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  1. Careful with editing Luck. Luck at 100 will trigger a random event every turn. Keep your luck in between 10 and 20.
  2. Found my old Paypal receipt buried deep in my email. Emailed you guys the info.
  3. That per game fee is the big game changer. If they figure out a good price point that doesn't scare off indie devs and manage to deter abhorrent developers... I may never have to lay eyes on another Trump game. Seeing one annoyed me enough to get an emotional response out of me. I'm autistic... My emotional state is normally flat-lined. Hardly any highs unless its something that interests me... Occasional lows. Suicidal depression and panic attacks... But normally... I don't care about anything unless it lines up with my interests. Politics and video games happen to be two of those things.
  4. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-02-10-valve-is-removing-steam-greenlight-this-spring Rumors about Greenlight being shutdown has been circulating for what seems like years now. However, Steam has now confirmed that Greenlight is being shutdown and will be replaced with something called Steam Direct. One of the most important bits in the article happens to be a fee of between $200 to $5000 per game submitted to Steam. It also sounds like Steam plans to use this fee to deter abhorrent games from getting on Steam.
  5. Finally! Now we can get our hands on DLC 17. It's been so long.
  6. I have to ask.... Which one of you is a Kancolle fan? Cause... Wow. I did not expect this coming from you guys. I mean that. I'm shocked. In a good way.
  7. DLC 17! Noooo! Come back!!!... It was so close. So, so close... *whimpers*
  8. I think you guys may have waited too long to submit the game to Steam. I found out from the Choice of Games forum that Steam places some really tight and strict restrictions on small indie developers. For example... You're chances for remaining on Steam depends on your sales number.
  9. I'm reminded of Irontower Studio. I waited almost 13 years for Age of Decadence to be released. The game was continuously being postponed because the developers were amateur, perfectionist people who kept retooling the game until their development cycle was in danger of reaching 15+ years of development time. These guys became something of a joke in the RPG community. They've endured 8-9 years of nonstop criticism. But for the most part the support remained strong because there was actually signs of the game being worked on. The game was eventually released and sold well enough for the developers to continue patching and improving the game. They're now working on small dungeon crawl project. Waiting for AoD tested my patience. Just like Year 2 is testing it now. But I was able to wait for almost 15 years for AoD. I can wait 2-3 more years. My only gripe with BCS is that it takes them a very, very long time to release patches. DLC 16 took awhile to get released and it broke the game because no one was paying attention while packaging it for release. The Team shrugged their shoulders and said wait till DLC 17 for a fix. It's been 2 years now since then. I'm worried how the Steam community is going to take being told to wait 2-3 years for a patch. That's... Not going to endear you guys to the Steam community. We're all rather patient here in the BCS forums. The Steam community, on the other hand, has zero tolerance for this kind of situations. If DLC 17 does release with some issues... I'm hoping you guys are quick to patch the game... Otherwise... You're all just wasting your opportunity being on Steam.
  10. DCid

    Cheat Mod

    Does this cheat mod still work with the latest patch?
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