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  1. The Familiar's Gift Spell does exactly what it says: temporarily raises your Familiar's attributes. The Familiar Pheme increases (as in temporarily) your familiar's Awareness and... Courage I think. I already had the pheme when I was leveling up Field Medicine to get the Blood and Empower phemes so I have no idea how I got it. I'm looking through my history right now to see if I can find details... (Edit: I'm 3/4 through the game but I got the pheme before I got the spell so it was probably half a game ago, not gonna find it) The Familiar's Gift is handy when you're trying to raise the Bond and your familiar has Intelligence, Luck, or Fitness at 1. It's a little less handy at level 6 as it still takes 2-3 steps with the spell. At level 8 you can use Lend Fitness (Iron), Lend Intelligence (Silver), or Lend Luck (Stars) and it will only take 1 Skill Steps to level up (so 2 SSs to hit maximum and expand your familiar's attributes) (Edit: this may not be as handy for you as it has been for me since I have Hector Per Vittoria in my clique with Bond+3...). The Familiar's Gift is probably obsolete by level 8 as you can focus on training hard Skills of one particular attribute at a time much faster at the high levels. You can take a look at the very brief Familiar Guide on the wiki and use Explore with Your Familiar and Go Outside the Fences until you get Familiar's Gift or Improved Familiar Handling or Calculate the Familiar Equation (if you're studying Astrology; Numerology hasn't popped up for me after using a Random Astrology Skill Expanding Action like 30 freaking times...). Keep in mind that The Familiar's Gift Spell only helps the familiar. The player benefits from the addition of the familiar's Skills and Subskills during rolls, but not from the familiar's attributes. So increasing your Snake's strength is only helpful for familiar training or a familiar adventure. Personally, I think Improved Familiar Handling is the handiest
  2. Two days? Okay, I've tested it out (briefly cause I'm lazy and wanna work on the Wiki or play the game now). I picked my game's most recent Thursday where 2 classes gave me a SkillStep to Properties of Arithmetic and Palettes. So I reloaded to the morning of Wednesday 3 times (Wednesday didn't give me SS originally anyway). All 3 reloads gave me both Thursday Skillsteps. Then I loaded to Tuesday 2 times and Wednesday and Thursday class results were the same. Did Monday twice, took note of the Revision Spells SkillStep from a Random Event... and Thursday's before and afters were the same again. Now if I tested a day without SS originally and it kept turning up SS empty, it would be pretty useless evidence for or against randomness (most of my Class skills are maxed right now anyway). But I assume that getting a Skillstep is less likely than not getting a Skillstep. It just depends on the equations/mechanics used. A range of 5 days could have a 50-50 chance of getting the skill on each of the first four days, except for the fifth day where it's automatic because it's the last possibility (I have no idea if that's even possible within game mechanics so I'm just throwing out stuff here). Or day one has a low chance and the chances increase with each day... OR all days have a low and equal chance and you better reload if you didn't get it by the last day... Oooooor the randomness was set somewhere else along the line as I've been wondering. So 2 day reloads affecting Class SS is still possible but doesn't seem very likely to me. And it's bad enough I reload once or twice for about half the days because of classes, Random Events, and the Sphinx; I am not reloading 2-3 days in advance too! It's hard to skip every useless class anyway Thank you for the info nonetheless, Schwarzbart. I will probably test it further in the future
  3. Oh oh question! I have reloaded the same day multiple times and I get the same exact results in classes: it's either the same exact Skill Step levels or none at all. And I saw on another topic that the Constellations a player gets when using... some Astrology Action (I forget) is randomly determined at the start of the game/school year. Soooo... is that the case for Class too? Are Skill Steps randomly set in the calendar at the beginning of a new game? Like can one game have the Accounting SS in Arithmetic class on Veranix 7 and a new game has it on Veranix 10 no matter how often you save and reload on Veranix 1 or 6 or whatever? If it's plus or minus 3 days that's around 5 days the SS can fall on (because of weekends) and 20% isn't too bad a chance to get it. Reloading 20 times is likely to give you the SS if it randomly set for the day, on the day. Reloading 20 times after having gotten the SS and continuing to get the same exact Steps suggests to me it's no longer random. By this point. Is this the case then? Or does it randomly set at the start of a new month? Or at the start of the date range? Or something else besides the start of the day in question because class never changes after reloading. Man, this game is interesting.
  4. I've only looked at about 15% of the adventures so it's the first instance I've come across. Thanks, Legate
  5. Um... so I was editing the adventure "Community Service" on the Wiki and I noticed there was an unused section of the adventure. "Adventure at Percy's 09" has no Continuances linking to it except Exit 5 of "Adventure at Percy's 01a". But Exit 5 has a particular Memory Prerequisite that I could not find anywhere else in the adventure. "Investigation 4" ("Frumpy?") of "Adventure at Percy's 08" seems to be the best fit for the memory. I'm not really sure if this is a mistake or if it was a later decision to drop and just didn't get fully edited out (which I can understand).
  6. I just did "Random Event Student - Cante" and got an unexpected result. I succeeded at the option "Brew. Whip Cante up a counter-potion." and got a decrease in relationship with Cante. I double checked ModTools and that's what it showed. But judging by the text, successfully brewing a counter-potion to cure Cante's blue and green spots so we can go to dinner and have chocolate should have increased our relationship. Chocolate always makes me like people more at least. Then again, maybe it's not a mistake because in Year 2 we find out Cante has a chocolate allergy...
  7. It's a date range? So then in the example above getting the Accounting Subskill Step could happen anywhere from Veranix the 5th to the 11th?
