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  1. . Well, to be fair- this game definitely has been around a while with a lot of fans for this kind of niche style. The game doesn't have a steep learning curve... but it is text heavy with lots of micromanagement involved.
  2. O.O. Nice job guys. I know I disappeared but I'm really hope you guys get year 2 out soon.
  3. *shrugs* just thought I'd put it out there. I could picture an event like that after the final event where the mentor-ship ends. (and thanks!)
  4. (this event assumes you accepted oan's offer to walk plus some skills) You find yourself in a strange and unfamiliar corridor and area. Looking around you resist the urge to panic and call out. Backtracking you realize you're totally lost and before you can make a noise a familiar voice calls out and foot steps race towards you. "(player name)!" Oan says as you turn around. "What are you doing here? This area is only for third years and up!" she's furious with you and you can only stare blankly at her. Shaking her head at your luck she leads you out. Lecturing you about respecting rules on the way you can only listen as she goes on and on. Finally reaching a common area she looks nervous and looking at you with a strange glint wordlessly leads you to an isolated alcove. Shrugging you follow your mentor until she settles and makes sure no ones in hearing range. "I have a favor to ask of you. My friend is in considerable trouble and is a hop skip and jump from being expelled. I need someone to take the fall for... what he did. No one would believe it if *I* said I did it and less for most but you've got the skills and daring to... well he stole all the tests for this year and was selling them for a profit. Selling them is bad enough but if they know he stole them too... It'll get a detention but you'll get 600 pims. For 600 pims you can get a lot of things! The question is do you want to risk it? Exit 1: Walk away. Anything of that level is far too serious for you to get into right now. You can't afford that sort of attention. (Automatic success) The pay would be good but it wouldn't be worth the detentions plus the fact that all the professors will pay considerably more attention to you then would be worth. You've managed to fly under the radar for most things. This will make it considerably harder to sneak around, skip class, and generally be where you're not supposed to be. "Wait!" Oan shouts. Exit 2:Practical jokes. You'll do it if they help you pull off a few tricks on some of your rivals as well. Success: The jokes are successful so you confess and they believe you. You are given detentions, marked as a trouble maker but on the plus side you've gotten revenge on some 'friends', 600 pims richer and learned something too. -1 relationship with (name) -1 relationship with (name) +600 pims +1 practical jokes 1 detention Failure: Oan rolls her eyes at your attempt to deal. She cuffs your head and walks away. You later find out she reported that you were in a forbidden corridor. -1 vitality 1 Detention Exit 3: Observation. You won't do it yourself but you know a few who with that price would be willing to do so. Success: (student name) agrees and Oan is happy. She gives you some pim for the help. You were after all essential to finding the scapegoat. +100 pims Failure: You try to help Oan out but only make it worst until she throws up her hands and goes off on her own. She finds you later and showing off her new book you give her 100 pims so she would give you your favorite book back. Looking questioningly at her she breezily offers a smirk and a parting remark, "I found someone but they wanted more for the trouble since you made it somewhat public. - 100 pims Exit 4:Ethics. Stealing the outlines was wrong and looking at Oan's face you verbally agree to keep quiet about it but once you can you'll submit a tip anonymously. Success: You manage to avoid being caught and hear through the grape vine that someone was expelled for stealing and selling this years tests. + 1 ethics Failure: You're caught trying to admit it anonymously and are forced to do it in person. Your reward is 2 detentions, three merits taken from your college and and stress. -3 merits 2 detentions +5 stress
