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    I´m having almost the same issue, except worse. Because on my screen, most outside of the "wood" frame ends up outside of the screen completely. I can get the menus back at least partially by changing screen resolution(just enough to make them work and make the confirm button visible), but doing that every time you set details/confirm for a day, or save/load, it gets very annoying very quickly. Changing to default text size caused the detail menus to be slightly more visible(but almost unreadable instead since the text is then too small) after resetting resolution, but they still end up more or less outside the screen. (and i simply can´t have this computer set to standard size text, as that makes the text of some programs i need completely unreadable) Simple fix, just add a setting that allows menus to be set to appear somewhere in the middle, as all other controls on the screen are locked out anyway while you´re using those menus. Or something... Running WinXP with HD6770 gfx, the game from gamersgate. And AFAIK, game correctly patched(although it was not easy to find which file was the proper one). Oh and BTW, how can i run into a teacher and get detention for being in a tavern i´m not supposed to be in, despite spending the whole day only in my room? Risking detention for something you DO wrong is as it should be, but this event made me go *huh?*. So, how many of the developers played themselves silly on one or more of the Princess Maker games sometime in the ancient past? Oh and edit, first time i ran the game, the "Explore" action didn´t appear at all.
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