  8. I know this is an old topic, but I was looking for info about class schedules (for what days to skip). I thought for sure someone mentioned that you learn things in class on fixed days. Looking at the Mod Tools, that seems to be the case. For instance, Arithmetic Class has these Class Skills: Accounting (Sub Skill) (Date = "Veranix 8", Variance = 3) Administration (Sub Skill) (Date = "Pramidi 19", Variance = 3) 13 entries/dates of Applications of Arithmetic, etc. So fixed dates but with a chance of 0-3 or 1-3 Subskill Steps. That's what the Variance means, yeah? Not always 3 but up to 3? It's easier to just save and load but MT is a way to check. I wonder if anybody would be interested in this on the Wiki...
  9. @Cyx I wrote Carnage before Tower when I was still trying to understand when the Success and Failure Continuances meant pause, end, and continue. So I'll probably go back and add a couple "End Adventure" and "Select another option" bits where needed. Like on Carnage's Off and Away step, the first option doesn't advance the adventure but let's you select another option. On the Branch and Bolt section of Tower only 1 of 6 options moves you forward, 1 pauses it, and the other 4 increase or decrease Chance of Success or Tactics as opposed to expanding. Do you think adding "Select another option" works for what you're referring to or am I entirely missing your point? Also, each header on the Wiki page has it's own "page" in the game, and only some become an entirely new step/stage you have to select from the Adventure list at a future time (hence the thin black line, maybe I should double it or write New Day). Carnage is one of those adventures you can or rather have to finish in one play as it doesn't have any "pause adventure" options. So if you fail there are no repeats. Tower on the other hand lets you try again and again. @Leoshi Thanks for the support, I really need that luck! I do read manga but I've never read Ushio and Tora. It has more to do with my love of tigers and I liked the sound of it over other translations. Plus my name starts with a T. I used to go by Twilight over a decade ago so it was a good thing I switched @Schwarzbart That is a great suggestion! That is exactly the kind of thing I need to know, thank you
  10. I wouldn't call the ModTool easy. Adventures aren't listed with the same name and good luck finding a random event you've come across. I've used the ModTool for going through a couple Adventures but it's so much easier to see all the options, benefits, and especially the duration on one page. I suspect I'm not the only one who doesn't want to click tabs and boxes 60+ times Plus I know some people don't have or want the ModTool. Thanks for the info though
  11. I downloaded ModTools last week to help me understand the game better and to see which adventures would be best. The Wikia lacks a lot of information, not just on Adventures but on some of the basics as well. And searching for something is just too confusing. I don't always remember what the Parent skill of a Subskill I'm looking for is and when I search for it on Wikia, the parent skill page doesn't show up. Plus, the Subskill pages (Expand, Item, etc) which show up first in the search results, don't always link back to the Subskill/Parent Skill page I've started adding more redirects for the Subskill page so I can find things easier that way (although why there is both that page AND the Alphabetical List of Skills page, I don't know (plus why isn't it just called Skill List so it's under the S's?)). Anyway, I'm not sure if I'll ever get around to adding more links to these deeply nested pages, but I have started on Adventures. I don't like playing adventures over and over so I prefer knowing what option gives what bonus the first time around. But there was no way I was going to start adding adventures to Wikia without some sort of template! I thought an Infobox would be the best way for those who want some basic information to view without reading all the options. You can view the template here. The documentation is long but I didn't want any confusion. Please let me know if you think something should or shouldn't be in the Infobox. I wasn't sure about Roll Levels but some Adventures have much higher roll levels than others and I thought people who didn't want to get spoiled with the options would like an idea of difficulty. I was also unsure about Automatic and Possible Benefits. I thought non-option people would like to know the definite benefits to playing the whole adventure. I could combine both as Benefits if many think that would be better, or I could just list the Automatic benefits. I'm pretty sure every adventure has at least 1 automatic benefit if you play it all the way through. I've already found that there are just too many of both types to list unless the adventure is super duper short, so I've been adding just the big/best ones (like an attribute expansion). So using this template and stealing the format others have used already, I've added four new Adventures this week. I started with a couple super-short and then I added 2 more from the recommendations Lira gave here. You can get an idea of the look from the last one I wrote, The Much-Rumored Tower. I probably won't get to writing anymore until next week and I don't really have an order on which adventure I will do next. I might go back to the A's or I might go back to Lira's post and do Cloud Skies which I have played and Pop Quiz which I haven't. So other than suggestions on the format or content of the Template or the Adventures themselves (and please do suggest), do you have any requests on what Adventure(s) you'd like to see? Btw, I don't know if it's obvious but the black line (---- Wikitext) indicates a Pause or New Step in an Adventure. So Carnage doesn't have one because you can finish the adventure in one day/time slot but The Much-Rumored Tower has 2 lines as there will be 2 breaks in the adventure where you'll have to come back (so it takes 3 days to finish). These pauses are unrelated to the "Pause Adventure" I've placed next to some failures where you'll have to come back and try again like on Across the Fields. Some failures, of course, End the Adventure and I have noted those too but the Pause Adventure lets you come back and try again. Sometimes you have to redo the same option, sometimes you have to go back several options earlier, and I have not noted this on Wikia because I didn't think it mattered all that much... Please tell me the black line's meaning is obvious and I just made this post longer for nothing! Also, I haven't looked much at the other stuff on ModTools because it seems Wikia has Skills and Items pretty covered, but is there anything else that you'd like to see worked on? I probably won't get to it for awhile as there are a lot of Adventures but I might get bored of them (the coding, not the playing). It would be easy to turn to the rest of the site and do major organizing but I don't know what are the most important things to everyone plus some things are already sort of organized, just not in ways I agree with and I don't want to upset Draigh or anyone So thoughts, suggestions, and requests?
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