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  1. Does this patch include patches 1& 2 or do I need to install the second patch as well?
  2. Ah just saw this. We will be sorry to miss you Freepace - you were amazing as Gustbran, and I have had to take a break for a month now myself, as my writing commitments, work and organising GT just slammed me in to the ground. It was fun to have you and i hope one day you will return -- I never really knew the saga would last so long either, I was originally thinking a couple of sessions, but I am so glad it has! Still you will be missed mate, and you cna always email me on chrisjensenromer@hotmail.com, with a 50% chance I will see it at the moment, and a 50% chance I will reply with things as they are right now, but after Tuesday I'll be back t my unreliable norm, rather than utterly useless as in the last few weeks. Do stay in touch!
  3. Hullo all, what goes on? I have had a few email problems recently and just found dozens of messages had been filtered incorrectly, and given I am now well but absolutely stressed to hell with Grand Tribunal I'm almost never available. This is lamentable, and even when I think I will be around like last Sunday I was actually in another part of the country. The good news is that Grand Tribunal ends this weekend, and I will be able ot get involved and play again after missing one more session. Sorry I have been horrifically quiet, I really have missed absolutely loads and won't even try and catch up till Tuesday next, but as you must have gathered by now putting together Grand Tribunal is incredibly gruelling. I've missed you guys though, and look forward to getting back and catching up. I'll try and check through my emails tonight but if you sent something urgent and i have note replied please just send it again, just in case. cj x
  4. Arabella has never revealed Stephen's plan, because she does not understand it. She was with him as his apprentice at a meeting with a strange woman, and tried to listen in to their conversation, but apart from realising the woman spoke with a Northern English accent (the conversation was in Latin) she did not really understand much of what was said. Soon after she tried to tale a look at Stephen's correspondence after a Redcap dropped a number of coded messages off, and soon found herself in the nunnery.
  5. Have we got the logs for the last couple of sessions? Good work Nyaa by the way, fantastic stuff!
  6. Hi chaps, see you all tomorrow? I tried to post some stuff earlier tonight but upset coffee over my keyboard
  7. Just popping by to say I have just uploaded Arcane Connection Episode 9: Grogs! http://arcaneconnection.podomatic.com/entry/2013-06-24T06_33_33-07_00
  8. See you tomorrow? Been hectic week but all good here.
  9. It was completely unexpected I can only apologise. We have cable again....
  10. Chaps we have a problem : no Internet here, engineer working on fixing it but im not able to get online. I will try to find a client for my phine but can someone else run?
  11. OK cool I'll finish the England one, and reply properly to Adrian's post after dinner! cj x
  12. CJ signing in. Sorry I had to miss this weekend as previously noted, but I'm back and free this weekend coming cj x
  13. Delighted to see everything has gone so well, and really looking forward to this!
  14. Sunday it is then. See you all then! And I missed the conspiracy, does it involve Dwarves? I guess we will play a Holdfast based game in the future?
  15. Sunday is good by me. Unless anyone lets me know otherwise we will start usual time Sunday then?
  16. I see Nagash can't make Saturday. How is Sunday looking for people this week? cj x
  17. OK chaps, I have a problem. Tomorrow is UKGamesExpo and for work related reasons I need to attend, and won't be available. Unfortunately I have had as so often no notice of this, and will be leaving at 8.30am tomorrow for the show. I therefore can't run tomorrow. Given the situation I left the characters in last week I appreciate this is less than ideal, and unfortunately unlike last week when I could shift an appointment, this week I definitely can't get out of this and there is no way I can be back in anything like time. So it would be great if someone could volunteer to run a story set on the city tomorrow, featuring the other character set. Calpurnia might be able to return, if i can catch Nagash tonight and sort out the last season of her adventures; or you may have alternative characters than can run. I'm sorry guys, you know I run if I possibly can, but this time it really is impossible. I just feel wretched that once again I have less than 24 hours notice cj x
  18. Heldfast Kickstarter doing really well now with ten days to go. Just a reminder in case anyone not seen it. I'm going to plug it on Twitter and Facebook, have to get word out, want to see some stretch gaols reached. TBH the biggest problem for me is the international postage, so I have gone for a pdf option for the supplements, and as I don't play Pathfinder or D&D am only really getting them to support the KS. Still the gamebook and app sound really fun, and I am really pleased for Black Chicken Studios! Please do all you can to get he word out guys cj x
  19. Ok slightly longer than normal session today. Thanks to all for playing. And Denmark won Eurovision!
  20. Cool. Took some calls and arranging but problem solved. See you. All tomorrow.
  21. Mikka I think still to tell. Thabks!
  22. Can someone pm people let them know im trying to do. This on phone,. Game as usual tomorrow sorry for confusiohn.
  23. Hi cj here can do tomorrrow as normal I. Managed to change appointment!
  24. Blast! Houston we have a problem. I have a appointment tomorrow at 2pm, which is 1GMT, right in the middle of our game. It will last an hour and I have no choice but to attend. So I think I have three choices: either cancel at extremely short notice, ask if someone would like to run something tomorrow with characters not in the current story, or run on Sunday instead. I'm happy with any of the above, just so sorry I can not get out of this, but the appointment only arrived in today's post, and i can't reschedule it cj x
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