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  1. how do u know which phemes will activate which skills? ><
  2. A friend installed it for me while fixing my computer... and I opened it to check what games he installed. Now I can't get anything done until I finish it.
  3. Okay several newbie questions: 1 ) Duelling -- My character has a -10 with Phillpe which is quite annoying, so I decided to duel him. My character has maxed out study levels in all her 6 classes and her training levels for incantation, glamor, rhetoric, athletics are fairly high. So I declared vendetta on him, and I have to choose one of the 3 options (Which I've no idea what's the difference). I duelled him, and after saluting, suddenly I lost the fight. ?_? What happened? No matter how many times I reloaded and tried to figure how duelling works, I just kept losing. The only difference was how long it took me to lose. a ) What affects the spells u can cast? b ) Is it possible to use ANY spells that do actual damage (like punch does)? c ) If so what should I do to get it to work. d ) What should I train to actually win? e ) Do familiar actually get to do anything besides defend? (I only trained the bond and after that 3 to revision) 2 ) Training levels -- Would it be better to focus to max 1 subclass (E.g Voice from Music) or get them all the same level? Suggestions (Probably wrong section to put this under, but since I'm airing my questions I might as well put in my suggestions D= ) Duelling - Explain what the difference all 3 options (Wound, Quietus and First Blood). I know what it means in real life, but I meant ingame. What difference does it do to the duelling tactics...? >_< Do you get what I'm trying to say? Duelling - Have the explanation for each Phemes when casting it like they do in non-duelling mode. Calender - Dates on each day please, so there is no need to count to figure which day is which. Exams - Is it possible to put which exam is it exactly like "Incantation exam" instead of just "Exam" @_@ I casted the wrong spells for the wrong exam cause I counted wrongly!
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