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  1. Here you go~ Forget there's the log to look at. Academagia.log
  2. Yep, clean cache and brand new pc.
  3. Nope, i'm doing this run with only official mod and clean install. For the eventual year 2. *cries
  4. Yes, using brush of summer from steam.
  5. Three Sun and The comet are not blacked out when same set of backgrounds are chosen, which will crash the adventure action if chosen in addition.
  6. For me it served as good reminder to try paths not yet taken. But they get turned into funding for next game anyway.
  7. Well gamer's gate forget my account, new purchase it is. Much better purchase than a lot of games i bought.
  8. Question, were Academagia published by platforms other than impulse? I can't remember where i brought the game from. Desura, Impulse, and Steam are all checked.
  9. Make sure you have a good size table and playing area before you get it. Otherwise things will be very confusing. Also, can't even win Darkest Dungeon with cheats; like RNG really?
  10. And it's a long weekend in Canada this week. T_T
  11. 31 projects so far 3 failed funding goal 6 dead in the water 4 games so bad, it's better not made 1 games hopefully will be good 10 delivered, okay quality to very good 2 KDM that have good records Darkest dungeon, Rimworld, Kingdom Death Monsters (both), Risk of Rain, Divinity, and Sui Generis are about the only worthwhile find. I find the more i paid the less likely the project is successful. :/
  12. Two more days to April. My wallet is ready.
  13. *Cough up blood* Why must you tease me so?
  14. Thanks Schwarzbart and Legate! So hyped for DLC 17!
  15. Will we get sorting function in the adventure menu?
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