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  1. Zyriex;


    Unfortunately, I don't think it would. ;(


    If you are at the very end of the game, though- just save it. You'll be playing through that last day again at the very beginning of Year 2 anyway. :)


    So it shouldnt affect my Year 2 stuff? That what I was most afraid of. Thanks!

  2. Wait, out of curiosity what happens when you boost skills beyond their max with magic, items or other effects?


    I have somehow managed to get my displayed Negation skill to be around 18 (bonus from emotion, Study Mastery I think, the personal wand and Vuilluime's magical shield device) with Negation Methods around 19. Yet the "max" listed is only 10 for most of my Negation skills.


    If I use Revision of Skills with my displayed 19 Negation Methods, will it use 19 or 10?

  3. So then Dueling:


    In my opinion is a pretty damn big part of the game, considering it has an entire skill and minigame dedicated to it and its pretty much the only time you'll get use out of those offensive spells you can accumulate seeing how I've found that training yourself is a much better use of time than hampering others.


    But it's extremely time consuming for almost no apparent benefit. I had to intentionally get my relationship with Phillipe down low (which took around a day or so), another action for Vendetta, another action for the Duel declaring adventure, and then the Duel itself. And then when I win I seemingly get no benefit other than he can't Bully me anymore? I could have achieved the same thing by raising his relationship with "Fill the Night with Stars" and gotten a few points of glory in the meantime...


    I'm pretty sure enough people have complained about the incredibly oblique and unintuitive UI for duels and how fucking annoying it canbe to align Phemes for a spell.


    But despite all of that I had a strange pleasure reading out my character taking Phillipe down in three turns (after the Pace, Salute bullshit) with expertly cast Fire Shards :D.


    Though I did Durand's quest after this and wish when I chose "The Hair of a Bully" I had a "Want me to set you on fire again?" option

  4. Out of curiosity can you take into account individual student adventures? Like will certain students become more skilled in future years if you help out with certain issues?



    The main ones I can think of are will helping Iustus, Ana Flavia, that dude in Godina, and the other "problem" kids (Werewolf= insomnia, bad wand, dude's ghost twin bro was haunting him) And the one with Cirillo that gets you recruited into some sort of elite smuggling operation


  5. Zyriex;


    We absolutely agree. The Year 2 UI not only scales, but makes overall better use of the screen. There are some customization options, too.




    Cool! Could we also have a search/filter option too pretty please? *GrumblesHavingtoScrollDownToAlignPhemesForFireShardsinDuelGrumble*

  6. I started "The Story of Leopold" seeing that it was recommended and after doing the first adventure and

    Interrogating him to reveal that he forgot everything except for being dropped off by a man in a black coat

    I can't find the next bit of the Adventure in the drop down list. Help?

  7. One thing I could think about would be changing the UI. Things like a scrollbar could help and an option to widen the left display to show more than one thing a line would drastically improve usability and fun.


    The UI problem is in my opinion similar to issues I had with Skyrim's UI in that it doesn't really utilize space properly. A single column with this many options mean taking forever to actually get anywhere (ugg shopping...), so I think some of the changes involved with the mod SkyUI could really help here.

  8. If you talk about Emilia Picotty here clique Ability is a permanent boost (at last for year 1) it was changed twice at first it was a bility to activate then it became permanent and with DLC 15 the Charm boost was changed from +3 to +1.

    I didn't ever have Sheary as a Clique member but from how it looks in the mod tool you need to spend a time slot to activate his ability for a day.


    Wow, that seems really borken then... Thank you!

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