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  1. It can sense the type of vis something contains However sponting to find magic at touch range is fairly easy if potentially deadly. It runs off Intellego Vim. I think you need target Vision to see it really: look it up. I am afraid I don't have my rulebook to hand -- I can't find it, which is proving awkward. I'll have to search tomorrow. The best spell for this sort of thing is Sight of the Active Magics - unfortunately that is InVi30! cj x
  2. Ouch! You need Magic Theory 3 to set up a lab. Now given the labs are already set up partly, you only need one season not two - all of you - to personalise them - but Silas needs to read a good book on Magic theory till his Magic Theory gets to 3 so he can learn spells and invent stuff. Otherwise only way to advance is being taught bot others... cj x
  3. Antonius of Guernicus, my brother in the law -- At the Tribunal of Stonehenge I was assualted by a grog not known to me. He appera to have been in the company of magi of Voluntas and the City of Ivory and Jade. I wish to quiestion this grog. I offer a longevity ritual to any magus, maga or grog who can deliver him to me alive. I also ask that you question Baruch of Bonisagus and Makara of Criamon magically and not so gently, and if they had any involvement in this matter deliver them to me for trial. We shall have a Special Tribunal, then slay them -- slowly. In fact I would ask you deliver them to me for interrogation anyway, after you have dealt with them as you see fit. I shall return their heads. I am also aware that a serious Hermetic Crime has been committed. I am aware of the conspiracy. The dragons have been woken. Any magus loyal to the Order should respond volunterring their services to me at Blackthorn. Those who do not reply, I will understand have announced their treachery. We face terrible times. The dragons woken, the King facing rebellion from the Barons, and our Tribunal rent by conspiracy and now assasination attempts. I will find the magi repsonsible, and I will March them. That is my solemn promise. I further charge that JUlia of Blackthorn shuld be considered a Hermetic Criminal, and I promise that Talion will Wizard's War any magus who gives her shelter, vius, books or a friendly word. We of Blackthorn plan to eradicate the curse of Voluntas from this land, and Wizard's War declariations will follow. Not one stone shall stand upon another. Iudicum of Blackthorn.
  4. OK, another day with surprisingly little achieved and very sad news about Mr Shades leaving us. Helpax has been a wonderful character, and I really enjoy Mr Shades contribution. Won't be the same without him, but I fully appreciate the hour and time involved too much (or maybe my game is just awful!) If anyone is about and wants to ask questions, I'm going to pop in to the IRC chartroom for thirty minutes, as might be faster than answering all these emails cj x
  5. Well what is the symbol? Thats my question. I guss could be a flying city, or something else. Up to you chaps. I'm pretty tired so will answer one more email then sleeo cj x
  6. The City has been updated - first post in that thread. Still lots for me to do, but the basic stats all there I think. Now you can tell me how you are spending those extra 250 Build Points
  7. Yes may as well. I can handle Baruch's character for that part.
  8. Nothing is going ahead as planned, and the event tomorrow is now cancelled. So in theory I will have a few more hours to work on getting the game ready!
  9. Oh and we need a symbol for the covenant. Design one between you cj x
  10. You can have 250 points actually to spend between you on the Covenant. I'm just finishing it off, so within a few hours
  11. Right, life here has suddenly become complicated by a little snow that has amusingly caused chaos in the UK. As a result I'm hours behind schedule on email and the forum, and only just catching up. I will reply tonight I promise! I just have to ensure Lisa gets home safely what with all the bus cancellations etc. Thank you to the Black Chicken folks for their astonishing kindness with the forum and letting us use it so much. I think we should all try and promote their games on Facebook etc, and I'm thinking about ways ot do just this. I hope soon to have a decent pc, well loan of one, and then I will write proper reviews on my blog cj x
  12. They have to some extent. (Baruch hasn't read any but he has only just become a senior magus). I got caught up in some work tonight so not been able to explain everything but I will before the next session
  13. Oh and just in case anyone in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire in February -- http://www.facebook.com/events/564173316943421/ cj x
  14. Yes will have to to be done in session, because the Senior Magi get to choose first anyway. And that means the other 6 plus Baruch! cj x
  15. Not yet! None of you have read any of these books cj x
  16. Yes. The specialisation adds, so that is fine. You can't write books though till you get to 4 (writing) or 5. cj x
  17. OK, library added. See other thread for books...
  18. Still writing them out as that involves lots of fiddly cross checking with my Covenant notes. Might appear late tonight. For now, your wildly eccentric library has appeared above. Not just lab texts, actual books you can learn from... cj x
  19. It's out. I posted links to Amazon on the other thread in my response to Mikka. I can't tell you about books not released, even if I wrote them, let alone playtested them! It's a really good book, but so far I have read mainly the stuff on how House Tremere manage the Tribunal, and how they allow other magi to operate therein. I need to think about that for Calpurnia actually. However in Transylvania there are only 5 covenants, and House Tremere runs, or allows to run, everything. Covenants in Transylvania are very different - more like nationalities - waht in the West is called a covenant is there called an oppidum, a camp, and magi of different "covenants" live in these oppidum next to one another. In a sense a covenant in the Tremere sense is close to a class of citizenship, or even a sub-House, than a traditional covenant. So what we normally call a covenant there is a "oppidum". There are historical and legal reasons for this, following The Sundering (see Ars Magica core rules) the Transylvania Tribunal was limited to 5 covenants so this fiction or cultural difference lets them get round it. Non-Tremere can thrive in the Tribunal, but their residence status is down to a contract with the Praeco, and they are subject to certain rules, but those who work alongside House Tremere are welcomed and generously supported in the main. That's pretty much what I have gathered so far anyway! cj x
  20. Yes, the buildings have started to collapse in places; many lie derelict, and vines and creepers grow over the streets, with some almost filled with underbrush. large cracks have appeared in the stonework, and even the disk itself the city flies upon has fissures that you can see as you fly below it... cj x
  21. Yes. Loads of it. The formulae used are in the Covenants supplement, and until I have done all the enchanted devices and detailed the specialist, equipped the grogs, and worked out how many staff are in each tower and the Temple-palace I can't actually give you the figures. Oh and detailed all the laboratories. So yes, they will follow later tonight if I have time (together with the above) and tomorrow if I want to read http://www.atlas-games.com/product_tables/AG0302.php for an hour or two as my playtester's free copy arrived yesterday cj x
  22. Thanks Mikka! I have taken part in the Mummy Kickstarter, but thought the name of the company had changed. I see Mark Rhein*Hagen is running a boardgames business I think these days. I should really have a look at Facebook see what he is up to now. All you say is true, except 5th ed Ars Magica deliberately diverged. Now House Tremere never had a Vampire takeover - the new book on the Transylvania Tribunal Against the Dark for Ars Magica arrived yesterday. http://www.amazon.com/Against-Dark-Transylvanian-Tribunal-Magica/dp/1589781309 or http://www.atlas-games.com/product_tables/AG0302.php Interesting stuff if you play a Tremere or have a character from Transylvania. Only available as print edition at moment, but will be on pdf in a couple of years as normal. Mikka, is there any truth to rumours of a Third edition WoD ruleset? I notice new Mummy still uses NWoD? And you are always welcome to join in and chat that's the point of forums, hell you could join the game if you wanted but that will have to be the limit for new players for the moment unless someone drops out, as it is confusing enough already! cj x
  23. AN aura of four is not high enough to warp you luckily! Almost, but not quite cj x
  24. Thanks Nyaa, I added the map for ease of reference but leave your wonderful index as it is! cj x
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