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  1. IIRC by mid-game (and certainly late-game) I don't think Cleanse And Rework should be needed to successfully pop a Create Formal Invitation. Especially if you're focusing on completing as many of those adventure chains as you can manage and building up your attributes. Though I think I used Master (and Sing Song both to repair rep damage, open up more student adventures etc or Party) as well. Another thing I like to use Controlled students on is on your clique as well to Train your Company for some bonus skill ups or at least to improve the skills of your clique overall. I didn't really think I lost too much opportunity cost in a time management game given the final result (attached save file if interested). There's room for a little improvement and I used a few actions to goof around\test some options but my last run from....2018...sigh...I managed to complete all but 1 student adventure (I think I closed out Philip's by doing his girlfriend's student adventure), and anything that wasn't locked behind a character creation selection (house, perk, classes). Pretty sure I got a lot of mileage out of mind controlling my clique to Train your Company as well. Still relatively pleased with the final result at least to satisfy my OCD/completionist heart...though this was using the Touch of Summer DLC. I don't know what Summer Blush adds but unless it's significant I think I'll just leave it at that and maintain my forlorn hope that we'll eventually see Y2 in our lifetimes;-). Last Day.ams
  2. It's been some time since I've finished A Touch of Summer game but figured to check the forums on the forlorn hope of real Y2 news and noticed a smidge of information on 'Summer's Touch'. Scanning around (checking steam forum as well as the wiki) and I can't find any dlc\patch notes on what changed with Summer's Blush.... so anybody know?
  3. Nice😃. Did you go for perfect attendance or skip classes? Any particular reason you didn't bother building a clique? Extra challenge?
  4. Okay, played a little bit more and now Extensively Consult seems to be working at normal odds. I pulled down a detention and tried to use Extensively Consult the day after getting reprimanded and still couldn't get it to pop at reasonable odds. So I gave up on it for about a week, and then tried again....and I was a bit surprised that it started to work as intended. I'm not sure why though. The character's intelligence stat went up from 23 to about 27-28 and I bolstered Dialectic around 19 to about 22 (or higher...now floating at 28 via carried phemes). I at least added another point of Glory as well (probably 2 points without double checking) before I tried again. Or it could be all those Black Shumen chickens I offered up in sacrifice (and made a hell of a mess behind the shed). In any case the ability seems to be working as normal now and I've used it about ten days in a row with no big odds hiccup. It's still a mystery to me as to why it works now however...
  5. After looking at the description of the Adventure action again, it starts with, "Adventuring allows you to embark upon a dangerous task with your Clique...." So at this point I don't even view the use of Master to 'adventure by proxy' as a sort of possession. Just a means to send a student on an adventure that by default uses the 'sacrifice' option to call on the PC student (with no max limit) to complete any given task as needed during a stage.
  6. I consider it possession or like the old D&D spell Magic Jar. There's not much worthwhile in the entire Master pillar that I've noticed beyond the Master spell (which takes a few hoops to jump through to get), but considering how limited your Control is (under any controlling type action), that generally it's useful for only three things....forcing a student to Compete, to Train Your Company (or the spell that does the same thing that I can't remember the name of now), or for the Adventure action. I wouldn't mind seeing an honest to goodness Possession spell or a lot more functionality for the Control menu so you can specify what you want them to do (and to who), but as is, to kick out the Adventure leg of the Master spell really makes the effort (and the school) questionable considering the other options.
  7. And from the Festival of Pixies. You'll have to train Test Taking to get to level 2. And Character Study is at 4 at that point. The Festival of Pixies.ams
  8. Hrum. I tried resting to see if that cleared a hidden affliction (for both Extensively Consult and Judge the Instructor's Taste) and no dice there. I loaded a save from all the way pack in Pramidi (I keep the holiday saves so The Festival of Pixies) and Judge the Instructor's Taste popped twice no problem. Weird and frustrating. If it was a corrupt save the ability probably shouldn't pop at all (for either JtIT or Consult) you would think, but it does...just at a very low percentage (like 10% or the time).
  9. Nah...I've had Master's Mark in more than a few games and it's never hindered the Master spell in any of them that I could tell (though in all I never got the Mark until mid to late game when the character was a lot more developed statistically).
