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  1. Impet; Alright, please bundle your latest save in which you can improbably succeed at the reds and purples and pm it to me, please. I hate to detract from your success, but it must go. Edit: The game is testing the Roll, it's just that it's overall a Glorious place. That will be dealt with in CP1.
  2. Laclongguan; Thank you. I think we will make the current configuration show more details, if possible. We will try to implement both of these suggestions- thanks again.
  3. Schwarz; Ah, so you would like a 100% chance of having a Random Event upon the use of Serendipity? Alright, I think we can accommodate you. And yes, Impet- Please use the 'x' next to the save game name to delete conveniently from the game.
  4. Vegejor; The problem is not just the size of the file, but also how mods are created. I think we will put the Tools out in September, right after Content Patch 1, or in early October.
  5. Kipper; No, you aren't doing anything wrong- several of the Students begin the game with better Attributes than you, and there are ways that they (and you) can increase them throughout the school year. Vegejor; There are several possible reasons you have gained Detention: 1) You frequently skip class (or Detention itself!) 2) Your Encumbrance or Concealability is very high 3) Your Relationships with the Instructors is negative 4) Another Student is trying to get you into trouble 5) You frequently set Preparation Locations with a high Chance of Discovery 6) You have had certain Random Events which have given it to you. If you are at Hall Sessions, I would avoid skipping class and using preparation Locations until you test out of them. Tiavals; Spellcasting: 1. Spell Descriptions are already updated in Content Patch 1 (releasing in September.) We are working in stages to get to a method to better sort Phemes, however. 2. Correct. 3. It depends on the Pheme (and should say in its Description), but usually will affect your Target. 4. Numbers will appear in Content Patch 1, in the reviewed Spell Descriptions. Also, we intend to color-code the Spells for you as well. Student relations: 5. If that's your kind of Character, definitely. Each of those Actions does something nasty to them, which could further your goals in a variety of ways. Some of them enable to you to steal their Money, or have other beneficial effects for you. 6. In Year 2 there are goals for your Clique- but no personal goals apart from the ones you make. We prefer to leave the goal making to you. Questions about the second(and further) years: 7. Not quite- as you will see your current Skills will be unchanged, and will provide building blocks for new Skills. The Skills you have now will still exist (and still be usable), but will also determine how quickly you can learn the second year Skills, as well as what those Maximums are. Attribute important generally diminishes (except in physical activities) as the years go along. 7.a 1-2. We have already begun work on the design document. Questions regarding familiars: 8. Their statistics affect their rate of learning, and Bond's primary function is to determine their Skill Maximums. Artifice: 9. Yes, you are able to, but first you have to have a Recipe which can be made. The easiest way to tell if you can or no is to see if there is an Ingredient list. If there is, you'll have to collect the Ingredients (most found in various shops), and then you can make an Item. Blackmailing: 10. You gain a Bonus to your Action when you choose to use Blackmail against them. Exploration: 11. When you use the Explore Action, there is a check involved, which then Informs you about a Location you've Discovered. Many Locations have Passive Abilities- if you want to benefit from them, you have to set them as your Preparation Location in the Confirmation Window. 11.a Can you let me know the Student in question? I would like to look at that Ability. Thanks!
  6. Schwarzbart; To confirm- this is with a new game, or using an older one? Thanks!
  7. Torolf; For this bug, you will need to adjust your screen resolution so that the text size is 100% (DPI 96). You can do this by right clicking on your desktop and reviewing the settings there. Let me know if this resolves the issue, and thanks!
  8. Famble; It depends on the Book- can you let me know which it is? Normally, if it is an Ability you want to use, you just need to have it in your Knapsack. Thanks!
  9. Thomas; Another person has suggested it, and we plan to try to incorporate their (and your) request. No specific time frame yet, though. Thanks!
  10. Draigh; They are slightly different in that Bonuses are not considered when looking at values which are dependent on the one being modified- so, for instance, if you have a Bonus to a Skill, it will not affect the Parent Skill's value. The Description for Pure Luck is returning Content Patch 1 (along with a few others)- Strength as a Dominant Attribute will also be corrected. Many Sub-Skills can belong to other Parents (Patience, for example), but were placed where they were to give a bit more depth. In Year 2 you will see that many of these become more fluid. Go with the Effect list- Description be corrected. Thanks!
  11. Emperor Norton I; (Great Name!) I would definitely get the Patches here, rather than wait for Impulse, although eventually it will trickle there as well. There is no good way to edit the saves (they are indeed enormous), but once you have access to the Mod Tools it will be easy to build yourself a trainer to do what you like- although even that will take time.
  12. Schwarzbart; I see- can you provide more details on this: is this a new game or an old one that you upgraded? Thanks!
  13. Tiaval; Yes, I would definitely like to see this bug. I will pm you.
  14. Schwarzbart; Interesting. I reviewed it and the reason the Familiar Skills are there is because although you cannot Train the Skills yourself, you are Informed of them. I'll have to think on how we can remove them from that list. My observations also match yours, unfortunately- it appears that reducing the Train Modifier does not translate into less Skill Steps. We'll get this in Patch 3. Thanks!
  15. Schwarzbart; We may have missed a filter for your Familiar- for the Skills which are doubled, can you verify that these are Skills that you Familiar possesses as well? Thanks!
  16. Draigh; This is a comprehensive patch. Thanks for pointing that out, I'll note that.
  17. Everyone; Academagia's Patch 2 has now been released, and the patch notes and file can be found here: http://academagia.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=519 Enjoy!
  18. Schwarzbart; In fact, that was Tricky's suggestion just a bit ago. It will be in Content Patch 1. Thanks!
  19. Antigone; We appreciate your candor. We want to be worthy of your trust (and recommendation!), and we are working our very hardest to get there. In September, I hope that you will be pleased by what you see in Content Patch 1...but don't hold too many typos against us.
  20. Vanan; Good point. I am not sure how much we can shift things around, but we do plan another optimization pass. Hopefully it will yield good results.
  21. Vanan; That would again be telling. Most of the rest are for your fellow Students, and govern how they react to certain situations. There are a few that you can increase- Chance of Sucess, Chance of Failure, as well as a few others.
  22. Schwarzbart; Can you clarify what you mean by Academy and Study Skills? Studying a Skill is not based on any Attribute- it is just a measure of the work you put in. I'm not yet sure what you mean about Academy Skills, though.
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