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    It is working for me so far, thank you very much Metis.
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    Hmm, I can't find a working link, so... pester pester.
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    Hi all, I used to (several years ago) use the mod tools exclusively for the task of looking up the exact roll requirements for certain adventure skill checks, since the wiki is full of vague guesses. I have the mod tools and the latest (I think?) .amm for DLC 17, but as noted above by mhv3 the mod tools won't open it. That's a shame, but honestly the adventures I need the most guidance with are the older ones that have absurd 30+ skill checks and such. What's the most recent .amm that actually works with the mod tools? I can use the .amo if there's nothing else, but any more recent mod is certainly more helpful!
  4. OK... so I restarted the game using only the Summer's Blush mod. Got halfway through the year, then upon attempting to reload a save from within the game I got a terrible dark magics crash. Attempting to load any save gave the error "Unable to find mod: Summer's Blush" although that mod was definitely there. Following the above post by Rydenius I created a new game but backed out of creation process after the first step. Without exiting the game, attempted to load previous saves. Previous saves will now load properly. So... it works, hooray. But also, do you want me to provide logs to assist in addressing the issue?
  5. Thanks for replying. I'd be happy to send the log file but I fear I may have already deleted it, as I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the game in Steam. If you tell me where to find it, I will send it along should this happen again. So to be clear, I have 2 options when starting the game, "Summer's First Blush" and "The First Touch of Summer," should both of them be selected or just one?
  6. Hi there, I've recently started a new game in the Steam version of Academagia and I'm in the same situation--the game crashed while trying to load a save from within the game, and now all of my game saves refuse to load while giving the error "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: key". I've only been playing for 2 in-game weeks so it's no big deal if I have to trash these saves and start over, but I would like to take steps to ensure this doesn't happen again. However, I'm a Mac user playing in Boot Camp and I have very little familiarity with Windows, so even something simple like finding the Steam game files is a challenge for me. So is there anything I can do to prevent this problem from reoccurring (what's the "wrong uploaded DLC"?), and if I need to delete any files beyond uninstalling the game from within Steam, can someone kindly explain how to do that? đŸ˜“
  7. More self-buffing Investigations for you because I am SO NICE. ********** Phase 4. Investigation 1 (Traps/Intelligence vs. 8): Analyze the workings of the trap before you. Failure (no change, choose again): Success (temporarily increase Negation and Enchant +2, choose again): Investigation 2 (Planning/Luck vs. 8): Did you bring anything with you that could help you here? Failure (no change, choose again): Success: (temp. increase Negation and Enchant +2, choose again) Investigation 3 (Infiltration/Finesse vs. 8): What do you know about getting into places where you aren't allowed? Failure (no change, choose again): Success (temp. increase Negation and Enchant +2, choose again): Investigation 4: (Revision/Intelligence vs. 10) VERY carefully, try to alter this trap a little to something that is easier to deal with. Failure (+1 stress, choose again): Success (temp. increase Negation and Enchant +2, choose again): Exit 1 (Enchant/Finesse vs. 12) Use all of your Enchanting knowledge to counter this seal. Failure (+1 stress, choose again): Success (+1 full step Orthography, advance to Phase 5): Exit 2 (Negation/Fitness vs. 12) Though it will be terribly difficult, you have to Negate this dangerous trap. Failure (+1 stress, choose again): Success (+ full step Concentration, advance to Phase 5): Exit 3: Oh, just blow the blazing gate off its hinges and be done with it! What's the worst that could happen? Success (automatic, -2 Vitality, advance to Phase 5): Phase 5. ********** ********** Exit 1 (automatic, advance to phase 6) What is going on here? ********** This scene becomes particularly hilarious if "the light spell you taught him" was the Lantern of Many Hues. Disco chicken! ********** Phase 6. ********** Yeah, hurry up guys, the ship is double-parked outside the cemetery. ********** ********** Hmm, if only someone had taught you some pirate tricks. HMM. ********** Investigation 1 (Pure Luck/Luck vs. 10): You