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  1. Evilpoptart; There may be a wider issue here- I will pm you for a save. Thanks!
  2. Iskandar; I agree. We are taking all the comments about feedback and we're going to try to implement as many of them as possible. Thanks for your other post on the Suggestions thread, too.
  3. Legate of Mineta


    Hawkey; I think this would not be a problem to implement, and would be helpful. Thanks, I'll see what I can do.
  4. Evilpoptart; First of all, that's a great name. Secondly- the score you had on your midterm seems suspicious- if your Class Skill and your Study Level were 5 and 5 respectively, the *minimum* you should have gotten would have been 25. Can you look at your game and verify what your Skills and Study Level were for the Exam where you scored an 18? Lastly, Detention. Detention can be difficult to get out of, but even without Training you will escape it slowly, and over time. You should be notified of being granted Detention in all cases, unless you are given it as a result of a Random Event (although that is rare.) Are you skipping Class frequently, by chance?
  5. Werdna; Mostly, you learn about the world and the environment. And, of course, some of them hold clues for the future...
  6. Iskandar; To address your question on Research: Research is mostly Lores, but at the final level (10), there are very nice bonuses- usually a boost to an Attribute or an increase to a Skill Maximum. Research also gives you a bonus to the Skill you are researching in certain rare cases when the Skill is much lower than its corresponding Research Skill.
  7. Werdna; The length of the game will really depend on how much you are reading, strategizing and considering your options. When I am testing something -just clicking through events and making the bare minimum of choices- I can complete a game in about 5 hours. A more normal experience would be about 20 hours. And, for a game in which you are reading everything, plotting your moves and generally delving into the game, it can take over 40 hours. Some of our testers did not complete a game even after 60!
  8. Tom; I'll address the first, since I may be *slightly* biased on the second point. Yes, your computer should be able to run it fine. You will experience slightly longer delays during turn resolution and saving/loading if your processor is not very good, but otherwise you are fine.
  9. Iskandar; Welcome to the forums, and thanks for the comments! a) An interesting idea. Maybe something like: "Patience (Malice) has advanced 1 Skill Step." or something similar? I would like to provide this information too, but this is a bit of a difficult problem. One solution we've discussed is having a roll over on the Phemes. c) We are unlikely to be able to immediately address this, but it's a really good suggestion.
  10. Hawkey; In the Lore tab, you can see all the Locations that you know. If you click on these you can read their Description as well as see their Chance of Discovery and all Abilities they may have (that you meet the Prerequisites for, that is.) Previously, the Location Description did not show.
  11. Everyone; We have had several suggestions about font size, and in particular on how to improve readability for our players who use larger resolutions or just prefer larger size letters. We investigated this last night with our coding team, and the solutions are not straightforward. The most promising solution seems to be to give you, the player, the ability to resize the font dynamically. So, in game, if you find you can't read something, you can press a key and the game's fonts will grow larger. You can also lower the font size, too, if you wish. The problem with this solution is that it will take time to develop: possibly the end of September into the beginning of October, depending on when our team can start. We can improve this time by scaling less of the game's writings, but this may or may not be helpful. I would like to hear from our Players: what sections of the UI do you find hard to read, if any? Thanks!
  12. OK; It's difficult to judge when the sequel will be released. First, we have to complete the new design document. Once that is done, we'll have the new tools built. After this phase the content needs to be created and reviewed- and finally, the game has to be tested. We expect to be able to launch the sequel in less time than it took this one, but Hawkey's estimate is probably correct: ~1-2 years. During this time we will be continually supporting this game with DLC- right up to launch, in fact.
  13. Legate of Mineta


    Harschi; That's correct- you can only access the menu (and thus save) while in the Calendar (day planning) mode.
  14. Elwin; That's an interesting suggestion! We'll consider it, definitely.
  15. Werdna; You can flip forwards (or backwards) in the Calendar to see various events, but the school year covers 10 months: The 9th Month: Athonos (Atho) The 10th Month: Pramidi (Amidi) The 11th Month: Gelamenus (Amenus) The 12th Month: Cheimare (Imare) - Mid Terms The 1st Month: Hionosi (Nosi) The 2nd Month: Nivelos (Velos) The 3rd Month: Aruit (Aru) The 4th Month: Veranix (Vera) The 5th Month: Anedius (Nedius) The 6th Month: Kaliri (Kalo) - Finals and School Ends. The summer months are: The 7th Month: Kapsus (Apsus) The 8th Month: Theriventus (Riventus) Hope that helps.
  16. Sorceress; We're considering exactly that option, although we're still in the early stages of the discussion.
  17. I promised to put the list of the music we used in the game over the weekend in this forum, and so, without further ado: Offenbach Bacarolle, from Tales of Hoffman Handel Harp Concerto, Movement 1 Resphighi Pines Of The Appian Way Mendelssohn Overture, from The Hebrides Mahler Symphony 1, Movement 2 Grieg Holberg Suites, Movement 4 Tchaikovsky Rose Adagio, from Sleeping Beauty Smetana Die Moldau Puccini Humming Chorus, from Madame Butterfly Dvorak New World Symphony, 4th Movement Dukas Sorceror's Apprentice Boccherini Passacalle Vivaldi Summer, 3rd Movement Enjoy!
  18. Duvidgadol; I just launched a new game. You can get the Action 'Befriend' by Training your Social Skills Skill (under School Survival) to level 2.
  19. Wizard; I don't think it will be necessary, but thanks for the offer. We've got one now from another reporter.
  20. JJ; I can't try it in game at this moment, but the Reverse Engineering Spell enables you to gain Information on a random Item that you own (and have no Information on). If you do not have any Items, the Spell will not succeed. It has another, hidden effect as well.
  21. Arkius; They will definitely mean more in your second year.
  22. Wizard1; No, it *definitely* is not. We have a similar report on this phenomenon and are working to address it. It *appears* that a very high Chance of Success is being applied to you incorrectly. I suspect we will have a solution tonight.
  23. Arkius; You are correct- this game is just the first year. We plan to release sequels which then extend the experience to graduation. Merits are awarded at the end of the Day, when your College achieves them. Can you give me more details on the possible issues you found? As for how to improve the maximum on Training, it's easiest to do this through Research, or by succeeding at certain Adventures. It's very rare, though. Studying cannot be raised above 10.
  24. Werdna; Gossiping is a contested Action, so in order to be successful your final Roll has to be higher than theirs. It's possible that the Students you are choosing are natural Gossips, or simply have a higher Gossip Skill than you do. The most effective way to Gossips is to Train your Gossip Skills: Bluff, Dating and Innuendo. Once you get your overall Gossip Skill to around 4 or 5, you should very rarely fail unless you are trying to influence a socially minded Student.
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