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  1. Ash; I am boggling. I could have sworn we pulled Purple out. In fact, I told someone that earlier today. Purple means that you cannot succeed at all, short of a chance of success applied to the Roll- those are very rare to come by, though. As for the 'scroll down' clicking- you have caught a very serious bug: Thank you. Until we can get that corrected, please use your mouse wheel to scroll down (if you have one). I am urgently looking into a hotfix right now. Edit: See this thread for instructions on the hotfix, if you do not have a mousewheel: http://academagia.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=519
  2. Thanks again, Hawkey. To continue: 19) I like this idea. Some kind of graphic over the current day, as well as the next day, maybe? We'll see if we can implement it- no promises. 18) Interesting. We might be able to add a keyboard hotkey. 17) There were two reasons why we opted to allow you to click your choice without reading. The first is practical: as you replay the game you will meet (especially) Adventures you have done before, if you choose the same friends, etc. In these cases, for veteran players, it's nice to be able to click through. The second is feedback related: for better or for worse there are some players who just prefer to click. I encourage everyone to read events fully and make informed choices, but...ultimately, they have the freedom not to do so. 16) Amusingly, this is a debate we have had time and again- is it better to scroll, or to click? Personally, like you, I prefer scroll as it allows you to read at your own pace- but the overwhelming feedback was that people liked the segmented experience of previous/next. Go figure! Maybe an option to toggle between these in the sequel? 15) Blue is for holidays and green is for weekends- it's just a subtle reminder that you don't have any class those days, and can plan to your heart's desire! 14) It is surprisingly difficult to get the right formatting consistently. We are looking at a few technologies to better handle this, but it's a difficult problem to solve cleanly and correctly. It's likely this will be for the future.
  3. Hawkey; Ah, I see what you mean now. If you select Cast Spell, and then change category to another (like Choose Action), the Pheme window remains until you choose a new Action. This is actually by design, so that you do not lose any information on your choice while you are browsing. Thank you for bringing up Locations! This is discussed, but we need to make it much more explicit. Every Action/Ability/Spell that you use can have a preparation Location set for it. This is sometimes a good idea because many Locations offer passive Abilities that, for instance, boost a Skill or Attribute by a certain amount, but only while you are there. So, if you are about to undertake a difficult Adventure that requires Forgery, and you happen to know of a Location that gives a boost to Forgery, you can set your Location for that Action in order to get that bonus. The drawback is that most Locations have a chance of discovery associated with them, and that you risk getting Detention by going to a place the Instructors don't really want you to go, or by being a general nuisance such that the cityfolk complain. Although it is a little dissonant to be able to set a Location for 'Meeting at the Tavern', you can think of the Locations that you set as a place to prepare from, generally get organized, or as a source of inspiration before you head out to adventure. We saw that review! It definitely heartens us to know that there are others out there who understand the game, and appreciate it. We were all smiles.
  4. Amunas; I believe this is related to your previous error- I've sent you some instructions on how to deal with that. Let me know if that solves this issue. Thanks!
  5. Continuing the thread: 13) It's an interesting idea. No promises, but I'll see what I can do. Maybe a soft chime is the answer? We'll see. 12) What do you think about a mouse over for the maximum? We might be able to get that in seamlessly. 11) We love our stylish thingy. It is too late to replace it, but for the sequel we might consider an alternative method to tab through what you need. It's a good criticism. 10) We won't be able to make a change now, but in the future- perhaps a roll over here might be useful, as a summary. 9) I personally like the right-click as back option myself. We'll see what we can do, as noted in #5. 8) Unfortunately, I do not think so- but we'll see. 7) I can't say we can do any more optimizations than we have done -the game is simply huge- but (and again, no promises) will see what we can do. 6) I believe this is a by product of the fields we use, and how we use them- I am not sure it can be changed. Good feedback- please give us all your thoughts. We may not always be able to act on them, but we are certainly listening.