lost your wand. But is there anything else, anything at all, in your pockets that could possibly help you get out of this mess? Failure (no change, choose again): Success (unlock exit 3, choose again): Exit 1 (Bluff/Charm vs. 15): Make these pirates think that impressing you is a really, really bad idea. Failure (+2 stress, +1 Luck, advance to Stage 7): Success (+1 full step Deceit, +1 Charm, advance to phase 7): Exit 2 (Knots/Finesse vs. 15): Just let the pirate tie your wrists, and untie yourself when they're distracted. Failure (+2 stress, +1 Luck, advance to Phase 7): Success (+1 full step Escape Artist, +1 Finesse, advance to Phase 7): Exit 3 (Flawless Timing/Finesse vs. 12): Throw that smoke bomb at the perfect time and run like the wind! Failure (+2 stress, +1 Luck, advance to Phase 7): Success (+1 full step Escape Artist, +1 Finesse, advance to Phase 7): Phase 7 Add: Ned's Bandana: +1 Charm, +2 Deceit, +2 Manipulation, +3% Chance of Discovery A memento of your time spent with a colorful, if not entirely trustworthy, sky pirate. This bandana is a faded red scrap of cloth that retains a bit of its former owner's swagger and bluster, as well as, alas, a bit of his smell. You don't dare to wear this outrageous item on your head, but folded and wrapped around your wrist, it makes a potent reminder to always be on your guard for deception. (bracelet item) ********** And there you have it. Never trust a pirate. I am not sure if a student would be disciplined for wearing something as outrageous as a pirate's bandana, so maybe this item should be illegal? I don't really want it to be, though, so I just put the +CoD on it instead. I wish it could be a headwear item but I think there's just no way the academy would allow a student to walk around with a pirate bandana on their head. The Misc. slot is too crowded already, so I thought wrapping it around the wrist was an okay compromise.
  8. Holy crap I wrote a lot of words. This is the final stage of the adventure and it's in multiple linear phases with multiple skill checks. Failing a check doesn't end the adventure, you just get slightly banged up and keep going to the next phase. I think the skill checks are of a level such that a reasonably well-rounded student will likely be able to succeed more than they fail in the beginning phases without buffing, but the final check will require buffing to pass unless you are a great golden god. ********** Stage 6. X Marks the Spot Phase 1 Exit 1. (auto, advance to Phase 2) It's time to find out! Phase 2. Exit 1 (Roots/Intelligence vs. 7): Check out those vines. Failure (-1 Vitality, advance to Phase 3): Success (+1 ss Infiltration, advance to Phase 3): Exit 2. (Acrobatics/Fitness vs. 7) Use your contortionist abilities to get in there safely. Failure: (-1 Vitality, advance to Phase 3) Success: (+1 ss Infiltration, advance to phase 3) Exit 3. (Negation/Finesse vs. 7) Relax gravity a bit on your way down to slow your descent. Failure: (-1 Vitality, advance to Phase 3) Success: (+1 ss Infiltration, advance to Phase 3) Phase 3. Investigation 1. (Reason/Intelligence vs. 7) Just calm down and think about this situation! Failure: (no change, choose again) Success: (unlock exit 3, choose again) Exit 1. (Courage/Strength vs. 8) It's only a huge, angry bear. You can handle it. Face the huge, angry bear head-on! Failure: (+1 stress, advance to phase 4) Success: (+1 ss Willpower, advance to phase 4) Exit 2. (Prayer/Luck vs. 8) PRAY! Failure: (-1 Vitality, advance to Phase 4) Success: (+1 ss Pure Luck, advance to Phase 4) ********** ONLY THE PENITENT MAN WILL PASS ********** Exit 3. (Negation/Fitness vs. 5) Negate this illusory bear away. Failure: (+1 stress, advance to Phase 4) Success: (+1 Negation Methods, advance to Phase 4) ********** continued in next post
  9. I have edited the Stage 4 Investigations to flow more as I originally intended, and using +skill boosts instead of +CoS. I think it works better this way. Also, I included a note to remove the Familiar Kinship option for hapless associates of Mr. Pebbles. Sorry, rock-lovers, but I don't think your bond is going to be inspirational to others! Thank you for the feedback. Linking the adventure to the Teach action is actually a really interesting suggestion. It makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately, my PCs never train Study Habits that high, so if I did that, I'd never get to play my own adventure. So I think I'm going to stick with the suggestion that the adventure just be unlocked by the passage of time. The start of Hionosi, maybe? That is around the time in the game when I feel like a student would have enough of a basic grounding in their magic classes to think about being able to help someone else. The final stage will be posted tomorrow.
