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  1. Mikka; I agree- getting to the point where the information is easy to access in several different ways is the goal of our continual improvement. In regards to the Preparation Locations- it needs to be better marked in some way which Abilities are passive (only applying if you set your Location there), versus the ones you can actually use. After some discussion, we are going to try to solve this in three ways: Firstly, we are going to mark Preparation Locations in the Ability, so that if you read it you will know without guessing (CP1). Secondly, we are going to color them differently (Grey, probably). Finally, we are going to try to put in some kind of roll-over on the Confirmation Window so that you can see what Location is without needing to back out and look under Lores. Exploration should not select Locations you already know about- that needs to be looked into. Some Chance of Discoveries need to be revised, I think- Professor Leith's Back Office has one, but it does not work in the context of what's available to do there. There are several ways in the game already to lower Chance of Discovery, but still the dissonant values should be removed. If nothing else, you should gain Visitation Rights to that place. As for the Lyre- it's not Illegal, but anything bulky can viewed as breaking the dress code. That said: the Lyre is something in line with what students would be expected to have and thus should probably be looked at one more time. Glad to hear you are enjoying it (always success should be dealt by Saturday's build), and please do keep the suggestions coming. Thanks!
  2. Synel; No need- I just discovered the issue. Fixed in Content Patch 1.
  3. Synel; I will pm you- I would like to look at your save game.
  4. Not at all! We'll get this easily referenceable in the game as soon as possible. And hopefully with the Students in each Class, too.
  5. Emerssso; It was reported- the issue is that this action incorrectly targets the Player's Bond Skill. Of course...you don't have one. The fix is in for CP1, thanks!
  6. Emerssso; Thanks! Looks like you caught a bad actor- we'll get these fixed in CP1.
  7. Also, for everyone's benefit, I posted up the Classes and their Exam times in advance of Content Patch 1. That's all from my design sheet, so...let me know if there are any inconsistencies.
  8. Antigone; In this case, I am actually pretty sure all these will be done much earlier- but this is a good, conservative schedule, I believe. I will periodically update the Patch Thread, so watch there.
  9. Here are the Classes, their Mid-Term date and their Final date. Coming soon to a Class Description near you in Content Patch 1. Arithmetic Evdokseia Valenta 15 Cheimare 23 Kaliri Astrology Kate Badcrumble 17 Cheimare 16 Kaliri Athletics Leo Massioti 11 Cheimare 26 Kaliri Botany William Vickery 4 Cheimare 24 Kaliri Calligraphy Sixt von Rupprecht 1 Cheimare 10 Kaliri Dialectic Tarvixio Sido 6 Cheimare 15 Kaliri Enchant Matain Leith 19 Cheimare 19 Kaliri Geometry Baldassare Monetario 5 Cheimare 11 Kaliri Glamour Contzel Ringraeyer 9 Cheimare 22 Kaliri Grammar Thibault Pluiete 12 Cheimare 8 Kaliri History Errus Viada 8 Cheimare 17 Kaliri Incantation Marlein Knoht 3 Cheimare 20 Kaliri Music Rieulle Chastellain 18 Cheimare 9 Kaliri Negation Polisena Briardi 10 Cheimare 12 Kaliri Revision Lisle Aventyrare 2 Cheimare 13 Kaliri Rhetoric Violante de Canapiedra 16 Cheimare 18 Kaliri Zoology Regnault Pachait 13 Cheimare 25 Kaliri ...hope this helps!
  10. Antigone; For these, as a rough schedule, I have: 1) Content Patch 1 (by the end of September) 2) I have this scheduled for November. However, I am looking at the possibility of having Skill links in the Feedback in October, which may ultimately satisfy the request. Thanks!
  11. Impet; Yes, regardless of whether we implement a change of default or use the templates I described, we'll need to make sure that Detention and other activities replace what the Player has pre-schedule. Thanks!
  12. @Draigh; You might also try StrategyWiki. They are a good fan-based wiki service. @Werdna; I think we can pitch in- although I am not sure when we'll have time for that task. Give us a month or two to make sure we've got all the kinks worked out, and that Year 2 , content patches, DLC and game improvements are moving forward steadily, and then we can see. Plus, this keeps the mystery alive for just a little longer.
  13. Impet; Excellent work- I was very happy to have this feedback. I like your idea about the Classes, and how that would be presented. I don't think it will be too difficult to add, but we'll see what I can do. Anything that supports players and their evil laughter gets my approval. The Palette idea is an interesting one, although this particular concept is one we will have to reserve for Year 2. In the mean time, what we plan to do is provide you a set of filters that you can use to better sort not just Skills, but also Actions, Abilities, Items, Spells and Phemes. I like the idea of setting the defaults yourself. We can definitely do this with Rest and with the Preparation Location, I think. We are also looking at a user defined method of planning, so you can capture a typical Day (Say: Attend Class, Attend Class, Gossip), map that CTRL+1 and then press ALT+1 or something similar to 'apply' that to another Day. Overall, great comments, and thank you.
  14. On the other hand, we are glad to hear you were playing all night.
  15. ...and bookmarked! It's looking very good. I'm looking forward to seeing how this develops.
  16. Impet; No- it's just one every 5 minutes. It affects me too.
  17. Impet; The Discovery Chance is dependent on other factors, too- it can be raised and lowered. I'll double check, of course. I will pm you for a save. The improbable success issue will be quashed in Patch 2, due this Saturday. I've also sorted out Public Practice Room #4, which will be addressed in Content Patch #1. Thanks!
  18. H; Much appreciated. I've caught the issue with the Monkey Adventure- it's another Hedgehogs can't fly problem. Too bad- that Monkey Adventure is amusing. This will be corrected in Content Patch #1.
  19. Impet; Thanks for the feedback! We are going to be adding a feature as noted above where you can dynamically scale the font. We're going to start with the 'easier' text boxes first -like the main Story Window- but the goal in the end is to make all text accessible in a way that matches your preferences.
  20. Draigh; Definitely! Good luck and have fun.
  21. Draigh; It's not impossible, certainly, but it will be very hard to learn both Gates and Mastery in a single year- leaving aside random sources of the knowledge, I am not sure that you even could! There are enough random ways to get to these, though, that if you spent a year searching I bet you would succeed. There are some interesting things that arise from doing this.
  22. Impet; Yes, although it's esoteric: Select the Gossip Action and choose the Student you are interested in. In the second field, as you browse the Students, you will see their Relationship with the first Student. Note that this only works if you are a Friend of the first Student, or have Information on them. In the future, we'll try to modify the Relationship tab so you can view this information from there.
  23. Impet; You are affected by two bugs related to Items- a fix should be in for tomorrow night, however, and I expect to release Patch 2 on Saturday for exactly this problem.
  24. Draigh; Sounds very useful.
  25. Synel; Pamela is a unique Familiar in that her Adventures pop up spontaneously, and you have no control over when: that is the price you pay for not bringing a properly prepared Familiar to the University! She is pretty interesting, though- perhaps as part of a future DLC we'll expand her a bit, and give another Adventure for her that you can choose to initiate for those that really want to help her out. One clarification, however: In the final stage that Pamela appears, you should have seen three Exits: Walk Away, Passion and Awareness- you saw only one?
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