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  1. Housellama; Thanks for the note on Study Mastery- that will be corrected in CP1. Although Stress is technically unbounded, your Stress Maximum is how much Stress you can tolerate before you are at risk of falling Ill.
  2. Schwarzbart; I understand the feedback- it's nice to have a review screen for the end of the year. I think you will like what you see at the beginning of Year 2.
  3. Thank you very much! These will all be handled in CP1.
  4. Tiavals; Don't feel bad- it's not obvious in the least. If we can do it in a way which is seamless to the user, we'll switch where saves go soon.
  5. Tiavals; No, it should not- the problem, I suspect, is that the 'AppData' folder is hidden from you. If you follow these steps: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/h...iddenfiles.mspx ...you should be able to see the folder. ...this definitely adds weight to the suggestion that saves be housed in the Academagia directory, that's for sure.
  6. Tiavals; You can see the game's version if you hit F12, but you need a larger resolution to view it. Your client should be at: 1.0.2 There is also the possibility that there is a bug with the Item itself. I will test it, thanks! Edit: I see the issue. This will be corrected in CP1.
  7. Famble; The Bouquet correctly removes, it seems, when you begin a new game. Old saves evidently will not remove it.
  8. Tiavals; No, the patch update from Impulse will come this week, but it will be the same as what you have downloaded here. If you have identified the Book via Consult the Artifact Registry, then it is Informed, and you should be able to use the Book's Ability if it is in your Knapsack. The only question I have remaining would be- did you Consult the Artifact Registry before or after Patch 2?
  9. Famble; The first two need to be revised, thank you. The third is a Passive Location and only applies those bonuses to you when you set it as your Preparation Location on the Confirmation Window. Any Action you set with that Location will have those bonuses. Thanks again!
  10. Tiavals; That should not be, assuming you are using Patch 2. By chance, is the Book Informed? It must be Informed in order to use it.
  11. Famble; Odd- bouquet should go. I will investigate, thanks! Thanks for Reverse Engineer- that will be Content Patch 1.
  12. Tiavals; Thanks! I reviewed the Ability, but I see nothing obviously incorrect with it. I will test it and determine the problem. The path on XP would be: My Computer -> C:\ -> Documents & Settings -> (Your Profile Name) -> AppData -> Academagia
  13. Famble; Please place typos in the Typo thread. Bugs can definitely go in here, though.
  14. Ragbe; You are correct, and fixed in CP1.
  15. Impet; Unfortunately, you are correct- the Ability for which this Raft is a Prerequisite has it incorrectly applied. Thanks for pointing this out.
  16. Famble; Thanks- Ah, this is a known issue. What's happened is that this Book has an incorrect Type set for it (as with most Books.) It can be Used, but it can't be equipped- and it needs to be, in order for you to gain these effects. This will be solved by Content Patch 1. Thanks again!
  17. A Limpet that's lost its 'L', perhaps?
  18. Thanks, Schwarzbart. It appears that the change in how Information was handled (to allow the use of Train Modifier and Expand Durability) had some doubling consequences for in-progress games.
  19. Schwarzbart; Understood. We'll try to understand the problem and resolve it, if possible. Compatibility between Patches...always interesting.
  20. Vegejor; There is no good way to edit these, unfortunately.
  21. Draigh; Difficulty is decided by the Location itself- when you Explore, any Locations which have a Difficulty equal to or less than your Explore Roll are possible for you to find. Research requires a blanket number of 'Research Points', usually 10, to reach the next level. The amount of points you accrue is determined by your Research Roll. Edit: There is no way to focus your Exploration, although that is a previous suggestion. In Year 2 there is a system similar to that, though.
  22. Draigh; Explore is the Explore Skill + Luck, I believe. Research is Research Skill + Insight.
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