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  1. So the events are supposed to give an increase if you fail the roll (at least in some of them)? I'll have to keep a closer eye out for this then. Thanks.
  2. At the risk of committing some (slight) forum necromancy here... This hasn't been my experience. I've made 3 play-throughs of the game so far, each with a different patch, and this has never been the case. I can never specifically recall getting even one SS increase when failing a roll in a random event (And I called myself paying attention to my skills, in attempts to learn what did what). In fact, in the play-through I'm currently doing I've noticed permanent decreases (sometimes) in skills for failing a roll. (I seem to remember at one time at least learning that a skill exists when failing an event roll, but this no longer happens. However, this just could be wishful thinking on my part.) I suppose this is leading to a specific question(s). How exactly does this work (failing a roll in a random event), and how is it suppose to work?
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