  10. Now with more spoiler tags and less wall-o-text. ********** Stage 5. A Pirate's Proposal Phase 1 ********** Well, Princess Jasmine? DO YOU TRUST HIM? ********** Exit 1. (automatic: advance to Phase 2) Yes. You've come this far. You're not backing out now. Exit 2. (auto: advance to Phase 3) No. Even if it means the end of your relationship with Ned, you just can't do this. Phase 2 Exit 1 (automatic: advance to Phase 4): ...What have you gotten yourself into? Phase 3 (+1 full Step Danger Sense, +50 pims, end adventure.) ********** Sad ending for chumps. Don't be a chump! ********** Phase 4 Exit 1 (Astrology/Luck vs. 9): Determine an auspicious night for the infiltration. Failure (+1 stress, pause adventure): Success (+1 ss Planning, advance to next stage): Exit 2 (Planning/Intelligence vs. 9): Gather the supplies that you'll need. Failure (+1 stress, pause adventure): Success (+1 ss Strategy, unlock Stage 6): Exit 3 (Research/Intelligence vs. 9): Look up this Armintrout person and see if you can find anything helpful. Failure: (+1 stress, pause adventure) Success: (+1 ss Traps, unlock Stage 6) ********** I didn't give an extra skillstep reward for either of the parent skill challenges here because Astrology and particularly Research are so easy to raise simply through ordinary library study that you are extremely likely to have one or both of them at a high level just by midgame. No soup for you.
  11. Ugh THANK YOU. Will change later after work. So, Observation, my old nemesis, we meet again. You, YOU are the reason I can't stop playing Strozzans born at Noon! *shakes fist* You learn Aganathi's Lamp at Perception 4! Supposedly. I've never bothered. Sparkling Fields go go go. ...Fair. I guess that's another argument in favor of keeping this adventure inaccessible until a couple months have passed. You shouldn't really start training someone else in magic when you can't do it yet yourself. Oh jeez the rock, I forgot about him. I'm willing to accept a certain amount of silliness in most generic Familiar-related text because accounting for all 20some of them is madness, but isn't the rock's deal that he sucks as a Familiar? I've never chosen him. Maybe this option needs to be gated to exclude rock familiars? I'll take another look at this stage later and see if I can make it do what I want without being too awkward. Thanks for the feedback.
  12. In which I can't remember if Familiar is supposed to be capitalized or not. Argh. ********** Stage 4: A Familiar Subject ********** I am SO NICE, I am THE NICEST, so you get not one, not two, but THREE self-buffing Investigations here. Pass two out of three, and Jolly will record a message on your voice mail. ********** Investigation 1 (Familiar Kinship/Charm vs. 6) (only available if player's Familiar is NOT the Rock): Maybe if you can show Jolly how you've bonded with your own Familiar, she'll trust you a bit more. Failure: (no change, choose again) Success: (temporarily increase Mimicry and Diction +1, choose again) ********** Please be careful tickling your porcupine familiar. ********** Investigation 2 (Birds/Intelligence vs. 6): What do you know about parrots? Think! Failure: (no change, choose again) Success: (temp. increase Mimicry and Diction +1, choose again) Investigation 3 (Glamour Spells/Finesse vs. 6): Maybe a little magic would help relax the bird… Failure: (no change, choose again) Success: (temp. increase Mimicry and Diction +1, choose again) Investigation 4 (Merilien/Insight vs. 5) "Jolly was a"? That can't be right... Failure: (no change, choose again) Success: (unlock Exit 2, choose again) Exit 1 (Mimicry/Insight vs. 8): Well, the bird clearly has some proficiency in imitating its current owner. That gives you an idea… Failure: (-1 Vitality, pause adventure) Success: (+1 ss Manipulation, +20 pims, unlock Stage 5) Exit 2 (Diction/Finesse vs. 7): See if you can communicate with Jolly in simple, clear Merilien. Failure: (-1 Vitality, pause adventure) Success: (+1 ss Animal Husbandry, +20 pims, unlock Stage 5) ********** Fermer les écoutilles is Fre Merilien for batten down the hatches. Anyway, the Merilien check was originally meant to be a Diction check, gated by Merilien. Like, Investigation: Merlien vs. 4 unlocks Exit: Diction vs. 8 or w/e. Because you really don't need to know that much Fre Merilien to talk baby-talk to a bird, but you do need to be able to speak clearly so the bird can understand you. But I don't know if you can mix an Investigation like that with the +CoS Investigations I already have here, and ugh, four Investigations, idk, it was starting to seem silly. Thoughts? Now with NEW GATED MERILIEN ACTION! Goin' to bed, will post the rest tomorrow. There's 2 more stages, and they get more... piratical. P.S. The male Eclectus parrot is what I think of when I picture this parrot (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eclectus_parrot). Jolly was originally going to be a misidentified male, but that just got way too complicated. But I love that gorgeous green so she stayed green.
