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  1. Rhi;

    "The shortest answer is that it's not a totally false reputation. 

    Malkstrang is surrounded, on all its landward sides, by a magical forest that strongly resists invading armies.  Its cliffside face bears the ancient Imperial Wharfs; they don't look as good as they did a thousand years ago, but they're basically indestructible and are very easily defended.  The place is nominally a "free port," which means that it welcomes pirate traffic as long as the guests behave themselves within town limits.

    It's all run, to the extent it is formally run, by a syndicate calling themselves the Jardinieres, who purport to be protecting the people's rich local traditions from an outside world that looks down on them.  It's kind of true, if you set aside their interest in raiding and pillaging.

    That said, the town's reputation for criminality predates the Jardinieres.  It mostly traces back to the early 14th century, when an alliance of Minetan Thieves' Guilds - which had been driven out of the city after a ruinous war with the Ratcatchers' Guild - retreated to Malkstrang to regroup and to found "the Academy of Crime."  They didn't stay there long, and the Academy of Crime (apparently) no longer exists, but it attracted a lot of popular attention and exciting rumors in its day and a lot of that mystique still endures in Mineta.

    And, yes, even now Malkstrang is understood to be a place where people with bounties on their heads can go hide from the rest of the world until the heat dies down."

  2. Rhi;

    There isn't an overall switch that can prevent death, but it is possible to go through the various combats and make it so that death is prevented. There are only a few combats that end in the Player dying.

    But Schwarzbart is correct, it is possible for the Player to die in Y2, albeit rarely.

  3. Rhi;

    "1.  It happens, but usually not at the same scale.  The Sylvan Satyrs have been in this position for probably hundreds of years now, and they fill a unique position in the fey military structure.

    2.  Yes, but usually only in small bands, or as individuals.  In so doing they probably guarantee losing their homes under the hills - and risk irritating their former masters, which is not usually healthy.  Still, some of the great Sylvan heroes have more leeway, and the fairie courts do sometimes value the experience that can be gained from fighting with human companies.

    3.  Fairie nobles tend to be fairly militaristic, but outside of times of full war between the courts they generally organize into clans and don't engage in actions much larger than raids - groups from a dozen or so to a couple of hundred.  In a proper war, the great courts can probably call upon a few thousand fairie knights, lords and ladies at a time: these are generally riders, while much larger numbers of Satyrs serve as infantry.

    And, of course, the magics they command are wild and dangerous; even the Captain wouldn't be eager to throw the Guard against a fairie army, no matter what kind of numerical advantage he seemed to have.

    The issue is that there just aren't that many high fairies at any given time: those thousands available for courtly service are probably the vast majority of the active adult population (though it's hard for mortals to be sure about that kind of thing)."

  4. Rhi;

    Well, I enjoy it all. :)

    From the Team:

    "This is excellent.

    A few quick notes in response: as implied in the original description, the Hanse are a distinct group from the Sylvan Satyrs of the Imperial Reserve - the group that players thus far have been more likely to encounter (and the group for which the Satyric Revelry skill was more or less named).  From the point of view of the Hanse, the Sylvans are probably almost a tragedy - they've abandoned, or been stolen away from, the purer, ancient cultures of their people and become seduced by the decadence of the fairie courts.  The ecstatic worshippers and the inebriates and the stereotypical Satyrs of (relatively) common Minetan experience do actually have more permanent homes, often underground, and generally supply their revelries not with sustained and honest foraging - but with gifts from the fairie courts (or, rather, the fruits of ancient contracts with the courts) and with whatever rewards they can seduce, beg or steal from human travelers.  They fight, they fornicate, they drink, they lead people astray.

    Unsurprisingly, their habits have a way of shading the reputation of the Hanse as well.

    In practice what they've done is assimilate, at least partially, with cultures deeper in the "fey umbrella."  They're essentially reliable, mortal armies for the fairie courts in exchange for all the gifts they receive, but they're rarely called to serve in any battle human communities see.

    One other part of that assimilation: they seem to have precisely no interest in returning to the surface of Cyve, and though they do trade with the Hanse they tend to look down on their cousins as being joyless and hopelessly mundane."

  5. Rhi;

    "1)  So, is there a system through which people can get licenses to use or sell indigo rose water? How difficult is such a license to get?

    You could petition the Captain and the Guard for a license, but you'd have to make an extraordinarily good case for yourself - and you'd have to be very honest and open about your sources.

    2)  Is there in Mineta at least one place with arrangements congenial to sensitive business meetings or the like can occur? I ask because I have a great idea for using such a place in an adventure for the game.

    How euphemistically do you mean "sensitive business meetings" - the first thing our minds leap to is Thieves Guild sorts interrogating hostages. ;) 

    However you mean it there are definitely places in Mineta that would suit.  A number of guilds maintain and rent out palazzos for commercial meetings, and aristocrats with vested interests in big deals will often make their own properties (if not necessarily their primary residences) available as well.  The most prestigious is the Palazzo Verde (because the walls are lined with magical jade), which is owned, operated, and available for lease by the Bank of Mineta.

    Other significant business meetings take places at certain warehouses near the docks - places specifically designed with conference rooms and sleeping quarters for what we might today call international business travelers.

    Smaller meetings tend to take place in inns or taverns with private or semi-private dining rooms that can be hired out.

    3)  Are Shirabyōshi (female entertainers who perform while dressed as men) active in Miya's homeland?

    Miya or a family member might have seen something similar in their travels."

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