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  1. Impet; Yes, both are working correctly (although as you note Preparation Locations needs better reporting to help you see it.) For the former, maybe the CoD number can be replaced with 'VR' or an Icon. For the latter, we are working on a few ways to improve this aspect.
  2. Impet; Interestingly, we originally built variation into Exam results- but the feedback on this feature was negative, as our testers wanted to be able to guarantee success, if they worked hard enough. It bears thought. I like the random option, though! That could have very amusing results.
  3. Impet; Hmm- I will look at this one right away, for possible resolution tonight. That's a very useful Ability for certain Skills!
  4. Impet; In this case, it is correct. Some Classes only teach you specific things, and have a narrow focus indeed.
  5. All of the Class events should have prerequisites, although it's possible we missed a few. The weekend problem, however, is one we looked at but could not find a satisfactory solution to- the range of prerequisites we have do not allow the specific removal of days, unfortunately. Weekend sessions, maybe? I'll look at this specific Event Impet mentions, though- thanks!
  6. Knight; Actual Duels in the game are experienced differently, and use the combat system I alluded to when I mentioned monsters. You don't need need a high Dueling Skill to get into one- instead you will need have a low Relationship with a Character, enter into a Vendetta, and then you can select an Adventure which will start the negotiations for it.
  7. Impet; No, not necessarily. If an Instructor that likes you catches you, you'll sometimes be let off without Detention. If you are already in Detention with an Instructor, and they catch you again, there is no further result as well.
  8. Impet; You mean, as in gain the Study bonuses outside your Class? That's a near idea: perhaps you have to apply to the Instructor of that Class to get permission, and then you can effectively take more than 6 Classes. Of course, it's hard to Study additional subjects, Hmmm! A lot of potential here. It's a fun feature, but I think this will more than likely be better suited for Year 2. Great idea, though!
  9. Just like the name says: better Lucky than Friendly.
  10. Impet; The feedback for that is missing- it's an action for Patch 2, if we can squeeze it in. Each time you go to Detention you should be told what you have learned- and yes, it is a range of subjects. Not too wide, but eclectic enough to keep you guessing. It looks like the feedback message for being Reprimanded for trespassing is missing the Instructor- we'll go over these again, so that they do tell you. Thanks!
  11. Impet; If you look in your History on the day you were given Detention, it should tell you which Instructor gave you the Detention. It could be any of the Instructors -not just the ones from your Class- as discipline is everyone's responsibility.
  12. Impet; We could do that in the short term, but I think the real solution has to be something more specific. We'll either handle it by adding in unique text for each Prize, or by allowing more than one prize to be given at a time. It's a good issue to raise now, that's for sure.
  13. Synel; In a game about a magical university, we now affirm: there are few things more important than your education. Thanks!
  14. Impet; Good thought! For this, we are limited by the text template for that feedback (and also the mechanics of Merit itself, which allows only 1 prize to be given). There may be a way to provide better feedback, but we'll have to see on this one.
  15. Impet; Actually, your suggestion about Skills may be the best one. If, below all the present information you are shown about your Skills, you can see in order by the level unlocked all the various perks you have access to because of your level in the Skill, that might solve some of the issues here. We'll look into it.
  16. Impet; There are several Actions (and some Spells, as I recall) which can end Friendships. If the members of a Clique begin to dislike each other, they can also fall apart. Warning: this can happen to you, too.
  17. Knightav; We'll get that Description updated for CP1, thanks!
  18. Mikka; Yes- every Instructor has a Class that they teach, which should also be included in their description, as well as the Class description. I'll edit the first post to get that information to you.
  19. Impet; Thanks! I should look at this in more detail (I will pm you). It's possible to share Cliques under some circumstances, but it should be rare. A larger action here is to look at targeting for Befriend- I agree, it makes sense to have it exclude Students already in a Clique. As to be able to get an invitation- you can! Just do not form one yourself, and it's probable that in time you will be added to a Clique. It's not an invitation- they use Befriend on you just like you use it on them. In regards overall to belonging to more than one Clique, in Year 2 you will be able to belong to a Clique and then also a 'Group', which is made up of Cliques. But by their nature, Cliques are meant to be pretty exclusive. The '0' you mention is their Patrol Bonus. Edit: I see that you misread the information. Alright, good. Some of the social butterflies can do it, but it should be rare.
  20. Emerssso; Something that broad deserves graduate work. Year 6?
  21. Emerssso; It means 'Theory of Arithmetic'. I'll get that change in for CP1.
  22. Mikka; I agree- getting to the point where the information is easy to access in several different ways is the goal of our continual improvement. In regards to the Preparation Locations- it needs to be better marked in some way which Abilities are passive (only applying if you set your Location there), versus the ones you can actually use. After some discussion, we are going to try to solve this in three ways: Firstly, we are going to mark Preparation Locations in the Ability, so that if you read it you will know without guessing (CP1). Secondly, we are going to color them differently (Grey, probably). Finally, we are going to try to put in some kind of roll-over on the Confirmation Window so that you can see what Location is without needing to back out and look under Lores. Exploration should not select Locations you already know about- that needs to be looked into. Some Chance of Discoveries need to be revised, I think- Professor Leith's Back Office has one, but it does not work in the context of what's available to do there. There are several ways in the game already to lower Chance of Discovery, but still the dissonant values should be removed. If nothing else, you should gain Visitation Rights to that place. As for the Lyre- it's not Illegal, but anything bulky can viewed as breaking the dress code. That said: the Lyre is something in line with what students would be expected to have and thus should probably be looked at one more time. Glad to hear you are enjoying it (always success should be dealt by Saturday's build), and please do keep the suggestions coming. Thanks!
  23. Synel; No need- I just discovered the issue. Fixed in Content Patch 1.
  24. Synel; I will pm you- I would like to look at your save game.
  25. Not at all! We'll get this easily referenceable in the game as soon as possible. And hopefully with the Students in each Class, too.
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