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  1. Impet; We have the Skills covered in Content Patch #1. For the rest- thank you!
  2. .H.; Thanks for this report. In the first case, I believe what happened to you and emerssso is a bug. In the second case, there may be some missing Titles. We'll make another pass for those to verify. If you do run across it again, please let me know so I can see the issue in detail. Thanks!
  3. Impet; It is yes- the feedback, in general, for your Preparation Locations is not visible. We're working on a few ways on how to make that more visible to you, including your daily summary, though. The Vegetable Market does have a Discovery Chance (of 1), so you are *probably* OK to enjoy the bustle of the market there. You can always check the Discovery Chance by clicking on Lores, and scrolling down to the Location you want to review. In regards to geography, the Academagia is actually (nearly) surrounded by the City of Mineta- one just has to step outside the gates of the University to be in the Upper City. While not technically forbidden by the Instructors, too much wandering around town is frowned upon as Students tend to trouble the cityfolk with sudden bursts of magic, which in turn leads to complaining by the Captain of Mineta and other powers they'd rather be on good terms with. Thanks for the note on Public Practice Room #4. We may need to make some further tests here, unless you have luck of Rosencrantz & Guildenstern.
  4. H; That's curious- I just looked into the Familiar Adventure for the Hedgehog (The Call of a Prophecy), and the continuance is indeed set to 'Hawk'. As for the second part- if you come across any more of these, please let me know. Since each Adventure is written specifically for each kind of a Familiar, that dissonance shouldn't occur. Thanks!
  5. Impet; Good, glad to hear it! I hope you enjoy the game.
  6. Impet; I do not have experience with this particular problem, but a quick search indicates that it may be related to the permissions you have on your profile. If you right-click on the Academagia folder, and go to the Security tab, you'll be able to see the permissions for the various profiles on your computer. I suspect that you'll need full control. Another thing you might try (and this is just a guess)- you could remove the files which are being over written by the patch, saving them somewhere safe for the moment, and then try to move the new files into the directory. It might just be a problem with overwriting, in which case this method (although laborious) should work. Let me know if this solves your issue. UAC can be a pain, no doubt.
  7. Emerssso; Thanks! I see what may be the problem, but I have to test.
  8. Emerssso; I need to look at this in a bit more detail- do you remember what the name of the Adventure was? Thanks!
  9. Reiji Kido; So would I. I can't wait to see what you guys will come up with.
  10. Advanced Class; This could be the result of a bad actor (well, in this case, actress!), but it bears investigation. Thanks! If there's a deeper issue here, we'll try to stamp it out. Edit: Confirmed: this is a bad actor. It will be corrected in the first Content Patch.
  11. James; Yes, the very same ones. Maybe a *slightly* different version to help the players better control the AMO. And, since you were a writer, you already know the logistical problem I am referring to.
  12. We have already begun the writing on the first DLC, but I think we can put some of this feedback to good use. Thanks!
  13. Emerssso; It is backward, definitely. This will be corrected in the first content patch. Thanks!
  14. Welcome to the forums, James! We hope you love it.
  15. Knightav; We definitely want to give the tools out to the community, but as I mentioned there are a few logistical concerns. We'll come up with a solution and pass them out- no ETA yet, though.
  16. Draigh; There is a bug related to Items and their use- we have the fix in, and it should released this weekend (probably Saturday), in Patch 2.
  17. H; A good thought- for Year 2 you will see more cross-pollination of Skills, even in which Sub-Skills belong to which Parent Skills, so I think that will go a long way to reducing the risks of specialization. Thanks!
  18. Obvious; If you are already at 100% (default) then this is a new issue for us. Let's start this way: please email academagia at gmail.com with a screenshot of the inventory phenomenon. In regards to saves, did you send me your log a bit ago? Thanks!
  19. Obvious; I believe that your issue is related to the DPI your computer is set at. If you go the settings of your desktop and change it to 100% text size, this should solve this issue. The save game file is unfortunately known, and stems from an inconsistency in the save games themselves. We've corrected the problem creating the inconsistency in Patch 1a, but we are still checking to see if we can rescue the save games which crash. Let me know if the resolution works, and thanks!
  20. Emerssso; Great. We can quash these in the content patch.
  21. Nepenthe; I will check with our coders, but it sounds like .NET is not installed correctly. I will pm you.
  22. Iskandar; Of course, we disagree somewhat, but...it's healthy to question one's practices. It will be a topic in our next meeting.
  23. Iskandar; It's true, this is an ambitious game. But I think rather than take an ax to some of it, we are going to work on optimization. This is a true role-playing game, and we want the Player to experience choice, and have fun doing so. Presentation may be one impediment, but we think we can overcome it. Thanks!
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