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  1. Laclongguan; I do not think we will move it over to the left (because it would not have a category specific to it), but we do plan to allow you to collapse them (and probably move them below Locations.)
  2. Emperor N; Actually, almost all of these are Random Events already in the game. Definitely, they could make great Adventures, though.
  3. Laclongguan; The most important factor is your Research Skill in correlation with the actual difficulty of the subject being Researched. I've just reviewed that Topic, and I do not see anything that leads me to believe you should have that kind of difficulty in succeeding. I will need to investigate this with our coding team. Thanks! Edit: I had no problems raising my level in this Research Skill all the way to 10. Just to confirm: in this game, is it a new game, or an old game that you patched up to Patch 2?
  4. Reibear; Thanks for the comments. There are some good suggestions here. I am not sure if we will be able to revamp Backgrounds prior to Year 2, but a sense of progression (and ending) would be good to have. We'll try to have a little more intuitive explanation for the two buttons- perhaps the appearance of text around it, when you mouse over? I like the idea of being able to click on the Holidays to see an explanation- I'll see what we can do. I hope you continue to play the game, and hopefully continue to enjoy it! Thanks again.
  5. nightguard; Another Academagian previously brought that one up- it's on the list for Content Patch 1. It's presently a Passive Ability.
  6. Jeff; Can you clarify what you mean by the 'second skill selection drop down'? I am making the assumption you mean the Confirmation Window (where you choose, for instance, which Skill you want to Train.) If so, I do not see this behavior in a new game- is your game one that was patched up? Thanks!
  7. Emperor Norton; I just checked Gift, and I found that it's not linked. Curious- I need to see if that was intended for some reason. Thanks!
  8. Pheelon; Much appreciated! Please pm me the links to the saves, when you have them.
  9. Emperor Norton; First of all: thank you for suggestions and comments. There are some great ideas here, and it's always good to see a fellow Paradoxian. It's interesting you should mention the time-based Friendship Adventures. Originally, many were designed as such, but the overwhelming feedback was that our testers preferred more control, to less, in the timing of these. There are some friend-related Random Events (and more to come in the DLC, specific to each Character), but the real balance will be struck in Year 2. We *may* do some timed Adventures there. I really like the idea about Student-specific Actions that are overtly time spent. Every Student has a Clique Ability, but it's not quite the same thing. I also love the idea about the Infirmary. That needs some exploration, definitely. Giving Gifts is a quick way to improve Relationships, in answer to your question. In regards to Relationship maintenance, this was another area where our testers came down firmly on the negative. Originally, Relationship did decay, but we pulled it from the design relatively early. We are considering a few ways to add something like this into Year 2, but we're not sure yet what the implementation will be. Personally, I have never been fond of designs which force Rivals, but we'll see when we revisit this section of the design. Academic Rivals (as well as a few other classifications) are definitely in for Year 2, though. Instructors can become difficult to deal with, especially if they do not like you- but it may be worthwhile to expand this out to a complete system. Some Instructor related Adventures are scheduled for the DLC, by the way. Phemes can be added to Spells to provide additional Effects. Some Spells which are referenced in the Lores are not in the game, but are there to hint at future possibilities, or to provide more insight into the world.
  10. Pheelon; Just to clarify- is this a new game, or an old game that you patched up? Another Academagian reported a similar issue, which he was able to clear by saving/reloading. Still, I would like to look at it, if you can pm me a RapidShare link? Thanks!
  11. Mikka; No, not at all. In fact, if anything 35 is the average you would expect for that situation. The lowest you can possibly score on Calligraphy is 25, and the highest would be 100, given your Skill and Study.
  12. Marian; Glad to hear it! If you do come across it again...please let me know.
  13. Emperor Norton; It unfortunately will be at 1.0.0 until at the earliest Monday, when they can update. There's always a delay.
  14. Monrdhil; Are you using Patch 2? Patch 2 should prevent this error. If you are using Patch 2, is it a new game, or one that you patched up? Thanks!
  15. Tiaval; Unfortunately- not a typo. Thanks, we will get this fixed.
  16. Jeff; That is just showing that it inherits the Target. I'll review these Actions, but the chance of Fitness Expansion is fairly low. Still, there may be an issue here. Thanks! Edit: I see the issue. The Chance of Success is (nearly infinitely) low. We'll fix this in Content Patch 1.
  17. Tiavals; Study Mastery: Athletics does have a slight content problem (and will be corrected in CP1). Calligraphy increases your Stress Maximum, and this appear to be working correctly. Thanks!
  18. Jeff; This was removed, as it resulted in (mostly) an accident free year. You must Rest in order to recover your Vitality. We'll get that correct in Content Patch 1- and thanks!
  19. Synel; No- in this particular case it appears to be the result of an awkward Prerequisite. I think we can correct in Content Patch 1, but I will keep you posted. Thanks!
  20. Galactose; No problem- at the moment, it's not very clear about Locations, and we are working through some improvements to the interface and content to make that more apparent. Location Abilities come in two varieties: Active Abilities, which appear under your Ability list, and require the use of a Phase to activate; and Passive Abilities, whose Abilities are triggered when you select its Location as a Preparation Location on the Action Confirmation Window. When you look at a Location, any Passive Abilities it has are marked in grey. Hope this helps, for now!
  21. Shoefaerie; Shin is correct- See this link to show you how to turn Hidden Folders on: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows...ow-hidden-files ...we plan to make saves appear in the Academagia directory in the future, if we can do it seamlessly. The current path is not intuitive.
  22. House; We are in agreement with you on that- if only because it makes it easier for the Player to organize. That said, I do not know if we will be able to get that into Content Patch 1. It may have to wait until Content Patch 2, in October.
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