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  1. The update seems to have fixed it nicely, thank you!
  2. I've restarted it several times with no change. The version is v0.63.3.0 and I'm running Windows 7. Thanks for your quick help! vvvWell both other numbers are variations on 1.0. I rather thought that the download link for the main game would be the most comprehensive version, but if not, should the standard update/patching routine work?
  3. So I'm new to the game, just got it yesterday, I'm sure you know how the story goes. All in all I'm enjoying it, but I'm stuck rather profoundly on a certain point. When I'm trying to choose a location to do anything, Studying, training, what have you, I can't scroll the location selector. Clicking the scroll buttons doesn't do anything, nor does arrow keys. If I try to select a location in hopes of using arrow keys to navigate from there, it just chooses it and closes the menu. I can't even get out of the "a" section! Please help.
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