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  1. Thanks. The Team is focused on other areas of Academagia right now, but I'll toss them the save file. Sounds like some kind of doubling occurred, but I can't see how.
  2. rodman; Ooooh, boy. You'd have to use the Steam client to get the update, and we closed off the upgrades some time ago. You might try reaching out to academagia at gmail.com, maybe they still have some codes left? Never hurts to try.
  3. Jonathan; On the face of it, I think we've only seen this issue when there are competing entries in the DB. If you haven't already, you might try clearing (rebuilding) the cache- this may get you back into your game.
  4. Jonathan; Hey there! Echoing Schwarzbart, are you using only 1 of the official DLC?
  5. Rhi; It's more interesting/complex than a simple list. For your own purpose, just specify the opponent as a name- for now.
  6. It's an internal log we use as a part of our testing; not available for export.
  7. S; No, it shows the same patterns as what we have seen in Y1, but otherwise, no reason for the corruption. They did create a new kind of a log, though, so that might help in further testing.
  8. Rhi; It's a function of how much time they are able to spend on Academagia- I think we'd prefer they spend it on the game vs. a Patreon, although you could argue that after the initial set up, the content for the Patreon *is* a part of the game. I'll certainly mention it.
  9. Rhi; I wouldn't say it falls on deaf ears, exactly, but I don't think anything has changed about their intent with revealing info about Y2.
  10. Hn; I'll send that to the Team.
  11. Aaaaah Hanako, sign me up!
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