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  1. Laclongguan; It isn't added to the score, but instead determines how effective your Skill Level will be. If you have a 10 in Study, your Skill will be 100% effective. If you have less, it's varying degrees.
  2. Famble; Yes. I would *really* like to see this, as I am unable to replicate the problem. I will pm you.
  3. 1) Spell Type determines how Phemes interact. When you add additional Phemes to a Spell or an Enchantment, if they are of Opposition Types, they will cancel each other out. The Magnitude shows how powerfully they will do so. 2) If you cast a base Spell in the Calendar Phase (which already includes all necessary Phemes), it's either automatic or the Roll specified. If you add extra Phemes to that Spell, each additional Pheme increases the difficulty by a certain mount, given in the Pheme's Description- usually 2 or 3. Casting Spells in a Duel is slightly different- you have to add each Pheme to your Palette as required by the Spell. You can add extra Phemes to it as well, if you wish, with the same result to difficulty. 3) Phemes last the same Duration as the Spell it is attached to.
  4. Obvious; Details here are fine. A Roll, at heart, is a random value dependent on your Attribute and a known value based on your Skill. The random portion is equal to a number between 1 and 2x your Attribute. So, if the relevant Attribute is 3, the random portion is 1-6. Your Skill is then directly added to that result, meaning that in our example if the relevant Skill is 5, your 'Roll' could be anything between 6 and 11. There are several other factors involved (and those will remain mysterious for a while yet!), but this is the main part.
  5. Mikka; For your questions: Imperial Palace: Mercantile Society Main Office is 2 Days. Stand and be Pressed: Decreases a random Gossip Sub-Skill Admiratio: Vegetable Market: Both apply, actually. I am not sure why they are divided into two- we'll consolidate in CP1. In regards to your question about the Abilities and Actions- you are right. It will work on any Acting related Abilities and Actions, but would not apply to an Adventure or Random Event. In the case of the Ballroom Main Stage, that actually provides a bonus to the Action: Perform Music: Lyre. That needs to be made more explicit. Thanks!
  6. Schwarzbart; I will pm you for details- you should not able to fail casting this spell unless you are adding additional Phemes or have a significant chance of Failure. Edit: Never mind, we've discovered the problem. This will be addressed in Patch 3.
  7. Rabge; If they do not appear in your list, they are almost guaranteed to be passive Abilities. We will try to squeeze in a feature in Patch 2 (out today) which will color these grey, which will make it clear. If they are passive Abilities, you will need to set your Action's Locations to these in order to gain their benefit (they become your preparation Location).
  8. H; We already have the adventure in process. It will happen on either the first or second day, not sure yet which.
  9. Reiji; Those 3 are Regents of their respective Colleges, and they themselves do not teach any first years. They are around primarily so that you can choose to butter up to them, if you wish. Orso does give Detention, when he feels like it. He's a busy man. Orso like a confident, well-read student, knowledgeable about older forms of magic and able to converse appropriately about them. A good hint?
  10. Impet; The Description here is incorrect- you gain 3 Merits for use, automatically. If you roll higher than 12, you gain an additional 3. We'll get this sorted out in CP1. MR; If you failed it was likely due to a Chance of Failure.
  11. JJ; First, you will need to be Informed about the Item. Next, you need to have the Ingredients (specific Items called for by the Item in its creation). Warning: the Ingredients only appear in Patch 2. Finally, you need to have an Action which allows you to Artifice. Thereafter, you can use the Action to create that Item. The overall Quality and Worth of the Item is dependent on the Artificing and Finishing Skills the recipe calls for, respectively. Warning: Another Academagian reported a crash when Artificing. So far, I cannot replicate their problem. If you see the issue, let me know immediately, and thanks!
  12. Laclongguan; Study improves your scores on Exams, in combination with your Skill. Each one has its own set of small perks, as well.
  13. Draigh; Your sources are correct- it is in the Insects line. Pendant; Exploration is very random (it can't be directed, apart from your Region). Increasing your Explore Skill only increases the range of the Locations you can find.
  14. Legate of Mineta


    Artys; The same bug applies to the Vihuelan Lyre, and will be corrected in the Patch tomorrow. Thanks!
  15. Shin; 1) Artifice is causing a crash? Alright, that's very serious. I will pm you. 2) This can occur when you Increase or Expand the dominant Attribute of the Skill, and is expected. 3) Use Item will be corrected in tomorrow's Patch. 4) We are going for collapsible. Thanks!
  16. Shin; You can find your saves under your Profile, in AppData, Roaming (or Local), and then in the Academagia folder.
  17. Marian; Let us know if you have any feedback on their utility, please.
  18. Night; Interesting- I will look into it. It may be as simple as an incorrect setting on the Ability. Still, if you remember the Location or the Ability name, let me know. Thanks! Hope you get power soon!
  19. Thank you, Emerssso- I just looked, and yes, very first Actor I saw was badly formed. We'll get these. Thanks again!
  20. Coldblood; Thanks for the feedback! We will be continually working to improve the game, the game experience and the UI- and organization is a large part of that. You can glance at the Suggestions & Improvement thread to see some of the ideas we've received to date- one of these is to better improve how Skills are shown to you, as well as some possibilities for filtering. Please feel free to chime in with any suggestions you may have- and glad you enjoy the game!
  21. Mikka; It looks like the main problem here is going to be making Passive Locations more recognizable than Active (you have to use an Ability to Visit them.) Almost all of the ones you mentioned are not in fact Passive, but Active, and give bonuses when you use them. In general the solution here is going to be to give more information about these, so you can easily recognize them. We will try to do this in Content Patch 1 (or maybe one of the Code Patches), but it may be in #2. I went back into the game and I see I was wrong- these two Abilities are in fact 'visit' abilities, and have a Duration of ~5 Days for Ballos and ~6 Days for Godina. Their Descriptions need work. For the other Locations: Academagia: Ballroom Main Stage. This is not a Passive Ability, and lasts 2 Days. Imperial Palace: Mercantile Society Main Office. This is not a Passive Ability, and gives +2 Administration. Hall of the Pages: Correct, +1. The Athletic Fields: -1 Stress. As with Professor Leith, the Abilities you mention give various Passive-like bonuses. Ardica Lake: That is a Passive Ability; simply set your Preparation Location and the bonuses will apply. Merit Abilities: We'll review these in CP1, I think. Glory is indeed a hidden stat. It's also the reason why some players are so successful at impossible Rolls. In regards to Passive Locations not named after their main Location, we agree. In the future, we will try to do this: Passive Abilities will be named after the Location, Active Abilities will not. In regards to telling time: that needs to be standardized, I agree. For Grove of Rocks and Thogrin Sitenka's Study, you can divide those numbers by 6 to determine the number of Days. In this case 3 and ~7. These will be reviewed in CP1 or CP2, towards the end of September or October, respectively. Thank you again for the comments, and please keep them coming.
  22. Schwarzbart; An interesting idea- or at least, some kind of introduction. I'll see what we can do in Content Patch 1.
  23. Legate of Mineta


    Ragbe; Not at all- thank you for the report!
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