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  1. It's September 2016 I apparently registered in 2011, had some PM-s with Legate over the years, lurked mostly, worried about Year 2, now I finally reached the point where I stopped caring, I give up and don't believe Year 2-5 will ever come out. I just wanted to tell this, I don't know if I will ever return and log in again. Thank you all for the support, Legate especially, and farewell.
  2. ethics? shouldn't it be rather character or something from dialectic, which may even gain you some useful information lured out of them as response? also, consider an option for flawless timing / playfulness to do more than just play along, and actually turn the tables on them so they are left shocked and you benefit in stress loss and improvement of ft/p just some suggestions you may want to consider, the investigation would also be a good idea to use for getting randomly character info aon a second year student (if we would actually have any facts about them at this time), otherwise I find your idea interesting, although the NPC lies I do think are too obviously blatant to be effective I like Monty so a few not totally obvious hints at those stories are interesting, just keep away from the "hungarian phrasebook" theme or I will have to turn you into a rabbit, not a white one doh
  3. It is your idea and event, do as you wish, I myself prefer lurking and discussing stuff in PM-s anyway, I am just a bit more active now on forums for awhile thats all, take my advice with "a grain of salt" as you english speakers tend to say.
  4. I believe it isn't necessary, but there should be a relationship of atleast 3 be between player and Olivia however, also, an additional option should be there to manipulate the situation so that the player improves relationship with one of those two, while lowering the relationship in between them, the more "interventionalist" stance in the event where the player's character itself is interested in one of the NPC-s as romance option, or just has a dark enough personality to mess up Olivia's chances just for fun if done perfectly at the result perhaps both npc-s would be thinking you helped them while you only did things at your own motivation for your own goals
  5. Who did you meant to write for the Hedi there?
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