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  1. I tried once more after making that post but this time there was an error about a "closed stream" around 90+%. I hope you have better luck Zelefis. I really only want to cheat because Compete seems to have been nerfed (I was playing the default unpatched version until now) and my savegames have all become incompatible.
  2. I spent three days trying to publish a mod that would simply add one action for super-studying and training )increase 3 sub-skills by 4 steps each time as well as increasing study levels by 3 for 3 subjects) and a background that would add this action as well as increasing your attributes. The program would sometimes stop when it wasn't fullyu done and finally this morning when I woke up there was a memory override. I give up. I hope someone else publishes something like this as well but I'm not too optimistic about that. Looking back through the mod forum I don't see any indication that anyone has successfully published a mod and uploaded it before besides the Shadowrun mod (which I can't find links to anyway). Honestly I think it's worth sacrificing some long-term compatibility with the ability to pbublish mods more quickly. Keeping compatibility with the latest patches should really be the modders' job. Of course I realize the mod tools were meant to be development tools but if you do create another mod tool later on or for Year 2 I hope you will give this some consideration.
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