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  1. No the Plaza of Serene Wisdom is empty of structures. Not even markets are held here. It is open, paved space.
  2. Ah I see new character for Schwarzbart! Not had a chance to look at it properly but looks good on first impressions. Yes tomorrow it is then. Everyone show up for 12 noon, regardless as to whether in Paris. If anyone else would like to run a story in second half og session, say from 2.30pm onwards, just let me know, as I can't commit to stay more than 3 hours. Will try and get on with email shortly, houseguests just arrived though. At least I'm up and about now! cj x
  3. Incidentally I won't be able to play that late anyway either day for reasons of both health and having houseguests as mentioned. I missed the funeral because I was too ill to attend, so some people coming her to see me, and so I can probably only do 12 -3.30pm or so. Sure you all understand. cj x
  4. I've still not read any email because I have two weeks worth of urgent work related emails to catch up on, but I will read it at some point soon, but assuming nothing drastic like completely reinventing a character or some super-magic-item that needs careful adjudication which I won't have time to look at for this week at least all good I'm sure. I'll try and read email tonight assuming I can get back on the pc, but that is difficult as I have people staying (and houseguests all weekend). I was expecting to do Saturday this week to be honest so that would be better for me if that is OK with people? I have to read logs to find out what happened in the weeks I was ill, are they up yet? Anyway assuming people can make Saturday I'll be there tomorrow. If Sunday is the day people can make, let me know and I can make arrangements I'm sure. cj x
  5. not sure why my email would have bounced. I can do Saturday or Sunday as convenient. I'm not feverish now so its fine I can run. I need to be able to concentrate but otherwise my health does not really impact the game. Good news is I have been up and about a few days now.
  6. I'll pop in. I'm actually out of bed now, and recovering fast.
  7. I'm up for the first time in several days, and the doctor assures me I'm on the mend. I may not even make the funeral now though, and I'm still very weak and not looked at email yet. If someone else wants to run this weekend that fine by me, or I can run if need be, if I can sit up long enough I'm getting better -- this time i was really quite horribly unwell, and I still have not broken the fever.
  8. Evening chaps - I may try and pop in and say hi tomorrow, but I'm running a high fever and Barush is running the game anyway. Have a great time, and I'll see you all soon, and reply to emails. Oh and Sedala can't improve in downtime unless she eats vis - see Realm of power Magic. I Hope somebody has the book and can explain how creatures with Magic Might improve as i feel absolutely awful and can't do it tonight . See you all soon. cj x
  9. There are quite a few rules and supplements yes. Luckily I wrote on several, and I have a vague grasp. Characters can get extra Virtues and Flaws through Mystery Initiations, Twilight, and so forth. Don't worry! You don't need to know everything The core rulebook is useful, but not available on pdf sadly cj x
  10. Nope, Baruch runs Saturday. I'll fire some background stuff over to him soon, which may help. I'm going to need some time off to get stuff sorted, and next weekend is perfect for that cj x
  11. No 26.02 is funeral. However your are right I can not make Saturday. I can make Sunday. However you could play boat recovery Saturday, and we can deal with the conclusion of events in Paris by email first? Or indeed right here which might work well too?
  12. Just to confirm I can play next week: usual time Saturday ok? We will conclude events in Paris, and then back to covenant.
  13. Hullo! I will be on the channel on time, hope to be there in 20. Just sorting out some calls, then will join you!
  14. I'm just working through updating the character sheets. Takes a long, long while cj x
  15. Sanctuary of Ice will not be updated for the forseeable future, as still a few Tribunals that have never been done to come out - Provence and Hibernia among them. For our game assume all Tribunal books canonical, though the mechnaics will need updating to 5th ed. Most 4th ed books are pretty useful still
  16. OK, see oyu tomorrow. I might not be able to play that long as well - just a couple of hours. Sure you understand. Incidentally just saw this sale on at Altas Games - http://blog.atlas-games.com/2013/02/ars-magica-4th-edition-clearance.html cj x
  17. OK well I can make this Saturday, but not Saturday 9th February, so I will run this time Can you run then? cj x
  18. Ah just saw Wits offered to run this Saturday. That would be cool. I think if ok and you would like to do that I will play a grog? Wits is you need stuff email me. I can point you at resources available and send you my notes... cj x
  19. Hi chaps. Not read the thread yet -- hope you all understand -- but I can make Staurday 12 noon GMT, if people are available then. I want to tie up some loose plot ends and work out the downtime over the next couple of days as time allows. Please email me your character actions for the remainder of Winter 1214, and what you are up to for a season's downtime Spring 1215. If you have made other plans for Saturday, quite understand. I'll be back tonight for a while and able to catch up on email and read the thread - have been trying to but hard right now. LAst night I posted a bit on the Atlas Games forum, and was nice so looking forward to catching up! cj x
  20. Owing to a bereavement my already flaky response rate is going to be slower over the next couple of weeks while I try and help out with things. I'm sure you all understand. Speak soon cj x
  21. Helpax is Tytalus the despised house of Tremere's brother
  22. And likes Makara for some reason. Purrs at Makara!
  23. Oh yes game tomorrow 12 GMT. Sorry forgot to say I CAN make it. cj x
  24. Just fired back some quick emails as a nice break from un-haunted houses. I'm just going to write up what Calpurnia knows about Goricious lab! However a question -- who is going to be taking part in the "clearance"? If people would like to introduce Companion characters, or even play a grog for a change of pace (for example Edith) that is just fine. Incidentally I am going to award adventure xp rather than seasonal downtime for Winter 1214. Assuming you manage to save the city for a while at least in tomorrow's session, Spring 1215 will then be downtime. I will update the covenant with the extra build points tonight, to mean the library etc is correct. I will also have a look at fixing the Silas Magic Theory issue. cj x
  25. YOu are very welcome Mikka, if it is ok with the players. Drop me an email at chrisjensenromer@hotmail.com And everyone, sorry I have been so ridiculously quiet. I have been very busy last few days cj x
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