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  1. Umm, so since the LP is in full swing and everything, can I relay to the team some of the questions people on the forums have asked? Specifically, these two--- 1.) This was pointed out during the part where Sadie is looking for Alexander the Great's Tomb in Egypt, and manages to keep up with Rashad because of his hair. 2.) Are there any "official" explanations? EDIT: Your game managed to catch the eye of an actual archaeologist-in-training!
  2. IT HAS BEGUN Oh, and Mr. Mummy is winning by a landslide. The Dream of Family route and the Roland route are tied for second place as I type this. (it may or may not change in a few hours) Thanks again to everybody in the team for giving us 1931: Scheherazade at the Library of Pergamum, and I hope you aren't too disappointed by my lack of humor and flair in the LP! (But then again, I would rather show people how hilarious the game's writing can be, instead )
  3. There are certain decision making points in the game that directly influence your Relationship Points with other characters. I have no problem with those. But there are also quite a few decision-making points that, instead of affecting Relationship Points, seem to... accomplish nothing at all. I am referring to the points that give you at least three different ways of reacting, or approaching a situation. Something like, ---- (an event like this:) "Your love interest is hitting on you after ignoring you for so long." (the choices you get are:) -I don't notice at all. (Serious option) -Encourage his advances. (Flirty option) -Ha. Ha. Ha. How ironic. (Sarcastic option) (...and once you make your choice, the dialogue that follows hardly changes/doesn't change at all. nothing indicates anything has changed.) ---- Could somebody clarify if these kinds of choices make a serious impact on gameplay, and if so, how? Let's say if I kept choosing the "Sarcastic" options, or something. Would I end up changing Sadie's personality? Are there any penalties for only choosing one, or for trying to balance it all?
  4. A "Let's Play" is a walkthrough of a game, with commentary. So basically, I'd be making screenshots of the game and putting in my two cents as I go along, kind of like a journal of my gaming experiences that everybody can see. I bought 1931: Scheherazade, played it, and loved it! And I want to show other people! I promise not to show TOO much -- just enough to get other players interested in getting this game as well (advertising hehehe). But since this game costs $$$, i thought it was only fair if I got an "OK" first from the creators. I respectfully ask permission to do a LP of 1931: Scheherazade. (And hopefully I can LP a route or two ) I understand if the team says "no".
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