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  1. I think I have a copy of an early beta on my old PC, and if you could get it to work then theoretically you could get an idea of which adventures and so on are original from that, but it is a tad buggy...
  2. The game has a truly vast number of REs, just adding the adventures took a loooong time (and is still not complete), so I suspect that REs will remain mostly absent from the wiki. I work on the assumption that most adventures offer +1 ss, +1 relationship, or +1 shiny thing, often at a chance of +1 stress or -1 health if you fail. I tend to pick up the vanishing dorm key & vincent eins asap so get tons of REs and although some crop up game after game I routinely come across new ones even after many games.
  3. Hi Free, I was being a tad tongue in cheek, you just kinda did Hermione to my Ron
  4. I meant that if someone on the forum wanted help then I could easily be contacted, either by me visiting (which is most days) or by direct email. If someone on the wiki wanted me then they'd have to think to check here I guess, I wouldn't want to put my email address in a wiki For the adventure edits (on the 'to the fields' page as the 'an interesting weed' page needs deleting, if you let me know the alternate paths I will put them in, the variations will either by entered as alternate paths (if the text and options are different), extra options with pre-requisites if the differences are in outcome options, or differences in outcome if the differences are purely in outcome.
  5. I have moderate experience with wiki's and although less active now than in the past, I am happy to be an admin for the wikia age if you want. Black chicken has my private email so can always contact me.
  6. I suspect this is why I haven't seen comments about the other 'club' adventures I wrote I thought I was filling a gap when I wrote them, I hadn't realised it was a deliberate void.
  7. Dying wish 5, line 3 - 'past' not 'passed'? Enjoying despite my pedantry
  8. Well that makes her adventure a late stage adventure then Getting Emilia as a clique member increases your charm by 1 though doesn't it?
  9. Those are equal or less than signs - meaning that I did the adventure with conceal 26 (on a straight ability+skill roll) and the option was blue for example. The actual difficulties might be much less. Since I don't have the modbase the only way I could estimate difficulty of rolls was by noting the colour I had and comparing that to a flat roll. And of course it might be half ability+skill, and so on.
  10. Picotti. 2 points of charm from recollection plus potions. http://academagia.wikia.com/wiki/Out_of_Charm_(Adventure
  11. Schwarzbart, I suspect that they are going for the old-school approach to maps, 'show the important/cool stuff roughly where it would be as you travel and leave details/accuracy for people to discover' A lot of old maps are 'wrong' from a modern map-making point of view because modern maps are effectively a compressed image of georgraphy, older maps however worked more on the basis of 'you travel to here from there so here comes after there' so were much less fixed in outline with distances and angles much less important than they are today. I note though that a lot of old maps had 'here there be dragons' stuck here and there to fill out space or warn people about going off the beaten path so these don't mirror old maps in that fashion, of course that warning might get taken the wrong way in the setting
  12. Makes sense Metis, I was thinking though of aiming to up charm by 3-6 points through adventures, and pick up some useful skill boosts in passing. Emilia's adventure is awesome for charm points from recollection.
  13. I would just save the college adventures until you are a few months in,once you get your stats up a bit and random boosts to skills it should be easier. Otherwise you need to have someone with the right skillset join your clique. It will be a little harder than colleges with softer adventures but should be do-able.
  14. soo, did you like it? Sorry, have to ask as it's one of mine I had been meaning to ask Legate if any of mine got in so thanks for letting me know that at least one did. How did bookworms compare to other adventures? Was the progress succeed/fail approach good or bad? Did having multiple phases each action slow it down or make it more fun/useful? Was it monty haul, too stingy or about right? I'm thinking of writing some follow-up adventures for Yr 2(if the club approach fits) or Yr 1 (if Yr 2 gets put on hold and we get another DLC for Yr 1) so would love some feedback.
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