  10. Heh...I totally overlooked that Adventure was tied to a skill level. Might have to put the lazy bum to work after training him. So is Master's Mark bugged or does CoF work some other way (to be honest I thought that stuff should be in one formula following the order of operation...and I just prefer not to write letters to mind control npcs). And of course any idea why Judge the Instructor's Taste would fail on this character as well (at those score levels)?
  11. Yep, I'm not trying to improve a maxed out skill level (I double check that before I confirm the turn just to make sure I didn't mis-click). [fires up other 'puter to check] And not seeing anything under the Emotions/Abilities/Actions tab (greyed out or otherwise) that could be adding an affliction modifier. Character Study is at 13 as a side note and I'm well past using C&R of course. The only thing on that list that applies a mod to CoF is Master's Mark...which if CoF is checked first before any other roll it doesn't seem to work as the only time I fail a Master spell is when I load too many phemes in while dominating willy nilly (between Adventure, Compete, or Train your company, I generally keep 3 students under control since there's always something to do....except Antonio who doesn't have the Adventure action...and iirc may not even have Compete)
  12. Would these afflictions show up somewhere on the character sheet (Cursed with a Secret Rhythm etc)? I think I did have the Satyr RE with this one. I have only put a little bit of time in the game lately (so still haven't popped a detention yet to see if the increased odds of CoD have anything to do with it), but is there a secret CoF with 'Judge the Instructor's Taste'? It's a Insight/Character Study 5 roll so with an insight of about 25 and Character Study at 8 (iirc) that should pretty much be an auto roll. Except that roll isn't even popping the Study Level reliably (it seems to be less than 20% of the time...I haven't bothered to test that one as much as Extensively Consult because frankly this has gotten a bit frustrating). If there is a secret CoF with that one I figure that's a lot easier for someone with Summer's Blush to check to see if they get a similar result [nudge nudge] (please?)
  13. Hrm....didn't think of steamapps...will have to try that latter. Edit- Deleting both and retrying resulted in 3 successes with Extensively Consult out of 17 tries (before I ran out of time myself)...still generally a waste of time. I'll give it another shot after the character cools down the detection rate with a detention.
  14. I thought for a moment deleting the cache worked when I loaded and popped a success with the first go afterwards. However, I double checked by reloading the same save and trying again...and no dice. I managed to get another success on my 11th attempt before giving it a rest. I'm going to see what happens after I pull a detention (to cooldown that detection modifier) to see if that is affecting Extensively Consult. And probably experiment by exiting the game, deleting the cache and restarting between saves to see if that makes a difference. Failing that I guess I could resort to animal sacrifice to appeal to the hidden powers but I only have chickens and rabbits available... But seriously, if anybody is running a Summer's Blush game could you check out Extensively Consult and give a shout out how it works out for you?
  15. Summer's Blush. I'm not running any mods or the like but as mentioned I have been skipping classes a lot and have a decent chance to avoid detection/reprimand normally (and have the Imperial Favor equipped). I don't have any vendettas\rivalries (I've been using Sing-Song so frequently that I've turned the game into a musical....the lowest relationship I have with this character in the student body is with Phillipe at a 5....lowest relationship with a prof is 4 as a side note). Without digging through reports I'm not entirely sure how much Glory this character has....I pretty sure I've earned at least 4 points (and usually get 2 'retries' on a failed roll for an adventure) but it may be a bit higher than that. The only other thing I can think of is something is screwy with the random number generation on my end or some sort of value got corrupted (but not enough to crash the game) that amped up failure rates. The only reason I suspect that may be an issue is that I did have my character portrait disappear as well as the portraits of a few other students (I think that were added by dlc...like Antonio, while base student portraits were unaffected) that did not relink after a reboot\reload. However I did manage to get the images back by starting a new Summer's Blush game and then reloaded the older save file after the new start (weird). I'm considering starting a new game on my main machine to see if the problem replicated (assuming no one else running Summer's Blush doesn't give a shout out before then), but the game is otherwise playable (and headed into endgame). Just that time management games scratch my OCD itch and the low success rate I was experiencing didn't seem to be working as intended.