  13. Haha remember your first week of school when every single option was purple or red and you couldn't do one single thing right and you wanted to throw your keyboard down the stairs? Guess where Ned is. ********** Stage 3. A Knotty Problem Phase 1. Exit 1 (Rallying/Charm vs. 7): Fire Ned's resolve with a pep talk! Failure: (+1 stress, pause adventure) Success: (advance to phase 2) Exit 2 (Wit/Charm vs. 7): Lighten the mood with a little humor. Failure: (+1 stress, pause adventure) ********** This is my favorite stupid joke in the whole world. I hope that joke book that Benvinitio's Catalog of Chuckles sells is just this joke printed fifty times on every page. ********** Success: (advance to phase 2) Exit 3 (Temperance/Insight vs 7): It's time for a few calming breaths. Failure: (+1 stress, pause adventure) Success: (advance to phase 2) Phase 2. Exit 1. Teach me how to win at gambling! (Automatic: +1 ss Gambling, +1 ss Bluff) Success: Exit 2. I'm interested in learning how to work with knots the old-fashioned way. (Automatic: +1 ss Knots, +1 ss Concentration) Success: Exit 3. Help me develop reflexes like a pirate! (Automatic: +1 ss Acrobatics, +1 ss Flawless Timing) Success: Exit 4. Nah, I just want the pims! (Automatic: +1 Materials Knowledge, +20 pims) Success: ********** Howdy, welcome down to the old Pick-Your-Own-Skillup Farm. The pirate skills Ned teaches you here are chosen deliberately, because reasons. I felt like I had to include the "take the money" option, but really--don't pick it. That's silly. Stage 4 in next post
  14. In which I try to think of every single method of magically creating light that I can remember seeing in the game. Actually I think at one point Orso Orsi plays with some light motes supposedly using Astrology but w/e I got tired. ********** Stage 2: Shedding Some Light Exit 1 (Enspell/Finesse vs. 5) He already knows the right phemes, all he needs to do is work on his form. Show him how it's done! Failure: (+1 Stress, pause adventure) Success: (+1 ss Patience, +1 Glamour Phemes, +10 pims, unlock Stage 3) ********** You get an extra skill step reward here because Enspell is a parent skill--you will note the below subskill check gets less. That seems fair to me. ********** Exit 2 (Incantation Methods/Finesse vs. 5): Maybe a simple beam of light would be easier to start with. Failure: (+1 Stress, pause adventure) Success: (+1 ss Leadership, +10 pims, unlock stage 3) Exit 3 (Enchant/Intelligence vs. 5): Show Ned how to enchant an object with light instead. Failure: (+1 Stress, pause adventure) Success: (+1 ss Leadership, +1 ss Theory of Enchantment, +10 pims, unlock stage 3) ********** Another parent skill, get dollas. ********** Exit 4. (Glamour Spells/Finesse vs. 7) Why use a boring old light spell when you could cast Lantern of Many Hues! Failure: (+1 Stress, pause adventure)
  15. Hi, I wrote an adventure about teaching magic to a pirate because that is a thing I would like to do in this game. Please use it if you enjoy. Also, I am super-smart and can't figure out if there is a way to use spoiler tags on this site, so please let me know if there is. Until then, notes from the author will be offset with rows of asterisks. Now with mostly not-broken spoiler tag action!!! I don't have any prerequisites for this adventure in mind, but maybe making it available after the first semester of school is over would be best since it's not really a "beginner" adventure. I did, however, try to keep the checks somewhat reasonable, because I went out of my way to write some underloved skills into this adventure. You will not find a single Observation, Persuasion, or Athletics check in this adventure chain. You WILL find Mimicry and Criminal Law. Anyway, feedback on the level of the skill checks is welcome. ********** Stage 1: A Light in the Woods Another day in the library. You sigh. You've been here for hours--or what seems like it--and you just can't concentrate anymore. The words seem to swim on the page before you as your temples throb. Even the still, hushed environment of the Venalicium seems suddenly alive with sensory torments: the muffled cough of a librarian is the stomp of an elephant, the gentle draft from the nearby window is a raging tempest, the tiny twinkling light in the distant woods is a blinding... Wait a minute. Why is there a light in the woods? Your work forgotten, you peer out the window and--yes, there it is again. A weak spot of light is just barely visible in the foliage before it winks out again. And then again. This is certainly