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    Now what is your covenant (the place your magi live together) like? Everyone chime in - where do your magi live? Is it a castle, a cave system, another dimension accessed through a faerie lake, a collection of houses in a town, disguised as a monastery, an island in a marsh, hidden among the clouds, a floating palace of ice in the North Sea filled with strange icy creatures who act as servants - you need to agree this between yourselves now. :) Play with ideas! And then I'll work out the game stats for it :) So start plotting, and I'll guide you through the process of creating your home here on the forum!



    cj x


    CJ: you don't have time to negotiate this: just use some fiat to force the story along.

  2. That's absolutely fine :) It won't be necesary, but if anyone has one, let me know!


    Well, I have one...


    Sadly I don't have Apprentices, though. 8)


    Possibly a 4th ed game? Then everyone has the rulebook since it is a free pdf?


    Happy to be in one large game. Happy to beta SG if the party splits.

  3. Yeah, Atlas is in the US, the line editor is in Japan, and on some books half the authors are in Australia.


    The Ars Magica author pool is statistically disproportionately Australian. No-one is quite sure why, as far as I can tell.




    I'm happy to have the game divided into sections, but I'm also happy to pull a an all nighter to play in CJ's game, so long as it is Friday or Saturday night my time.

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