  16. I have not even been getting the subskill of choice (a skill I presumably haven't maxed), just a 1 stress and no other result nor reprimand (for a area I have permission though). So given the number of failures I was wondering if anyone had any clue what was ratcheting up the CoF, or if this ability was working the same way for others using the latest DLC.
  17. I tried popping Extensively Consult over two full days from my last success (7 timeslots) to give enough time between usage (from checking the forums it seems that the Sphinx's CoF ramped up if tried more than once in a day). Trying it 50 times it was only successful 3 times (where it generated anything more than a stress point). It's basically impossible for the character to fail a Int\Dialectic roll 13 so it can only be the CoF, but I'm wondering if something else isn't modifying that CoF upward....either some 'cooldown factor' (which is frankly stupid imo...since there is already a mechanic that can make an action\ability temporarily unavailable) or another part of the game's mechanics are in play. For instance I've been doing a lot of class skipping at this stage of the game (and avoiding detention via high Prof relationships and a -12% CoD currently...generally only taking one or two detentions a month), but I'm wondering if the Sphinx's high Detection rate is triggering but since this character has permission (and the other factors), detention isn't assigned and the action is considered a failure. Or if there is something really wrong with the RNG on my end... but 3 successes out of 50 doesn't seem to suggest bad luck is in play, just a really ratcheted up CoF. Could someone playing the current DLC with similar 'auto' success numbers give it a shot and give a shout out if they have a similar issue?
  18. I'm trying to get it to pop the following day after my first 'success' (once again save scumming). Thus far out of 8 reloads it hasn't passed (now with a 24 dialectic). I don't think it was this finicky my last playthru (a few dlc ago...16?)
  19. One success out of 6 attempts (at a target of 13, which should be an auto success given the above) is still ridiculous even if somehow my rng was realllllllly unlucky (and CoF is closer to 20%). Makes the Sphinx a waste of time as is given the other choices which hardly makes it a reward for a tough adventure or upper level unlock.
  20. Is there a secret failure rate or some other factor? With my current playthru I haven't used the action before and phemed up Dialectic to a score of 22 (via Logic plus with a number of Flawless phemes pushing up CoS to somewhere in the +40% range) on a character with an Intelligence of 21. Save scumming until I finally got a success (beyond just a point of stress for the trouble) with that ability took 5 reloads to see if it would ever pop. Is there something I'm missing about the ability pushing success rates down or is there a secret global modifier of some sort? Considering the uber high checks for the adventure to gain access to the Sphinx, the stress cost, and the check, all things being equal if it's a secret failure modifier in play, that seems too damn high for 4 skill steps (3 of them random...and given it's more of a midgame to lategame ability it is also likely a SS or two will be assigned to a skill you already have at max)... or am I missing something?
  21. Yeah but it's a traditional CRPG exploit to sell an unidentified item to a vendor and then buy it back (at least since SSI's gold box series iirc). If they would buy at 50% and sell at full price it wouldn't be an issue (except I'd want a confirmation yes\no screen before finalizing sales)
  22. The easy way is to use the Shop action and sell the item to a vendor (you cannot sell to a catalog for obvious reasons) and then rebuy it. While you are at it you can do some shopping as well (I usually sell off food items for instance).
  23. Or you could just pray at the Temple of Rostra twice to get Prayer up enough to inform Durand's Prayer Grove. Taking an action at Durand's Prayer Grove will inform you of all the Religion subskills, allowing you to just Train up Theology to level 1 to inform the Temple of Iudocia. I generally do a lot of adventures and Insight is one of the more common stat boosts so I'm a bit meh on Dialectic Study Level 10s reward.
  24. Well jumping on it a bit more forcefully worked to put out the fire. It's just the relationship loss is a bit of a mystery....both of them only attended classes and added a study level (pretty sure there is no relationship hit in study levels or in the skill levels from courses). Could have been a hostile action outside of the students that I had information on....but considering Rikildis was sick the following day, I'm curious what hostile action dings vitality stress (by alot and early game thought there might be a student ability that does it) and a relationship point with another student. Do npc students get events?
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