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  1. Rhi; "Yes, as long as it stuck to Negation and/or best ways to incant fire on the undead."
  2. Rhi; "1. It's relatively esoteric knowledge, in the sense that only specialized scholars would likely encounter it, but it's not something you'd have to find a forbidden history to know. Any good history of the Avila towers will either mention it, or point the reader to biographies of the Res that would touch upon their travels. 2. Probably not in year one. Sometime in her Academy stay, though, I expect she will. 3. Yes. It's actually a big part of the reason that Gates magic was discouraged around the recently deceased even in the days in it was legal. 4. Yes. 5. It was somewhat dangerous for the stored critters, but not unheard of - if only as a display of magical power. Often the receptacles were caskets or boxes - or sealed amphorae in the very old days - but there were special rings and amulets that served the purpose as well."
  3. Rhi; "The only answer we can give is that it's entirely possible, but there's not a lot of credible, publicly available documentation that would prove links between specific theories/treatises and trans-planar research. Particularly in matters of governance and social organization, where everything modern is intentionally tracked back into a broad haze of "oh, that goes all the way back to the New Gods and/or the early Temples and/or the old days of Mineta." [Redacted] One discipline that does genuinely seem to be informed by Gates experience is what one would broadly call magical architecture. Avila's first great tower (and therefore, indirectly, a lot of the modern Avila and Vernin campuses) is thought to have been based on a deserted structure in an otherworldly wasteland visited in the 320s by the twins Aelia and Aelius Re (or Rep, in some writings)."
  4. Rhi; They haven't yet said, unfortunately. I guess the minimum would be 0, to be precise.
  5. Rhi; Not I. I doubt that they will lay them out before launch, but you never know.
  6. Rhi; If there are, that would certainly be [Redacted], except for in-game sources.
  7. M; 1) Very rare: "Such people are geographically isolated, but certainly have heard of magic from stories. They don't really know what it looks like. There may well be local experience with people who say that they can do magic, like wizards in the old tales - bring rain, etc. - and are either believed or not, but these folks aren't really doing anything an Academy student would consider magically meaningful." 2) "Visiting/exchange students, from inside Elumia and beyond, are indeed a thing. They're usually hosted by a College rather than the Academy itself, and they're generally free to take any class they like (pending successful completion of a qualifying exam) rather than just the line-up of what a "regular" student of their year would usually take. That said, there's no question of them being able to graduate from the Academy, and there aren't really deals where schools around the world reciprocally respect one another's "course credits" or what have you. If a student at the Contu school spends a year taking classes at the Academy as a guest of College Durand, there's no guarantee that any of that effort will count towards earning one's Journeying Papers. The good news is that their home schools generally agree that they aren't truant under this scheme - they won't be expelled for non-attendance, and their places won't be given away - and the kids are often permitted to take some kind of proficiency tests when they get home to get them out of classes that would be pointlessly repetitive."
  8. ramou; HAHAH! I have the *exact* same issue.
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