odd. Perhaps it's time for a study break? Exit 1. Automatic: Clearly you must investigate! (+1 ss Curiosity, Advance to phase 3) Exit 2. Automatic: No, of course you'd rather stay here in the library and work on this interminable assignment. And this terribly important headache. There is definitely no fun or excitement to be found by skipping homework. (+1 Playfulness, Advance to phase 2) Phase 2. Yeah, right! You are so out of here! (Advance to phase 3) ********** You click the Adventure button, you take the ride, chump. ********** Phase 3. Exit 1 (Hunting/Intelligence vs 4): See if you can find any tracks to follow. Failure: (+1 stress, pause adventure) Success: (+1 ss Perception, advance phase 4) Exit 2 (Listen/Luck vs. 4): Can you hear anything nearby? Failure: (+1 stress, pause adventure) Success: (+1 ss Move Silently, advance phase 4) ********** I know the in-game description says that the Listen skill is about listening to conversations, not hearing noises, but I see it used in the "hearing noises" way all the time in the game anyway, so, shrug emoji? If it's a problem this could be a Perception check I guess. ********** Exit 3 (Scent Detection/Insight vs. 4): Maybe your nose can solve this mystery. Failure: (+1 stress, pause adventure) Success: (+1 ss Hunting, advance phase 4) Phase 4. Exit 1. Automatic: Uh oh. (Advance to Phase 5) Phase 5. Investigation 1 (Worldliness/Insight vs. 4): What do you know about pirates in general? Failure: (no change, choose again) They wear red bandanas! And they look soooo cooool! Success: (Unlock exit #2, choose again) Investigation 2. (only with Background: Family: Sky Pirates, automatic) Oh, you certainly know a thing or two about pirates. Success: (Unlock exit #2, choose again) Investigation 3 (Criminal Law/Intelligence vs. 4): Is it really a good idea to tutor a pirate in magic? Failure: (no change, choose again) Hmm. You're not really sure if there are specific laws about that sort of thing. Success: (Unlock exit #2, choose again) Exit 1 (Automatic): Agree to help Ned. Success: (+1 ss Courage, Unlock Stage 2) Exit 2. (Automatic) Agree to help Ned. With certain conditions. Success: (+1 ss Courage, +1 ss Negotiate, +10 pims, unlock Stage 2) Exit 3. (Automatic) Tell the nice pirate what he wants to hear and then get out of there quickly! Success: (+1 ss Danger Sense, unlock Stage 2) ********** Ned is your basic Long John Silver Talk Like A Pirate Day kinda dude, which can be sort of hard to keep up without it getting cloying. You will notice that he does not clip every single "-ing" to "-in" or "you" to "ye," and so forth, and that was intentional, because I feel like the reader needs a break from it sometimes. But it can be changed if people think it's weird this way. Anyway, I can't remember ever coming across a magical pirate in an adventure and I don't know if that's because I just never did the right adventure, or pirates can't afford magic school, or pirates don't have the magical midichlorians, or what. Maybe this entire concept breaks lore, idk, what can I say, I just want to see a pirate with a wand. Stage 2 in next post.
  16. Haha, good point. I will make a new thread and post it later after work. P.S. Metis, I was just skimming around the forum and realized that you are the person who wrote the Incantation class adventure. I just wanted to say that I loved it!
  17. Hello! I recently finished an adventure for Year 1. But I believe the last patch for Year 1 is supposed to come out soon (July, I think I remember reading?) So I just wanted to make sure before I posted it that you're still accepting submissions for Year 1 here. Because if not, I can save it and retool it whenever Year 2 comes out, I suppose. Thanks!
  18. Hello there. I got an item from a random event with a Brute Strength check. It gave me a stick with the option to study it when I equipped it. I duly studied it and the activity text claims it should have been removed and something called the Ancient Grammarian's Wand added. The stick was removed, but I did not get any Ancient Grammarian's Wand. Looks like this has been reported before, actually: http://academagia.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=2501&hl=%2Bancient+%2Bgrammarian+%2Bwand
  19. I'm using DLC 15 and the save is a new one, and the Insect Sight is still being stubborn. I did download the CP 3 since starting this game, if that matters. The problem with the Glamour Chain happened in a different playthrough which has since been erased, so unfortunately I can't check on it.
