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  1. @Schwarzbart When the book first got released, I tried to play through it, and just found that all of my time was spent figuring out claw, and looking up numbers, applying effects and keeping track of hitpoints, and not actually reading and enjoying the book. I said at the time that I would wait for the app, and so I am frustrated that TMG has taken this long to get where we are. I've said as much to them, and they have their reasons, but I'm still not particularly convinced. I feel that there could be a way to partially automate the character sheet and combat system that would speed up how combat works for simple minds like my own. But longer term, I imagine a full app is the way to go. @Legate I've checked back through my email, and what I'd asked about is in the setting guide, I believe, so I'm sorted on that front. Thank you.
  2. Hmm. Echoing my comment on the kickstarter thread, how deeply irritating this is (although not really with BCS - but with TMG). At least some sort of combat-automating tool, even an Excel sheet, would be preferable to this situation. A fully kitted out CoG app would be better, clearly. On a side note, did the annotated artwork and maps ever go out? I can't remember seeing those, although it's been a while since I checked on this.
  3. OK, that does help. Although I've basically just gotten past the guardians, and I'm already bearing 5 wounds. I find the combat takes a lot of going back and forth, checking the combat table, seeing if boons would help, applying special damage... it's confusing and also a little tedious. I think I'm going to hold off for the app. The combat feels like it needs an app by itself, just to keep track of everything that's going on. If that was automated, I think I would be enjoying the text a lot more (and that's much more what I'm about). So far, the world is interesting, fairly funny, and draws me in. But the combat puts me off. It's a shame, because in all other ways I'm keen to see what happens next.
  4. Hi, I'm trying my first playthrough. It's a bit confusing. The issue I'm not clear about at the moment is do effects over time stack? For example, I'm being attacked by some orcs with poisoned gauntlets. They claw me twice in a row (in round 1 and 2). Does the -3 for 3 rounds stack? Does it look like the following? Round 1: -3 Round 2: -6 Round 3: -6 Round 4: -3 Or do the effects not stack, thus looking like: Round 1: -3 Round 2: -3 Round 3: -3 Round 4: -3 Thanks, Andrew
  5. Hi all, I've bought all of your game, and lurked around your forums, so I feel now that I should introduce myself. I'm Andrew. I really, really like Academagia. I'm unfortunately not really a fan of Scheherazade. But Ars Magica looks fantastic - it scratches that itch I've felt since coming across Birthright (the mix of role playing and strategy, not the mechanics). I'd never heard of AM before, which is a little surprising, so I'm very excited about this kickstarter (which I found out via the guys at rockpapershotgun on the weekly round up). It's early days yet, and I don't think the visibility of the KS is that high, but I'm a little concerned with the rate of funding at this stage. I think it's growing by around 1.5% a day (or has been over the weekend, it seems). Obviously lots of KSs have slow growth, but the successful ones also have a strong launch window, which I don't think you've achieved (although if you think you have, then I'm sorry for being so negative). I have a feeling that some people with my experience of your products might be withholding investment because they're unclear which of your two games this one would be more like. From what I saw on RPS (which is a strong funding community), there's a deep ambivalence about Scheherazade. Partly the skill application (which I found unintuitive after Academagia) but also the particular art direction you took, which I think didn't appeal to many people who post there. I say this not as a criticism, but because I think it might help secure funding from the RPS community if you were to demonstrate how the mechanics of the game would work and give a sense of the art direction. Maybe an interview with someone there? I don't know. Anyway. Hoping it goes well and funding picks up! Cheers, Andrew
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