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  1. Yes, I had seen that, thanks.
  2. Looking at the 3 most recent editors, Rhialto and the other one who's red have nothing written on their profile page while the third does so I think that might be the key. Draigh hasn't posted here in years but he visited the forum recently It might be time to start the adoption process then...
  3. @Rhialto Do you still need help? @MetisFrom what I remember when I first signed up, the red text is because there's nothing on the talk page. I've had a Wikipedia account for years but because no one (including me) has written on my talk page, my username is still red. Wikia does the same thing as it likes to pretend it's like Wikipedia. I've come across some other wikis before like Wikidot, but from what I understand they all have their issues. I hate Wikia in a lot of ways, the biggest being the search engine, but seems better the devil you know... I've been pretty scarce in contributing lately, but I would like to do more again, cleaning up what's already in the wiki rather than adding more (I am so not up for going through ModTools to add Adventures again). We gotta get it spiffy as we might only have a few years left until Year 2 @Draigh, could you make some people admins? It could get the wiki a little more streamlined. With multiple admins one is bound to check on things sooner or later. And an admin can spruce up the css and layouts. A little color and background would do wonders
  4. Saying "it sounds like a spam" doesn't mean it can't be spam. Go spam your cheating homework site somewhere else. BCS doesn't deserve your BS.

  5. Creme's is the older version, not the 1.1 update. Too bad as I didn't want all the cheat abilities/actions.
  6. Ooo, I was wondering this myself. Good question, Albert. And good answer, MadHatt Maybe I'll work on those adventures on the Wiki next week to see the differences in immediate benefits...
  7. Yeah, I know the end is nigh but I thought I'd bring it up anyway. Having an idea of the balance is good to keep in mind for Year 2 as well. Maybe Avila should have the most adventures Y2
  8. # of College-only Adventures Morvidus - 8 Hedi -7 Vernin - 6 Durand - 6 Aranaz - 5 Godina - 5 Avila - 4 Poor Avila has even less than 4 since they're gender-based. 1 regular, 2 female, and 1 male (since the first leads into the second they're really just one long adventure). Morvidus has a bunch which is great for them but there are already 3 adventures for Zoology and 2 for Revision (I'm not saying to take them away though, don't take them away!). But Avila needs more and so do Godina and Aranaz to balance out. And for classes, there are 21 adventures for 17 classes. But there are no adventures for Arithmetic, Athletics, Enchant, Geometry, Incantation, or Rhetoric class. Granted, some of these are probably not very popular electives but that's all the more reason to give good benefits to taking them! Also Negation, Dialectic, and Calligraphy only have 1 adventure and only the former is actually exciting... in my opinion anyway Soooooo I guess I just wanted to point that out to TPTB and modders. Keep it in mind? If I ever finish adding adventures to the wiki, I might try writing one... but that's a big if
  9. blondetiger


    ......... Well I feel stupid. And holy moly, Numerology goes to 13? With two attribute gains? I think I just decided between Avila and Morvidus for my next game.
  10. Oooooooo, that would be cool! And ego-inflating
  11. You're welcome I'm pretty annoyed I raised about a dozen levels in Astrology Subskills but I still haven't been informed of Numerology. (Edit: and now I've been informed that Numerology is The Everard Equation which I totally have and why doesn't the wiki mention that anywhere?) Of course, I no longer need it as I raised my Bond to 10... but I probably should have done my familiar adventure first because that raises bond too... Next time, I'm playing Avila. Or maybe Morvidus, I've never played Morvidus... but Avila has such pretty colors and I am a sucker for Astrology. Oh hey, I'm adding a few familiar adventures to the wiki. Does anyone have any requests? I have the other Hawk adventure to write and then I'll probably do Hedgehog and Owl and clean-up Cat.
