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  1. Academagia The Making of Mages came to steam and that removed my copy of the game and I RAAAAGED.... For 3-7 sec, then it hit me. I can now "kickstart" a game that have given me more fun and headhurts then most civ, x-com and space station 13 games ever did. Ill just buy it again. Well I know steam steals a bit from BCS, but hey it looks good in their books. Its not many games that I have owned for this long that I would even think about buying again if it somehow got removed from my collection. Yay Arc. Now for the salt harvest... Year 2\removing my copy\ y2\nice devs, mods and power users on the forums... ehhh or was that not a salt topic? Well whatevaaa, thnx all and keep up the good work. And If you do Kickstart y2 give me a yell. I want in on that action too
  2. Hello I got the game a long time ago and have been playing it now and again but I never registerd on the forum untill now. I see alot of content that you have made that isnt in my game. I have my copy on gamestop and it updated the game the last time 2011-10-17 version 1.605.018 And if my eyes are not lying to me you have made much more content after that date, or am I wrong in this? I love your game and it is one of a few games I played nonstop to the end the first time I played it I have downloaded the Academagia_Consolidated_Patch_012613 file and my questions are, will it work with my gamestop copy and will the gamestop client let me start the game with this patch in place? Cant wait for y2 and thnx for all the hours of fun I have had and will have with your game.
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