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    ...I'm not exactly sure if this is the right place to ask (maybe it belongs in the modding thing), but how exactly do you add custom portraits so you can choose them during character creation?
  2. bommelom


    ..Was very stupid and figured out what I wanted to ask three seconds after asking, now I want to know how to delete threads, damnit.
  3. Do you have to take the basic classes, or can you just skip them and head for the advanced classes (assumed you've got the skill in incantation, ofcourse)?
  4. If you don't study at Contu Esteban in year 1, can you still do so in year 2 (as long as you pay the tuition, ofcourse)?
  5. In year 2, will it be possible to incorporate duels in adventure? I.e if an adventure leads to you fighting another student, will it be possible to make the adventure shift to "duel mode", and then continue afterwards, which different results depending on the result of the duel?
  6. *sticks his head out* Will there be a way to make Pamela a better familiar in the later years? *goes back into hiding*
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