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    Harschi; That's correct- you can only access the menu (and thus save) while in the Calendar (day planning) mode.
  2. Elwin; That's an interesting suggestion! We'll consider it, definitely.
  3. Werdna; You can flip forwards (or backwards) in the Calendar to see various events, but the school year covers 10 months: The 9th Month: Athonos (Atho) The 10th Month: Pramidi (Amidi) The 11th Month: Gelamenus (Amenus) The 12th Month: Cheimare (Imare) - Mid Terms The 1st Month: Hionosi (Nosi) The 2nd Month: Nivelos (Velos) The 3rd Month: Aruit (Aru) The 4th Month: Veranix (Vera) The 5th Month: Anedius (Nedius) The 6th Month: Kaliri (Kalo) - Finals and School Ends. The summer months are: The 7th Month: Kapsus (Apsus) The 8th Month: Theriventus (Riventus) Hope that helps.
  4. Sorceress; We're considering exactly that option, although we're still in the early stages of the discussion.
  5. I promised to put the list of the music we used in the game over the weekend in this forum, and so, without further ado: Offenbach Bacarolle, from Tales of Hoffman Handel Harp Concerto, Movement 1 Resphighi Pines Of The Appian Way Mendelssohn Overture, from The Hebrides Mahler Symphony 1, Movement 2 Grieg Holberg Suites, Movement 4 Tchaikovsky Rose Adagio, from Sleeping Beauty Smetana Die Moldau Puccini Humming Chorus, from Madame Butterfly Dvorak New World Symphony, 4th Movement Dukas Sorceror's Apprentice Boccherini Passacalle Vivaldi Summer, 3rd Movement Enjoy!
  6. Duvidgadol; I just launched a new game. You can get the Action 'Befriend' by Training your Social Skills Skill (under School Survival) to level 2.
  7. Wizard; I don't think it will be necessary, but thanks for the offer. We've got one now from another reporter.
  8. JJ; I can't try it in game at this moment, but the Reverse Engineering Spell enables you to gain Information on a random Item that you own (and have no Information on). If you do not have any Items, the Spell will not succeed. It has another, hidden effect as well.
  9. Arkius; They will definitely mean more in your second year.
  10. Wizard1; No, it *definitely* is not. We have a similar report on this phenomenon and are working to address it. It *appears* that a very high Chance of Success is being applied to you incorrectly. I suspect we will have a solution tonight.
  11. Arkius; You are correct- this game is just the first year. We plan to release sequels which then extend the experience to graduation. Merits are awarded at the end of the Day, when your College achieves them. Can you give me more details on the possible issues you found? As for how to improve the maximum on Training, it's easiest to do this through Research, or by succeeding at certain Adventures. It's very rare, though. Studying cannot be raised above 10.
  12. Werdna; Gossiping is a contested Action, so in order to be successful your final Roll has to be higher than theirs. It's possible that the Students you are choosing are natural Gossips, or simply have a higher Gossip Skill than you do. The most effective way to Gossips is to Train your Gossip Skills: Bluff, Dating and Innuendo. Once you get your overall Gossip Skill to around 4 or 5, you should very rarely fail unless you are trying to influence a socially minded Student.
  13. Arkius; This is actually a known bug. For some reason when Stenchtastic was removed from you, the Attributes did not reset. We are looking at it tonight for a hopeful patch tomorrow.
  14. Duvidgadol; I believe the easiest way to get Befriend and all Sub-Skills is to train Social Skills. From memory, I think at level 2 you are informed about them.
  15. Arkius; Thanks for the comments! The Exam would be nice, but presently we don't have a good solution on how to do that, unfortunately. I agree that it's important knowledge to have. Gossip does already show your Friendship level- if you will notice, select yourself in the first box, and then in the second field's list you will see a number (your Relationship) with the Students. This actually works for any combination, so you can see the Relationship between Students, too. I'll need to look at how Encourage and Review are set up, though.
  16. Elwin; The answer is no. Skipping any class yields a small, but incremental chance that you will be given Detention. Having negative Relationship with your Instructors can also lead to unfavorable results if you have their Class.
  17. Sorceress; Enjoy! We'll look at the pirates for the first content patch.
  18. Hawkey; The content patch will not be available tomorrow- a UI (and possibly a code) patch will be probably released then. The content patch, along with our first DLC, is coming towards the end of September.
  19. OrangeK; Not with those colors! You might have a very high Chance of Success, but that would be unusual. I will pm you- I'd like to get a look at your game. Thanks for reporting this!
  20. Sorceress; It's not probable at all, I agree. What we can do is have another look at those Pirate Events and possible place a date prerequisite on them- for instance, they can only appear after a certain date has passed by. That might ward off a little of the confusion. What do you think about a week after the first day? That seems like a good amount of time to settle down and wander. Any thoughts?
  21. Orange; Hmmm. OK, I need to spend more time on this (confusing) issue. At first I had believed that Purple was removed, now it seems it is back, and not working as intended. Let me bring up my game, do some tests, and I will respond. To confirm: you are seeing the Purple choices in Stories, I believe? To make sure, is it possible that what you are thinking of Purple is Blue? Your rate of success would be in line with Blue choices.
  22. Sorceress; (Great name!) One more thing I wanted to add- on the Suggestions thread, another forumite requested an icon which would show the current Day, which might help in marking out what needs to be done first for a new player. We also plan to have a video introduction, possibly as early as this week, to help ease the transition into the game. It is true that some Random Events can come out of left field, but they all should have the necessary context at the beginning to explain why you are there, and how you would meet them. Or so I hope. OrangeKnickers; (Also a great name!) You are correct- for the most part, it is more beneficial for you to Train your own Skills than those of your Familiar. However, there are two significant exceptions: 1) In the later stages of Adventures you will find that without very high Skills (sometimes you to Roll over a 30!), you cannot succeed without almost every combination of buff in the game, including the maximum +5 that Familiars can give you. 2) Familiars have their own Stories, and some of them occur from *their* perspective. In Stories such as these, only their Skills matter!
  23. Elwin; 7) Yes, you are right- I thought you were referring to end-of-day processing. I'll check Inventory and Familiar- maybe there is more optimization that can be done there. Orange; That would be fantastic, actually. We can implement something like this in pure content, but it wouldn't be a true dynamic contest in that it would be handled like a Story, instead of peer-to-peer competition (and it would eliminate the skullduggery possible if the judges can be influenced...) So, I think to really do this we'll need a much larger enhancement to the code. That said, I'll see if I can't squeeze in a competition Adventure (you mention baking? Done!) in our first DLC, so we can at least get something started there.
  24. Marian; Much appreciated! The next version of both site and manual will have the changes you mention.
  25. Knightav; Unfortunately, no. It is *supposed* to, however- it's on my list of additions for this week. You can glance over your Skills, though, to see what is being added/expanded, but that will be a hopefully (very) temporary solution.
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