  6. Hawkey; Text issues almost certainly, but probably not mouse clicks. Regarding the Spell issue- I don't see this myself. Can you explain in greater detail what the issue is? In my current game, when I cast a Spell, I choose the Spell and the additional Phemes window comes up. However, this is purely optional- you do not need to add phemes if you do not wish to. Once you are satisfied (either adding extra phemes or no), you can simply click on 'Confirm the Action' or the blue orb to close the windows and add the Spell to your planner. Does this solve your issue?
  7. Elwin; This is an error in the content. That Ability is incorrectly listed as 'passive', which means you can't use it. We'll get it corrected in the first content patch, and thank you!
  8. Yes- we will be uploading the revised manual next week. Impulse *should* have our current manual, but evidently they do not...
  9. Elwin; Thanks! I'll see what we can do to improve reporting here.
  10. Ashrayne; Great! I am glad you found us! In the case of technical issues, I am sure we can arrange a refund. Elwin; Research is primarily for Lores, and has 10 Levels. On the 10th level, however, there is a non-Lore bonus effect, usually a very desirable Attribute increase. I *believe* in our first content patch you will see a few more effects stemming from Research.
  11. Amunas; I'll publish a list of the tracks we use later on- glad you enjoy them! About your issue, I need to see this in more detail. Would you please take a screenshot and mail it to: academagia@gmail.com? Thanks!
  12. Elwin; Yes, I agree: some of the in-game documentation could use some streamlining. [best Class Skill] refers to the highest value of your actual Class Skills (the Skill related to the 6 Classes you chose to take). Your Character has a (hidden) statistic determining how much Stress you can handle before falling Ill. Stress Maximum increases this number, so you can take a little more Stress. The reason that Gentle Doctor shows those Effects is because it has a variable amount of Stress it gives you for using it- in some cases it can actually reduce that amount (in this case by 1), if you really Roll well. I agree the Effects could be better named- when we do a content patch, I'll take a look at it myself. Thanks!
  13. Hawkey; Great! We'll be watching this thread, then. 1) Interesting thought. We'll see what we can do when we update (see #4) 2) I am not sure how Purple crept in- that was a part of the design document originally, but we ultimately shifted to the 5 colors we use now. Good catch! 3) We actually moved the mechanics to the top due to feedback in the beta- originally, it was at the bottom. I don't believe we will be able to break up the sections more than we have- at least not in this version. As I have hinted, though, we have a new idea for the sequel's character creation- hopefully that will make things more user friendly. Lastly, about the text fields moving back to the top- that's a widely desired change; it happens elsewhere in the game, too. No promises, but we'll see what we can do. 4) The additions in the thread are actually for the new manual, to be released next week. We just wanted to help the new players as quickly as possible, and so posted it here. 5) You and I are on the same page for this one- that was in fact our original proposal for next/previous. I am not sure we will be able to make the change, at least not in Year 1- but who knows? Hope springs eternal. Thanks, and keep your insights coming.
  14. At long last, and with great pleasure, we at Black Chicken Studios announce the release of our debut title: Academagia: The Making of Mages. It is available now from our site, and will shortly be available from Beamdog, GamersGate and Impulse! Have fun, and we are looking forward to hearing *your* stories!
  15. Xenos; Thank you very much for your support! If you pm me your site and your e-mail address, I believe we can arrange a review copy for you, if you prefer. 1) You are entirely correct about our influences, although the game owes more to Tokimeki Memorial (minus the romance) than Princess Maker. King of Dragon Pass was a truly amazing game that showed how imaginative games could be if freed from common limitations and genres. It *is* a pity no more of these are being made. 2) The game is very deep, fully featured and allows more customization of your character than virtually any game before it- I think I can state this without hyperbole! The art style is art nouveau and neo-classical (as you may have seen in the screenshots), and a (magical) reality underlies the setting. The game is intended for both children and adults, however- we simply do not accept that a game (especially of this type) cannot simultaneously allow both groups to enjoy it.