  20. Hi, I've found some items which I am strangely not able to equip in any slot I try. 1. Glamour Chain purchased from Elisias Bethea's Merchant storefront... looks like a necklace, can't be equipped in necklace slot nor in misc. 2. Insect Sight purchased from Journal Insecta... looks like glasses, but is classified as "Spectacles" and cannot be equipped as glasses nor as misc. and there is no "spectacles" slot. Maybe these items are not flagged properly for the slots they are supposed to occupy or something similar? Or maybe all this time I was supposed to put the Glamour Chain on my feet.
  21. There is actually also a spell called The Familiar's Gift (very similar name) and it lets you lend your attributes to your familiar. I've seen it awarded to me but it's never appeared in my spell list and I assumed it was because I was missing a pheme or something...
  22. Oh I see, thanks very much!
  23. Oh, and I apologize, but I confused the Hedgehog adventure name with the adventure of my last familiar... the real name of it is actually Spend the Day Training With Your Hedgehog.
  24. Thanks for the fast reply. I'm afraid I don't know what CP3 is--I did download what I thought was the most recent patch/DLC bundle, and I get a check box at the beginning of the game for DLC 15 which I check when starting a new game. Is there something else I need to download?
  25. Hello there, I purchased Academagia a couple months ago and it has really sucked me in! I've played a character through every college now and I'm still having a great time playing it. I'm really pleased to see how often your team provides updates and DLC and it seems like you really listen to suggestions so I'm going to provide a bunch. I'm afraid I couldn't make it through all 119 pages here so I'm sorry if these are repeats. 1. Familiars are too hard to use. They are cute and their adventures are fun, but it takes SO long to make them at all useful or even to get them through their adventures. You basically need to be taking Zoology for Improved Familiar Handling AND study Numerology for the action to improve their Bond quickly because otherwise there is just no way to make them useful before school's out, AND you need either high Revision or Animal Husbandry 10 to get them through the skill checks on their adventures. It's probably too late to fix for Year 1, but please make it easier in Year 2! Either make Improved Familiar Handling available to everyone much more easily (perhaps at Familiar Kinship 5 or so?), or make it so that you don't need to train the Bond skills before you can train their other skills--as in, the Bond skills would still exist and provide bonuses, but not be the prerequisites to other skills that will add to yours. Also, I don't think Familiar improvements should be tied to Zoology and Animal Husbandry when not all of them are animals. Feels silly to study birds and mammals when your Familiar is a shadow! 2. Please make the attribute checks on adventures more transparent. As in, not just (Observation) but (Observation/Insight) or (Observation/Intelligence) would appear next to a check. There is no way for me to know for sure what Attribute is going to help me to buff for a hard skill check, making all of the spells and locations which buff attributes mostly useless except for Cleanse and Remake and the Champion's Room, which buff them all. 3. Similarly, is there any way to make it so that there is less save-scumming required to know what skills to build for adventures? I mean that you see an Adventure stage is red or purple, but there is no way to know which skills it wants to check unless you actually pick it and attempt it (and fail, and have to either save-scum or lose a precious, valuable time slot)(and sometimes a failure ends the adventure, so save-scumming is the only option besides bitter tears!). Rarely, an adventure stage name will have a useful tip, like one of Corradin d'Alfi's Adventure stages is called "Intimidation techniques" or some such, and sure enough it checks Intimidation. That was very useful to know beforehand. 4. There are SO many buffing spells in this game, but I never use any of them except the ones which boost one skill 5-6 steps (Mathematical Acuity, Intense Focus, From Novice to Master, Law of the Circular) or the ones which stay on basically forever (Sparkling Fields). The spells which boost a variety of skills 1-2 points each are just not worth it because you will essentially never be in a situation where that is worth spending a time slot on. Adventure stages almost always just need you to power through with one really high skill check. These other more general buffing spells might become useful if there were more combat in the game, as would the huge number of hostile spells which I also never use because it is so much better to befriend a bully than to antagonize them. I see that there were originally meant to be monster encounters in the game; that sounds like fun, and a way to use all these currently useless spells! Perhaps for year 2? 5. The Merit Race is basically the "Instant, Undeserved Reward for Picking Vernin (or rarely Morvidus or Aranaz) Race." Maybe there could be some way of making it fairer for smaller colleges. 6. Lastly, I have perfect vision and yet I find the UI rather small and cramped and hard to read. I have found I can change the text size for certain parts of the UI but not all of it. Perhaps in Year 2, an easier-to-read design for a game which is essentially all about reading? Thanks a lot for listening and for the great game.
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