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  1. copy/drag/whatever the mdm file into the mod files and make sure to select it when starting a new game. I'm pretty sure you don't want the official content also selected. So just select the one that says CP. Maybe also clear the cache before starting?
  2. I use that mod a lot.. I've never had this issue. I also use my own mod though, so it could just be how I positioned them.
  3. You're not welcome ;o; I've loved this bug since I found it in my first playthrough back in '12...
  4. Noo. ;; I was hoping the shop bug wouldn't be touched. Edit: though I think this bug and my bug are different? Hmm Edit 2: it's probably related. Sigh. You can select equiped items, remove them and select again and double sell them. ;_;
  5. I've had a few characters end up in cliques on the first day, I've also had intended best friends stolen into cliques day one and day two before I've had a chance to snag them.
  6. Oh shoot. I forgot! I encountered that bug back when the last dlc was out. I only ever encountered it with that quest. Even if you cleared the quest it would let me repeat it.
  7. If you do Once Discovered and then Exploreing for the sake of um, and choose to lie you'll get a reference. :3
  8. I wasn't part of the first beta but I wouldn't mind testing it?
  9. In the quest Francesca Idonia (part of the Collections questline) it says "While you doubt you could take this man on in a fight, you're think you might be able to convince him you could." if I choose (and pass) intimidate. Should be you, not you're~ :3 In the quest Imogene Pax (part of the Collections questline) it has exit 1 - dedication rather than just dedication. The other 2 options are fine.
  10. Oh neat! It's bothered me for a while (a year?) but not enough to complain or do anything about it.
  11. I just finished the Bookworms adventure, I think I failed the final slot, but I'm gonna go with it because it gave me +1 charm. I think its 8 to 10 slots long. I forgot to count. D:
  12. One of the exits in Hunting The Book Theives (part of the Bookworm adventure) is labeled "exit 1 - running", exit 1 should be removed.
  13. May not be a new bug, but I've never seen the event before. In a random event involving a older? student named Gasparo Vasari and vandalism. When he first speaks to the player it says &Player Name& and doesn't link like its suppose to. It happens twice more when talking to his teacher. Also, Metis: That's how Carmine's hair looks in my game?
  14. My first clique has Zoe and Durand, cause Zoe is good for studying and Durand cause of his Dance of Fool's Quest. My second character has them and Katja. Now that I'm more of an Avila person (as opposed to Godina) I have Ana and Aaran.
  15. Ohh! That sounds like a fun event! I hope I run into it.
  16. I went with Three Suns for my current game! I normally go with Blood Moon, but Finesse is more important and harder to raise than Fitness.
  17. I've noticed 2 or 3 random events I haven't seen before (and I have read most of the ones in the mod base, so..) Quest wise? I'm seeing some new ones! Time to Be Counted - Arithmetic quest Welcome to the Club - Bookworm club about sorting books? Zorzi's Note - I think this is a athletic class quest that doesn't require being in Godina, since I have no points with Zorzi and am in Avila. Cosetta's Conspiracy - Avila quest The Special Collections - No idea! I haven't tried it yet The Quest for the Tipsy Fairy - Avila quest!
  18. I have access to Aaran's clique ability Luck for Health, and what he does during the day but nothing else. I don't know if I have Ana's ability or not. I also had the Familiar name bug, where it asks me to name Pamela, my actual familiar, and then my clique. In the first step of Time to be Counted it says (?) rather than a student's name. Its one of the boys, but I'm not sure who its suppose to be. It happens when you fail the Cryptology option.
  19. Heh! I thought that was the case! I had to triple check and then I asked my dad just to be sure. He was at work and was very confused why I had a math question, but whatever!
  20. It'll unlock at Noon, which is a pretty normal time for Steam to update. I was hoping for a Midnight release, but I guess I can just sleep like a normal person.
  21. Provided everything goes well, what time on the 20th will it become available? At midnight or when steam updates?
  22. I don't recall where I bought it and don't have an email receipt, so I'm just gonna need to buy it again.
  23. I've backed 25 projects. 8 were not successful in meeting the funding goal, 2 kept the money and did nothing, 1 refunded the money, 7 actually made games, 5 are still in development but several will have their products released soon. 2 I only gave like a $1 because they changed what they were gonna do mid-campaign and got rid of their female leads.
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