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  1. S;

    "Perhaps surprisingly, it's not common.  The magical techniques exist, but due to the difficulties it's the kind of practice that's most commonly identified with cults and secret societies - which is probably a big part of why it didn't catch on elsewhere.

    The attitude in most guilds, to oversimplify things just a bit, is that either people should already know your face or you should carry formal letters of introduction and/or documents of accreditation so that people who don't know you will know exactly who's willing to speak up for you.  It signifies webs of relationships, which can be handy.

    And, yes, that's obviously the sort of thing that can be forged.  Many of the guilds can be a little bit complacent, but that sort of thing is usually resolved by a test of the work of the person's hands, or sometimes by magical detection.

    Now, there are exceptions for guildmasters and the upper echelons - they often carry enchanted symbols of office that are magically distinct (and sometimes quite powerful in their own right) - but your average guild journeyman isn't likely to see one of those, let alone carry its like."

  2. Rhi;

    1) Probably there would be tweaks, but on the surface, no nothing wrong.

    2) In general, as long as there is a logical reason for the power of an Ability, it's not a problem- Academagia is more a slice of life, and crunchy mechanical power is a goal amid many others. Your fellow Players may have some comments, though. :)

    3) No comment. :)

  3. For S:

    "Is/are there holiday in the Academagia setting where gifts attributed to be from a other creature or a already dead holly man. (like saint Niclas, or Easter bunny?)"

    No; the closest approximation is the Wedding Feast, but the gift giving tradition there is from god to god/god to man/man to man without an intercessor. 

  4. Rhi;

    "1. Around Mineta, not so much - though people have seen reflections of birds meeting that description in Ardica Lake when there have seemed to be none in the sky.

    They're reasonably common around other large lakes, though; if you're willing to travel a day or so southwest of the city to Lake Lovico, you stand a pretty good chance of spotting one.  They also sometimes appear in the Admiratio for sale - sometimes impatient wizards looking for unusual familiars take the commercial route - but it's not common and they're usually glamoured and confused when it does.
    2.  In Mineta, the two lines are considered unconnected - though there was a period in the Early Empire when the Imperial House took the phoenix as the central icon in its seal (for reasons now largely obscure).
    3.  Yes.
    4.  I think it's fair to say that its existence is reasonably widely known, but its location and specific nature is not.
    5.  "Reasonably accurate" is fair."
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