saturday, should be able to make sunday. more info on parens will be emailed later.
  6. Stupid people got the problem wrong, delt with it. Might be able to make now, but don't hold your breath. bed now.
  7. I just got a call from work. Can't make it this week. Should be good for next week. Sorry.
  8. I am sorry, had major computer problems. I didn't even know that we switched to friday. What happened?
  9. ...Hey good news everyone, I'm not dead/twilight/sleeping!
  10. Whole weekend for me, but since the question is being aimed at wits...
  11. Just a reminder, I can't make the next session.
  12. ...that's not a fate I'd wish on anyone...
  13. my internet has not been working right lately. I cannot garentee my attendance
  14. Should we consider the Erraticly Mobile (minor) Hook instead. The City files, but no-body can control where it goes. The Constantly Mobile (major) Hook might also be worth a look. The City must keep on moving. Reason why may very. I'd also argue that Natural Fortress minor boon should be taken. After all, kind of hard to bring an invading army into the sky. At least as hard as assulting a townhouse with seacliffs on three sides. This just off the top of my head and I think they are all from the covenants book.
  15. Maybe try again in a few months? Please don't give up on this!
  16. I made a slight mistake. I forgot what day it was, but don't worry. I can still make it, I just might be a little late.
  17. I knew I was missing someone. Sorry Class.
  18. So who will be the next person 'lucky' enough to have a Twilight episode? My money is Makara though it is anyoe's race.
  19. Helpax Ex Tytalus as in the Latin for "of Tytalus" as in never left. Sorry about the confusion. And Baruch ex Bonisagus is of House Bonisagus. Just like Silas Duerr is of Mercere, Calpurnia is of Criamon and Makara ex Criamon is of Criamon. I...forget the rest. Sorry.
  20. We down here n Oz land did Daylight savings a while back. There was a reason I showed up an hour early last time. Looking foreward to seeing it happen again toady! See you soon.
  21. So, just to double check, the first session is Saturday the 3rd, 12 noon GMT? Which up my end of the world is 10 pm, (GMT +10)? I just want to be sure.
  22. Please tell me I didn't miss this when my computer crashed. ...Assuming I can still get in, I have fifth edtion and I don't have the apprentice book (it's in the mail). While a flying city sounds like fun, I would rather work up to building it (Hermetic Projects is also in the mail). I'd prefer to start a little closer to the ground, an old monestery in the Alps perhapse. That said, I am happy to invent hydroponics in an effort to feed our flying covenent. I assume we can adapt the original research rules...;D Sending email with House request and basic character concept now as well.
  23. My anti-viral software has a fit with skype, but I'm hoping to have it replaced by wednesday (3 days time). Will let you know if that doesn't work.
  24. I'd love to join in, if there is any room left. I'm flexible with the time. Can handle anything from 2pm to 2am, GMT +10. Just let me know.
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