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  1. I will pass on both. For #2, the writing forum I think would be fine.
  2. Rhi; Interesting UI problems. Will pass it along!
  3. KayMan; Wow! That makes you a die hard all right. Thank you!
  4. S; No comment on that, but there are indeed hints.
  5. Rhi; You certainly have been nice this year. I'll ask, but I don't think they prepared anything- Lore, maybe.
  6. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, too!
  7. S; Hopefully they will improve? It's 1.0. But I haven't yet tried a game, though, so... we'll see.
  8. Excuse me while I immediately add this to my library.
  9. Rhi; It's difficult to say, but unlikely to be a blanket assumption. Dragons are tricky.
  10. Rhi; "If so, they've been long since buried. Though there may be a story or two in the Restricted section of the Venalicium...."
  11. Rhi; Mmmm, during the School Year, you are of course in the City of Mineta. But during vacation...?
  12. Ah, this is handled more visually in Y2, yeah.
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