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  1. Turkey-- Dear Diary: She was, however, able to uncover the thief's 'shopping list' of the most valuable artifacts to steal; the list was ripped and only three remained, and those were in written in riddle. ('were written') Sadie peruses the holy texts of England, Persian, Israel but finds nothing. ('Persia') Zul al Zan: Yes, until that Bavarian busybody starting poking her nose into my treasure chest. ('started') Nigel: How time as flown! ('has', event on May 15) Sadie: He's little a brown and he has this cute little red hat on ('and', Nigel's adventure in Turkey) Sadie: What a nice guy--going after to find my imaginary dog. ('going to') Dear Diary: The four of us made our way back up top where Lorelei explain her reasoning, or gave her excuses... whatever. ('explained')
  2. Turkey-- Sadie: Why did it stayed hidden for so many years? ('stay', from Felix's adventure) Rounding another rise, she is startled to see small figures moving in distance. ('in the distance') Still, there enough intact items to set any archaeologist's heart racing. ('there are enough') She shakes her head and prepares to enters the room, eager for a closer look, when a rumble shakes the earth and sets the ancient scrolls to rattling. ('enter') Lorelei: This another case of a woman's secrets, it would seem. ('This is another') There are also vases, jugs, rugs rolled up and leaning against wall, delicate jewelry, and other assorted antiquities. ('against walls', Ahmose's adventure) Lorelei: Only I have no idea as to their identity so I don't know if there are still here, or if the thief has managed to sneak them out. ('they')
  3. New Orleans-- Dear Diary: We wandered the streets to try and find someone who might knew what happened to Felix. ('know') New York-- Sadie: I can't see even see the kid... ('even see', from Easter with Felix) Turkey-- Dear Diary: Like today, I was wondering around the streets of Bergama, and I got utterly, completely lost. ('wandering', from Felix's adventure) Dear Diary: That boy is very inconsiderate, invading my archeological moments like this! ('archaeological') Dear Diary: I asked the state of Asclepius, god of healing, why I was having all these visions, but as expected, he didn't answer. ('statue')
  4. Haha Sterling's hair is a bit out there. He'll need a hat if he ever wants to go unnoticed.
  5. Nigel is so bad at deceit, it is funny. His rich person impersonation: "Now you're on the trolley, my good man." "I am far too busy being eccentric with my menagerie to stroll the streets with the common folk. Indeed." Oh well, at least Sadie will always be able to tell when he is lying.
  6. When you're doing the caper in New Orleans where Felix is missing, Sadie and Anna look for him in a small town. The name of town sometimes changes from Brackettville to Brackettsville to Bracketville. I'm not sure which is the correct spelling, but I can give examples of the last two: Bracketville doesn't seem to be too much more than an intersection and a few houses, but Sadie's not choosy. Anna: Wanna start shopping for a Bracketville shack? Bootlegger: And you must be that Quickfingers that them Brackettsville folk keep going on about.
  7. Yeah there are some really funny moments in the game. Kudos to the writers. I'm also a fan of Kheper - any scene with him is good. Another of my favorites is the 'Trafalgar Square' incident when you're helping Anna with the anonymous letter and get ambushed by pigeons and Roland comes up with a plan: Roland: In the name of the King --- CHARGE!
  8. New Orleans-- Nigel: I've asked Felix to help the boys check in at the Pontchartain, but... well, I'll give him a call in a few minutes and see where I'm needed more. ('Pontchartrain') Felix: Sadie, I have a feeling you know about this than you're letting on... ('you know more about this', from Felix's New Orleans adventure) The young Queen, beaming, walks alongside her partner... a broad-shoulder young man with a glittering crown perched on his head. ('broad-shouldered') In Felix's adventure in New Orleans, after Sadie and Felix fall into the room Louis Lambert is in, the game repeats the phrase from when they were following him: "They follow their quarry down a long hall, one which seems to have been blocked off from the rest of the ball. He disappears into what appears to be a storage room, while Sadie and Felix remain crouched outside. For several very long minutes, Sadie keeps her eyes on the balcony, looking for a sign of strange of hostile behavior. ('or')
  9. Peru-- Sadie is about to protest when glances up to see a slender wooden object slice through the air where her head used to be. ('when she glances up') Sadie: It's the least i can do... ('I') Guide: Not worry, everyone! The rope bridge is very safe. ('Not to worry') Ramiro: Still, you have to be very careful when traveling through a unmarked portion of the rainforest. ('an') New York-- Sadie: So you do have any information about James or the Golden Scarab? ('do you')
  10. India-- Steven: Sadie! How you doing? ('How are you doing', from Nigel's adventure) Lieutenant: The balance between native troops and British is a quite precarious, and as an Indian officer, I can't afford to upset it. ('is quite precarious', Felix's adventure) Sadie: There's an huge crowd outside the Majestic which is about twenty minutes away from turning into a mob, and there's an extremely important archaeological expedition whose fate depends on the success of this film... ('a', the Bombay film adventure) New York-- Dear Diary: Still on the trail of Anna's puzzle-obsessed admirer, we visted a different wing of the museum, the replica of Trafalgar Square. ('visited') Evelyn: I suppose I'll have to make some calls, see if I can get into touch with anyone... ('in', the fallen ceiling adventure)
  11. Australia-- Sadie: If we head to right, we'll be running along the harbor. ('to the right') Sadie: Now all we need it for Kate Leigh to fall down a manhole or something, and this will officially be a perfect day. ('is') Sadie: Well...adventure just seems to find me in these kinds of situation! ('situations') Sadie: He also somehow managed to wangle his way into a dig in the Outback. ('wrangle') New York-- Ahmose: The scared language of the gods? (I think it should be 'sacred')
  12. Alright, I just realized this and have to talk about it. When Sadie is talking to Roland on their way to Australia, he mentions that he's watching out for her at the request of the 'German diplomatic corps'. That's gotta be Ruddy's doing. So, basically, Ruddy sets Roland up to follow Sadie around, so he can then lure him into chasing Sterling, so Sterling can then trap him and take his ID??? And as far as we know, he's only ever seen Roland once, talking to Sadie in Egypt!! That's just so manipulative, and overly complicated, and.... you know what I think Ruddy's just crazy. Arrrgh.
  13. Australia-- Sadie: It is really necessary for us to go through his things? ('Is it') Pavier: Your mother and father were on in an expedition in the East Africa Protectorate. ('were on an') Sadie: Felix's family was hit pretty hard after when all those factories closed down after the market crashed. (just 'when') But finally, she finishes her improptu shift, and staggers out of the restaurant with a bag of hot food and half a dozen minor burns on her arms. ('impromptu') Lillian: Hallejuah! ('Hallelujah') Sadie: You're the leading figure of archeological society here in Sydney. ('archaeological')
  14. Ok, good! New York-- Sadie: And you're punishing me for falling for a floor? ('through' a floor, from Nigel's main story) Dear Diary: Curioser and curioser, as Alice would say! ('curiouser', from Central Park dig) Dear Diary: Is it just me, or is it a little awkward to have this big expensive balls and parties with quaint little 'farmer' costumes when so many people are poor or starving? ('these') Reaching down, Arun Kadam pulls the masks off the offender. ('mask') After a few minutes of trying to decipher the pattern and the nature of the clutter on Evelyn's desk, and a few more minutes of shifting towers of paper about, Sadie hits address book. (maybe 'hits on the address book', or something like that)
  15. Ok I see it on the screen that pops up when I get more Inspirations than I can hold. I guess that is that you guys are talking about? There isn't another way to bring that screen up, is there?
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