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  1. im staying till midnight for this hshshhs
  2. Thank you so much for the quick reply! I'll get started
  3. I want to add pictures for specific stuff like when you are in a random encounter scene, just so I can see my student and their clique being badass.... my question is if that's possible? Just changing one environment picture for a fanart? Or will that change every scene? I wanna make sure b4 I started
  4. Yarar

    DLC 16 Bugs

    Oh! I see, thanks!
  5. Yarar

    DLC 16 Bugs

    Uh. so, I finally try Tutoring Service and it works at first, raising my Diplomacy to a whooping level 3 But when I tried it on Negation Spell, it only added 1 level from zero even though it said it raised 3 skill steps. When I checked, the Negation spell only needed 1 skill step to raise to the second level. Is this a known issue before DLC 16?
  6. haha, thanks!

  7. what about seers? Not the kind who study astrology, but the ones whom actually receive visions from the great unknown...
  8. Really good writing! You know, being ignored is sometimes worse than being hated, as if your existence doesn't matter... I wonder if her parents know about her 'heritage' of Gates and Mastery.
  9. So, the writing subforum on Academagia forum is for writing adventures right? But can it also be used for general fanfiction?

  10. is this still going on?
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