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  1. Well, there is the Linear Warriors Quadratic Wizards trope. Being the strongest man in the world only goes so far when a 14 year old girl can spend three days buffing herself to the point she can skip mountains across the Atlantic Ocean. However, the strength of magic is ultimately its flexibility. Not even touching Gates and Mastery, you could learn all the schools and be in really good shape to tackle most things at the spur of the moment and anything with time to prepare. And that's how it should be. If you have the power to bend or break the rules of reality you are so far ahead of anyone else in terms of options they can't keep up.
  2. I took the Rivalry defect last game and ended up with Joana. Urg~ Made me wish there was a disintegration spell or volcano to drop her into.
  3. Wow guys, I'm having so much more success this game. It's funny what a few small changes at the start of a game can do for you.
  4. Who are some of the best clique members to snap up? I've noticed that one needs to hurry as people get formed into cliques pretty quickly.
  5. Ok, that was a lot of help right there ^^ Thank you kindly. What do you do with your first... let's say week at school?
  6. An Exercise in Going "Hey! I Didn't Know That!" For Everyone Else. Hello All, I just bought Academagia a few days ago. I've been having a lot of fun playing it. But I could surely use some help. I've remade the same character three times, because I figure a bunch of things out each playthrough. I didn't even hit Midterms on the first try before deciding to start over. I even had some pretty good luck. But the sheer weight of everything I'd learned just in the small time I'd been playing crushed me. I haven't found a good beginner's guide. If I hadn't read a Let's Play before buying the game I'd have had no idea what was going on, (or what the game was but that' neither here nor there) and would've gone through several games before even learning some things were possible. I'd strongly like to avoid outright spoilers. But if the community would be kind enough to assemble a basic toolkit to help out starting players, it would be a great help. I'm coming in very late in the game's life cycle. There have been so many updates I don't even know how good the information floating around is anymore. I read an article and go "I don't think it works that way anymore...". Anyway~ Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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