  12. I agree with Hdghg, it really depends on what you want to accomplish. Maxing skills and raising attributes to 15-20 are two separate things and how you optimally accomplish them might be slightly different. Adventure is a great way for both but I still consider Sphinx to be a powerhouse because a good chunk of adventures don't give you 3 Skillsteps in a single action. And not all adventures have attributes or a really awesome item anyway. I think it comes down to breaking optimization or tips or a guide into chunks. We can start with a Character Creation guide where we suggest to never put points into attributes, only into background that raises attributes. We can write about the benefits and costs of Black Sheep and Deed Negated. We can suggest that Life of Avarice gives you an extra attribute on top of the Finesse attribute if you do a short, single action adventure (A Hot Time) which seems to me to be worth a shot at Fitness, Finesse (Elemental Warrior), or Strength plus a wand over Temperance level 11's Charm which you have to spend a lot more action points to raise anyway... Maybe some info on the classes should be under CC as well. Which come up in adventures a lot, which are easier to raise yourself compared to other course subjects, which have the best bonuses and abilities, which might need a couple extra training actions outside of class time because they're so difficult, etc. Now a chart on adventures could/should have # of actions (to succeed all the way to the end as is listed on the wiki) unlock requirements # of Skill Steps & Skill Levels (not all listed, but the highest # possible to gain) # of attributes (same as above, only a few adventures give 2) other bonuses: items, relationships, abilities, locations a difficulty rating of easy, medium, hard based on skill roll levels overall so players have an idea if they can do that early on or not maybe a quality rating too, Leon? "worthless, okay, good, great, awesome" based on the previous six Problem is there are a lot of adventures. There are 197 adventures listed on the wiki including some of the student adventures, all of the college adventures, and none of the familiar adventures (because I listed them in the subcategory only). If I was to do a chart, I would be reluctant to add familiar adventures since they're limited. Maybe the college adventures too. Actually, maybe we could have 2 more charts for these to help people decide during CC (one for familiar adventures, one for college adventures). Student adventures aren't usually either-or though. But at 28 and counting... there are 83 students and at least a few of them unlock more than one adventure so that's still 200+ adventures! I think a chart will have to wait until the adventures are all added though... now I'm feeling overwhelmed. Anyway, a guide to training skills from the start would be helpful. I did totally max out Courage halfway through... also Concentration maxed really early with the Library of Longshade (if I'm remembering the right one) so knowing which skills get raised in adventures really easily would be good. And which ones never get raised is helpful too so I can work on those if I want to. Knowing the early ability bumps as Svinik suggests, without having to check out the separate attribute pages, would be fantastic. So to recap: Adventure Chart(s) Character Creation Guide Training Guide Now I'm running away
  13. It's been written elsewhere that attributes only need to be at 5 or 6 to train a skill with the least Skill Steps possible (up to level 10 at least). So after that, higher attributes aren't needed except for rolls (and if you're scumming...). On my current game I trained to get Cleanse and Remake early on but I've ended up not using it at all. The skills I wanted to raise to high levels already had the necessary attributes (except for maybe class skills but I've ended up maxing out on 80% of those halfway through the year...). I think I'll skip Cleanse and Remake on my next game. I'm not one for using the spells a lot anyway.
  14. This is a great idea. And it would be fantastic as a guide or guides on the Wiki For Step 2 B, there is a random date range for each Class Skill so it's not the same date game to game. The date may set at the start of the game though... For Quests, the Wiki doesn't have details on all of them (we'll get there) but there are still several sorted into categories. There's the continuous category for the single action adventures and categories for the 7 different attributes as well as Glory. There's also Mikka's Adventure Guide for a general overview, but a guide on quality would be great! C: There's a chart for Research Topics Bonus at Skill 10. A chart for all the Skills' and Parent Skills' levels 10 and 11 might be handy too. The attribute pages do list bonuses from Skill Levels, abilities, and Research Levels (like Charm here). I'm not sure I have anything to contribute to this thread at the moment (I've got some familiar adventures to format) but whatever comes up could be added to the Guides section on the Wiki. Pleeeeeease
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