  5. Thanks. I have a few more written down if you're interested in more?
  6. I've been lurking and messing around with the tools. I don't know if anyone made 'official' content with the following benefits but I figured it was worth a shot to register and share it so to speak. It's a bit scattered the way I put the details. Honestly I'm pretty bad at making up names so... Love of the written word By Selecting this background you get 1 additional point in intelligence, library knowledge, decipher handwriting, semantics and syntax. Despite or because of your families disapproval of learning too much you have tried to learn as much as you can. There aren't many ways for one to learn so you started early in reading and never stopped. Your love of words doesn't just extent to books but when you were bored you tried to figure out the how, why, and what of what you've read. From past experience you not only have more general knowledge but know how to find books in the library, decipher handwriting, and the how's and why's of proper grammar. Well-traveled Parents Benefits: +1 in notary, oratory, voice, famous songs, speeches, prose, and poetry Your parents have a love of picking up all sorts of things from other cultures. They passed on that to you in the form of 'convincing' you to learn many famous songs, speeches, prose, and poetry. They would quiz you until you could quote or misquote as they do. "Volunteering" you for various events where you would have to speak or sing the songs they taught the only line they didn't cross was teaching you a musical instrument- of course you'll be learning one when they return from their current trip. Artistic Flair Benefits: +1 insight,art appreciation, painting, creativity, curiosity, artisan, and dedication Whether you admit it or not you can't deny your affinity for the creative arts. At least when you can see it anyway because you instinctively understand colors, have insight with most arts, and in general see the world in vivid colors while others see it in grey. Jack of all trades Benefits: +1 intelligence, dedication, observation -1 patience max (more could be added if it makes sense) Brilliant with most hands on tasks you have many hobbies and interests if you could just knuckle down and practice. Between an intense tunnel vision, dedication, and quick memory with your hands you have the potential to be good at some things. Tackling things head on and with gusto you have limited patience for less practical and subtler arts. As a result you don't have anything remotely mastered but gained an understanding on how to master many sorts of art if you can keep at it long enough. The oracle Benefits: +1 manner of a champion, charm, awareness One can say what they want about fraudulent seers but sometimes one is born with the gift. There are a number of explanations but non of them explain why the strange old woman in white robes and a shawl approached you. Deceptively frail she swiftly gripped your fore arm and tilted your head up. Her eyes peered into your soul and you couldn't look away. Frantic foot steps race toward you but she pays no mind. Suddenly she smiles and lets go before murmuring softly, "You should be careful of whom you trust. One day, you'll have to decide a great matter. Many will fall if you chose wrong." The dark blessing Benefits: +1 to all mastery skills with 1 random gate skill -1 ethics max There was a strange man who attended your 5th birthday. He came in uninvited and watched you the entire night. His magic seems almost contaminated and spoiled and you and all the children were herded away from him. Beckoning to you he calls your name and you find yourself pushed towards him. Yellowing teeth and rotting breath is all you can remember as he pats your head staring in your eyes. "I like you" he says before muttering something and a strange feeling overcomes you. He stalks out and your parents fawn over you but your mind is on the stranger before you faint and fall in your parents arms dreaming of a would be future where you control men with a single gesture and word. Gifted linguist Benefits: +1 to all languages Early exposure to all five languages taught was elementary to you. Your parents are fluent collectively in all five with relatives from every part as a matter of fact. Every year you travel to an area that all 5 can agree at and as such gained an ear for languages. Of course at the gatherings everyone spoke a common language but when the dinner was done and they split apart at least one group spoke their native tongue in their small groups. Academagian Tutor Benefits: +1 rallying, Minetan swagger, speak quietly in riddles and one random enspell skill You were lucky enough to receive tutelage from an Acadamagia graduate. Quiet and unassuming yet with a certain swagger he taught you some unofficial skills as he let you watch him gather a crowd for the donation drive that he came to down to help run. Teased Benefits: +1 diplomacy, wit, rallying, speak quietly in riddles, persuasion, character study Ever since you were young you were were teased until you found out how to defend yourself without resorting to fists. Your parents never approved of the physical methods and would ground you if you resorted to it so you learned how to do it with words. Of course some teasing and bullying continued despite your new found skills but those were the ones that you found struggle with understanding what you meant. Calming influence Benefits: +1 manipulation, dispassion, patience, deceit, flawless timing All around people are quite... passionate on what they love to do but you find that attitude unsettling. Ever since then you've tried to slyly improving methods of how to encourage a less excited reaction. You aren't the best by the time you were accepted but where as most your age had no skills it you have with relative success managed to learn some skill in being a "calming" influence to others.
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