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  1. You cannot target your own clique(i created and named the clique). Also if you target another clique it does not give you control of their actions. Since i gained the spell and Phemes trough modding i understand that this might not be something that you intend to fix. I would however like to know if you intend to fix it, and i am also confused about what the spell is supposed to do. From reading the description i thought it could only target your own clique and that the result would be that you get to plan their days for three days. however the effect is that you can target any other clique(not your own) and you gain +2 in all attributes for a little while and -1 ethics.
  2. I have moded my way to try puppet Master, it was a total fail. You are not capable to target your own clique, this might be due to the naming of your own clique so it might be possible if some one else befriends you first, since an in game name will be selected for your clique.
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