  16. Guide to Choosing a College *Let's Play by seasoned students. Metis' Quick Overview of Basic Mechanics (FAQ) Bobbin Threadbare's Outstanding Let's Play *Let's Play by seasoned students. The Unofficial Wiki *Updated by seasoned students. ******************************************************************************** Obsolete Resources Below ******************************************************************************** The Original User Guide *User guide last updated 08-15-2010. Gamezebo's Original Walkthrough *Specially written for new or just beginning Players, outdated. Good day to all! William Harrington here, with video links to share with you all. Courtesy of LegateOfMineta on ye olde YouTubes, we have four introductory videos that will help guide players through the character creation process and the general ins and outs of the main user interface, including a brief discussion of the function of the calendar and details regarding events. Feel free to peruse at your leisure and do not hesitate to direct those who are having trouble getting acclimated to the game to these videos so that they too may enroll! To make things nice and easy, visit this playlist URL: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=EF78E4004B86FB82 Otherwise here is each part on its own: Part 1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYj1jRq5TZI Part 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvMwVAWChiw Part 3 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5e9BpcnawLg Part 4 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGLzCs0jnNU Enjoy!
  17. Hawkey; Thanks for bringing this up- I haven't seen this one before. It's a disappointing read: I do not think that the reviewer understood the game. It's actually surprising to me, since the preview from DIY was promising, but I do see that the reviewers were different in each case. Unfortunately, it's true- the manual seldom gets read, and some of the answers he is lacking are within. That said, the reviewer does raise one interesting point: we very rarely explain concepts in detail- for instance, why would you want to raise the Skill Patience? We do not tell you. Of course, it's our feeling that you should role-play, experiment and explore to get those kinds of answers. He mentions that there is no way to tell if any of it is 'important'- I think that this is the real problem. What is important for you and for your character? Why...that's your decision! That's the point of the game. For future titles, we are considering a new kind of character creation which steps through these things in more detail. It's possible that would make you feel more engaged at the start of the game, and perhaps give a more directed focus. As for the bad results in Events- it is a statistic based game, after all. If you want to succeed at something, then you must Train your Skills. It's one of the things we have long wrestled with, actually, but as your character progresses in the game, and you see the impact your Skills have on the results, I think players will be pleased by the outcomes of Stories. I believe the reviewer either did not get very far in the game, or did not train his skills during play. It's hard to tell. For the loading time, unfortunately there is little more we can do. There may be further optimization, but the truth is the game is huge, and it takes time to load your game. I certainly hope that as more reviews come we see more of Electronic Theatre and less of DIY Gamer.
  18. Dingbat; Very kind words! I will relay them on to the team. We had a great time creating Academagia- and now, it is our hope that you will have an equally great time playing.
  19. Hawkey; We also disagreed with their conclusion- not just sources and their label for the game, but also as to what constitutes a game for children (or for adults) to begin with! Still, life simulation games are generally unknown, so it will take some effort before reviewers understand them. All in all, we were very happy that Electronic Theatre was so objective in their review.
  20. El President's wife is lovely, talented and...*busy*. #1 was a quick concept she created when we were searching for our UI artist.
  21. Hawkey; No, unfortunately the map was not able to make it into the game. I believe we will finish it and place it on the site, though, as a fun point of reference. I'd really like to have the map be point and click in the future- as well as have a few other fun features.
  22. Hawkey; Thanks for the contacts- Derek Yu was the person we tried to reach; as you say, he may be busy. We'll get into contact with Paul and Terry this afternoon. As to Facebook, we might do a Wallpaper (could be fun), but a map of the school grounds may be out of reach. The OST is definitely out of reach since we license classical music, and it does not extend beyond the game. For general interest, though, here is an unfinished map of the grounds: http://steamrobin.deviantart.com/art/Acade...d-Map-119427901 Enjoy!
  23. Yeah, that is a little confusing. About saves: You can only save on the Calendar Screen, so you cannot save/reload Random Events. You could do that for Adventures, though, if you wanted to. Thanks for the suggestion on TIG and Kotaku- we have actually contacted both, but no response yet. If you have any contacts with either, please don't hesitate to let me know.
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